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    Man, we drive all that way and there's not even a single photo of me rolling. Sri, what the fuck man? Not Asian enough for you?

    It was nice meeting y'all.

    Sri, I honestly expected a tiny nimble guy for some reason. Sadly, I was let down. Thanks for practicing footsweeps with me.

    JNP, you're an awesome guy, your state sucks though.

    Joe, your dirty old man tricks are pretty evil. I didn't think I offended you enough to warrant you pulling them out on me. Luckily my ukemi is better than your nut shots. Try harder next time.

    CoachJosh, was awesome meeting and rolling with another BJJ Revolution. Hope we roll again soon.

    Jitschix, You do the jitsu and you're a chick. Thank YOU for at least living up to your expectations

    and if we met and I didn't mention you, I'm on 25 hours of no sleep so don't expect anything.

    I'll post my vids and pics later....or Sirc will do it and take credit.



      "Hows the view from down there?"


        Originally posted by David Koresh Jr. View Post

        "Hows the view from down there?"
        In BJJ is how do check for tumors?


          Originally posted by danniboi07 View Post
          Sri, what the fuck man? Not Asian enough for you?
          Sorry dude, I carry an epicantic fold chart, and you clearly did not meet the required minimum criteria.

          But seriously, I thought I got at least a few shots of you rolling with Coach Josh... didn't I? Let me make sure all the pics are uploaded.

          Sri, I honestly expected a tiny nimble guy for some reason. Sadly, I was let down.
          I ate the nimble guy and absorbed his powers.

          Thanks for coming down dude.
          Next time more pictures. Granted, you gotta stick around for the after-show drinks.


            Originally posted by Sri Hanuman View Post
            I'm proud of you Sirc.
            Today, you are real man.

            Here's what you won.
            Thanks. Did you get any more?


              Album part 2:


                Originally posted by Sirc View Post
                Thanks. Did you get any more?
                There's a few more shots of you doing the demo with Omega. Let me do a bit of digging, I think it might be part of album 1.


                  Did anybody get videos?


                    Dude, photobucket is gay as shit. Use


                      Okay, so far I've been described as a warm heavy wide guy. I look nothing like Santa Claus!!!

                      @TEA I never thought of myself as that serious on this site, maybe you only come across certain posts.

                      Thanks everybody wish I could've give more but my high school friend tried to poison me the previous night and we were all on about 4 hours of sleep. Why didn't anybody tell me it took over 3 hours to drive down from Dallas?


                        Found em.
                        The Jedi mind pass.

                        And the demo.


                        And the ever popular

                        But who can forget the ever heart warming magical

                        These are actually album 2, section 10 and after.


                          Haha I love the Jedi Mind Pass. I'm pulling that out in a competition.


                            David Koresh jr. vs. Sirc
                            YouTube- P9040524


                              I wish there was more of the match than just the first part where I'm dicking around. Didn't anybody record shit?


                                Sirc did you not get my sweet superman punch??



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