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Newb Sayin hello!!

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    Newb Sayin hello!!

    Hi - Newb to forum.......been involved in various MA's for over 20 years....but mainly traditional JJ. Read a few comments about JJ which made me wana join. Im sure there will be a few comments back lol.

    I think all MA's have their pro's and con's as Ive tried quite a number over the years. Basically my view is that if it works then it dont matter bout anything else (how it looks etc).

    In regards to Self defence......Ive read a lot of comments that one MA better than another. In my opinion.....its more about knowledge and awareness not about strength or even technique at times. Self defence can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, so its more down to the person than the art!!

    Not much else to say......Im from Norn ufc/pride/etc......and enjoy this place!!

    Welcome to Bullshido.

    While the person, and more importantly the school they attend is arguably a bigger factor than the actual choice of martial art, I find that when you start looking at statistically significant numbers of people, there clearly are arts that have a better track records of taking average Joes and turning them into people who can handle themselves better in a fight.



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