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    Made it back.

    First, thanks to Cathy for hosting the Saturday festivites.

    Didn't make it to the Sunday fun. Late start, mixup on ride down and family fun made it 2PMish before we reached the area. Ended up just staying with TEA and family at the river.

    Kalifornia crew:

    You guys screwed me out of distance traveled ranking. Glad you made it. Have to tell you, thought you might due to the lack of posting on Sirc's thread. I still get "old man" award.

    Danniboi07 - thanks man. The dirty old man trick was actually arthritis and fatigue. Sorry for the big toe to the nuts. Was a pleasure meeting and working with you.

    Omega - didn't get a chance to throw down, but have the Sambo takedown (hopefully) in memory. Will work on elbow control to wrist transition first. Thanks.

    Sirc - had no idea you guys would be heading out that night. Honestly, I was bone weary from working with the big guys, but would have gone against your pretty pink gloves had I known you'd be heading out that night. Still, was good to work with you on the sweeps part of the seminar portion. You're not as pretty in person.

    JNP - was good to see you again. Thanks for the schooling. Will work on the secret defense you were kind enough to show me. Mums the word. Let me know the next time you're headed this way.

    Coach Josh - Going to make the tomoe nage variation mine. Also, thanks for the schooling. I think we cleaned that portion of the puzzle mats with my back during the early part of the day.

    Scott - same with you brother. Was good to meet you and thanks for the help with the techniques being taught.

    NWP - Damn. After all the PMing, we never actually rolled. My bad as I did not make it to the Solidarity gig. Your family is awesome. Like it or not, my wife thinks your personality is much like my own. She means well. Next time brother! My kids enjoyed yours. Was a pleasure to finally meet you!

    David Koresh Jr - As with the others above, thanks for the lessons. You were early on in the day and just overall played me as you would an old fiddle. It was all good.

    jitschix - Joelle took a lot from the armbar defense. You've made a fan and we'll be in contact for your roving "girls only get-togethers". Hope to make one when you're in northern TX. Thanks so much! (Love the gi. Reminds me of my teenage years).

    Naszir - We never rolled. You are one of the few. Drop a line when you're headed this way. OKCDT will welcome you with open arms and hell, I'll feed you my own cooking. (better than my judo)

    I'D STARVE IF I WERE A SALESMAN - To Cathy's Enshin BB and judo instructor. Was truly good to meet you. We never rolled, but hell, by the time the family arrive to gather my bones, I was in no shape.

    Doc - (Enshin student) - thanks for the time on the mat. Was good to meet you.

    The_Beak - Good tacos and good conversation. Sorry you didn't have the chance to have your way with me at the TD. Good to meet you.

    Erich/Erik???? - You need to PM me on your NorCal endeavor. Think I can help on the technical end. Good to meet you at the river.

    akamuchlove - Brother, you are a hoot. Didn't make it to your digs due to family / schedule change, but did enjoy the river.

    Self Critical - didn't get a chance to roll, but good to put a name to the face.

    Zapruder - same as with Self Critical, but recognized the pooch. My bad to not get there for a lesson.

    Sri - Anytime you're headed this way, give me a shout. Was a pleasure to meet you and thanks for everything. Good camera work. Glad you haven't posted my normal pics. I think I cleaned the entire floor at Tao of Texas.

    TEA - saved you for last. Was my honor to have mine hang with yours. We all had a good time. Thanks for the work on the river and in general, all around good time. Dinner was a pleasure, for me and mine. Our best to yours.


    Been a long time since these bones played on puzzle mats. Thanks to all for the good times and memories. Didn't get into the striking portion (my strong suit) but my fault for not making day two of the festivities. You people can all punch my ugly face at another date.

    Apologies. I know I've left out some people. Will blame it on the lapsing memory.

    Had a blast. Thanks to all. The hospitality was nothing short of what I've come to expect from the people of Texas.
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      Da Grillmaster at work.

      Some of what our California cousins missed:


        I'm sad we didn't make it out, I would have really enjoyed punching you all in the face :(


          Originally posted by TEA View Post
          Da Grillmaster at work.

          Some of what our California cousins missed:

          Mother fucker....(non directed exclamation)


            Originally posted by KidSpatula View Post
            I'm sad we didn't make it out, I would have really enjoyed punching you all in the face :(
            Excuse me young lady? I believe I owe you a few thumpings.


              Omega you're like the asian version of Santa, except you don't bring presents you bring pain and people leave you fortune cookies.


                Thank you again, Sri, for the photography-- much appreciated!

                We ought to do these more often...


                  I rolled with a total of four people at the little time I was able to attend.

                  Jnp was taking it easy on me. Thanks for the pointers and for showing me the kimura to kimura tech. that was pimp.

                  Naszir controlled me and reassured me that indeed I belong in a white belt.

                  Angelo a non-bullshidoka, me-sized, Solidarity Blue belt thanks for rolling.

                  Sri Hanuman It was great to meet another SA bully. San Antonio welcomes the Evil monkey.

                  To everyone i didn't get to go with I'm sorry i couldn't make you the protagonist in one of Sri's slide shows of pain.


                    Jitschix- I am SOOOO sad I didnt get to see the most awesome gi ever in need to remedy that sometime soon


                      Originally posted by jitschix View Post
                      Thank you again, Sri, for the photography-- much appreciated!

                      We ought to do these more often...
                      Hey G, just say when and where.
                      My super slippery rash guard and cam are always ready.

                      Originally posted by The_Beak View Post
                      Sri Hanuman It was great to meet another SA bully. San Antonio welcomes the Evil monkey.
                      Comrade, I vow to spread love and rabies everywhere I go.


                        This was a fantastic weekend my Friends!!! Now that its over theres always that deflated feeling of wanting more.

                        You guys were all tremendous fun. Completely humble, and totally ready to rumble!

                        I had an epic time being with my girls, my brother, and everybody who showed. It was a killer group.

                        I have to thank Jnp foremost for puttin us up and spending much time on the seminar side with me. He is my favorite brother.

                        It was very generous of Mrs. Cathy and Muchlove for hosting us at their fine establishments. We had good room, good light, and good fans, everything we needed. Thank you so much.

                        To the out of towners: It is really cool you guys took your time to come and join the fun. We doubled the group with the hard driving you guys contributed.

                        Joe, it was great having your girls here, mine are often alone in my outings and it was great they got a chance to roll together. I am glad you made it, we will get a chance to beat on each other next time.

                        Coach Josh, what can I say. The guy is class on the boards and is a class act on the mat. Every time you see him- his positioning, posture, and grips look like he knows exactly what he's doing...cuz he does. I got to learn a lot just by listening in on the knowledge he would impart to EACH one he rolled with, as well as the sweeps and "chopping motion" grips and trip he taught us.
                        It was AWESOME watching he and my brother roll, like two giant lobsters locked in a slow ass death clutch.
                        His expertise and abilities as a player are outstanding and evident, but also his ability to teach was obvious, and really showed through his student Scott. Thanks Coach.

                        Scott, my man, you are solid. After watching you roll I figured I better not waste your time eating my lunch. If my shoulder was safer I might of tried to see how long I could last defending against your vastly superior skillz, but as I am, I knew better than to even play mat rag with the Louisiana crew!! Much respect. Thanks for making the trip.

                        Of course it would not have been the same had MEGAMAN himself not shown up!

                        4000 miles for a few hours teaching some Bullshidorks some sweet moves for nothing more than a song! Especially considering you rode in a car with Sirc for 40+ hours! That had to be the real challenge of the week! Thanks man, it was a pleasure having you, I was hoping you would appear, and you didnt disappoint.

                        Sirc, you are a good kid who is just a little psychotic and egomaniacal online. Nothing gallons of prozac couldnt cure hehe.

                        And sooooo sowwwy I poke you in EYe! You were slappin away at the inevitable choke and somethin had to give.
                        I think you didnt want the "eye poppin out of your head as I choked you" picture. I understand. I was trying to be as gentle as I could in choking you, I swear!

                        You put up a good fight after the initial backmount portion early on, and the crucifix, and the arm triangle, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
                        Srsly, thanks for coming. Dicks.

                        Danniboy, great to roll with you bro! It was a helluva trip, I know you guys suffered greatly at the hands of all those miles so I appreciate it, you guys were a highlight fosho.

                        I would have to spend paragraphs expressing my deep appreciation to Jitschix to adequately quantify my gratitude for her spending hours with my daughters teaching, empowering, and motivating them about being KICK ASS!
                        It was awesome, and it meant bunches to my eldest who loved every minute of it. Thank you so much, you are a great ambassador of badass chickness, in a tye dye gi no less! One of a kind.

                        TEA my good friend, great job man! You did a lot to get the ball rollin for this -and THE RIBS WERE BITCHIN! I had to swim, eat and run and thanks for that man. I will contribute more next time...had my hands full w the kids and the schedule!

                        It was great to trade blows with you bro. It took me awhile to finally catch you on the ground and then I smashed your nose standing. It was awesome...until you blacked my eye, punk. Lol.
                        It was great, cant wait to do it again. I dont think we got any vid because we just sorta got after it cuz we both had the gloves on. Too bad, but it wasnt pretty anyway lol!

                        Koresh, it was killer to see you again man. I didnt need you to kick my ass on the ground again this time, I thought I would give other people a try! I wanted to, but ran out of time as you played with all the higher ranks and I stayed in my place this time! We will roll soon though, I am looking forward to being much better than I was our first TD, but then again, you are much better too...bollocks! See you in Htown soon.

                        Nazir, I am so glad we got to roll man. I love the feel of a big blue keeping me in my place! I am proud I wiggled out of that choke even though I could barely see through the stars by then!! It was great, I will be back soon.
                        My kids think you are rad cuz you have such awesome Muppet knowledge! Sorry to let that out, but its true!

                        SRI- what would we have done without you bro?? We really didnt take much time to document this because everybody was so game, but you did. You rolled, but then you would take the time to tick off a bunch of pics. I really appreciate it. There are some great shots of us in there.
                        We will get together soon, I will be in Austin every few months now that jnp has room for me and the kids are easy! I will expect your attendance!

                        To the Solidarity crew- Much love fellas! Thanks a METRIC TON Devon for having us. It was a great experience to be able to roll with some of my brothers friends and training partners in your establishment, been waiting awhile for that.

                        Beak!!! Whatup. Sirc says he saw no brown at the throwdown. Thas jus cuz he didnt show fo day two. Bullshit I know! You would have showed him wtf fajitas are supposed to taste like!!! Latino has teh grapplz!
                        He shows up for two hours and he thinks everybody's pasty here. WRONG. Topout for the win! (inside- LOL)!
                        Srsly. Thanks for lunch man, the girls felt at home with the tacos. DELICIOSO BRO!

                        Least but not last. Zapruder! It was great to finally meet you G. You are the stumpy gorilla of grapple. Mad Browness. Im jealous. Thanks for the knee on skull headlock, so simple, yet so devastating! Love it. Be back soon for more abuse.

                        That river picture above is my eldest (10) and I going down the first of three chutes in some light whitewater. After we were done I realized I might be a better father if I had a life vest on her!! It wasnt hard to hold on to her after the falls but it wasnt easy either!
                        Even though she can swim, it was fast for a hundred feet, and then again, and then again! I was pumped to get through it and figured she knew it was slightly dangerous.
                        So the first thing she says is "Can we do it again"?!
                        So, we did it again.

                        I must say, I am really proud of my girls. They show tremendous heart training with me week after week and coming to tournaments and throwdowns on top of volleyball and soccer!
                        They are the apple of my eye, and I appreciate tremendously the advice that Kidspatula and AnnaKat helped me with months ago, and the time jitschix gave to them this weekend! GIRLS ROCK.

                        I like girls!!!
                        Especially Bullshido Girls!

                        Thanks to all who came and banged this weekend, I look forward to doing this again. Southcentral Side! :wav: :wav:
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                          Was no one else astounded by the zapruder pretzel-leg thing? The guy was freakin stretch-armstrong when it came to escaping stuff... I think he needs a tag for that.


                            Stretch legstrong! Larf!!!


                              Spend five minutes with JNP and try not to wish he was your real dad. Go on. You can't, can you?


                                Originally posted by Hedgehogey View Post
                                Spend five minutes with JNP and try not to wish he was your real dad. Go on. You can't, can you?
                                *Blank look:neutral:



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