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    Just for everyone who couldn't make it.

    CoachJosh's kuzushi is sick and his throws are smooth as all get out. Josh, thanks for all the help and I hope to see you and Anri again in November. Maybe we can go see the Korean Elvis again but sit in someone else's section.

    Scott had fantastic detail oriented judo. I am sorry I didn't get to randori with y'all at Muchlove's. Thanks for taking it easy on me at Cathy's.

    Omega, Sirc and Danny were really friendly and Omega had a really sweet take down he showed us and we talked a little about kali. It was really cool to be able to put a face with it. Sirc was pretty friendly in person. I am sorry I didn't get to roll with any of you. I thought y'all would actually stay for day two. I guess a 1700 mile commute kind of kills that.

    HungryJoe is a solid dude and has a great family. Seriously, I want to hit OKC and train with you at OKCDT. I am sorry I didn't get to see you on Sunday.

    TEA, I know you were manning the pit on Sunday, I hate that we didn't get to roll but given our throwdown roll history, perhaps it was for the best. We miss you here in Austin, man.

    JItschix, thanks for opening up your home and rolling out. The Happy Kimonos gi is fantastic. It was cool meeting your husband, I hope he keeps killing it at Sean's.

    Sri Hanuman, tovarisch, it was great to meet you. Thanks for the roll as well. That rashguard was killing my grips. Good luck with the work related certs. I hope to see you and The_Beak at the SATX throwdown. Come up for the SAMBO championship in November. Good times are assured.

    David Koresh Jr, it was great meeting you, I hope the elbow is getting better and that the tape helped. Let me know about the Baylor competition.

    NWP, it was great meeting you. Your kids are hilarious and it was great rolling with you. Your wrestling base is a tremendous asset. The next time you're in from Conroe let me know. I would love to work with you again.

    MuchLove and Cathy Chapaty are fantastic hosts and are two of the reasons why I love being a hobbyist here in Austin. All of the Enshin guys were great too.

    A ton of thanks to all of you for rolling out and making this mega a great time.


      @jitschix, I was "the other green belt" you rolled with and drilled a few things. Thanks for the advice and I'll be hitting up Phil's open mat sometime in the near future and I'll try to shrimp more. @Nas, I don't think I met you but if you're ever interested in checking out an Enshin class we train Mon and Wed 7:30-9pm and we roll saturday noon-1pm and we have basically an open mat on sundays from noon-2 but that usually turns into catch wrestling, jits and judo.


        Originally posted by Sirc View Post
        Sri, i'm amazed you could see past looking at my cock and see me for who I am, what with you being a huge sinophile.
        Hey, it's a good thing we didn't get to roll.
        I always go by Ultimate Surrender rules.

        PS you don't need to keep your hands up from 10ft away.
        Two words.
        Chris Hansen.


          damn i'm sorry i missed out, sounds like you guys had an awesome time!


            @ShiroObiMike: ok cool... thank you again for the roll, it was fun, and I totally look forward to seeing you at Phil's... gotta come to a class first before you're allowed to attend open mat, but you'll like it. I'm there 7d/wk, usually the 6am class and the 5pm class, sat noon and sun 9am. Email me if you wanna plan a time we'll be there together, I would be happy to introduce you around. georgetteoden at yahoo dot com.


              Originally posted by Sri Hanuman View Post
              Hey, it's a good thing we didn't get to roll.
              I always go by Ultimate Surrender rules.

              Two words.
              Chris Hansen.
              This doesn't even remotely make sense.


                Can't help you with that one, dude.


                  Originally posted by Sri Hanuman View Post
                  Can't help you with that one, dude.
                  Oh, Ok. I figured, you know, since you wanted to shoe horn a pedo joke in there, you'd kind of somehow round it off and make it... like... make sense or something.

                  Alright. That's cool.


                    I'm proud of you Sirc.
                    Today, you are real man.

                    Here's what you won.

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                      We are on the road back to the swamp. I must say and I know I overused this word but I was amazed with everyone and every where we went this weekend.

                      Anri, Allison, Scott, and I would like to first thank jitschick and Mitch for their hospitality and great breakfast. They welcomed us in with open arms and treated us like family. I was humbled by them and can not thank them enough. The cookies are awsome we are eating them as I type this. Again thank y'all so much.

                      Next I would like to thank the gyms for hosting the two days. It is always a huge honor to instruct at another gym. I am always reluctant to teach somewhere foriegn. Fortunatelly I never felt that way this weekend.

                      Getting to the meat of why we got together, I was impressed by everyone's martial prowlness. Everyone I rolled with was solid regardless of rank or style. I can say that in a couple of years I am going to have to let the boy handle my business because most of you will be better than me by then.

                      JWP sorry we kept crossing paths for only a few minutes but as always cool to see you brother. Hope the boy is feeling better.

                      NWP nice meeting you how you two are brothers is beyond me. Diffiantly the yin and yang.

                      TEA awesome job on coordinating this and the BBQ was great.

                      Beak I want the fajita marinade recipe or my wife is going to beat my ass. Fucking killer job on them.

                      Zap thanks for the safety meeting.

                      Omega it was great to meet you. It was my pleasure.

                      Danni nice to meet you also, BJJ Revolution.

                      David please stay on the meds. Awesome guy great to spend time with y'all.

                      If I missed anyone I am sorry. We feel in love with the area and wished we could move there.

                      Lastly, to all the compliments about Scott I want to thank y'all. It makes me proud to see people saying these things about my freind, training partner and student.

                      Sirc STFU
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                        Ok, here is the first half of the photo album.

                        If it asks for a password, enter thisismypass.

                        I should note, a large number of these photos are parts of grappling or throwing sequences, hence the large volume of photos.

                        Caught a few shots of Coach Josh in the middle of throwing people (legs still in the air.) Will post a few of these here in a bit.
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                            Crap... user name is srihanuman. Try that.


                              Can you open it up so that everyone can view instead of logins? It says too many failed logins try later.


                                First one should be public now. The second half is taking a while to upload. Will post that when it completes.

                                Pt. 1



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