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    Originally posted by BJMills View Post
    You an ATL guy? Awesome. I spent a few years there in the 90s. Great city. I was heavy into Muay Thai back then though so no BJJ for me.

    Judo is not in my style field but I took it up recently. Really like it. I don't know anything about the NYC scene though.

    I asked about alive training because I have kind of been interested in Sport JJ though. I really like the format of starting standing then going the the ground, but not with quite the intensity of MMA. I'm a little old to be starting an MMA career but I'd still like to compete a bit. I'm to too keen on the whole 'no punching to the face' thing.

    Do you spar in your JJ classes?

    Hey BJMills: Was about to turn in for the night. I travel way too much with career, so I empathize with the age thing. Atlanta is a great city...but hotter than hell. Jacare, was and is an awesome embodiment of the budo of BJJ. His daughter, this is dating myself, used to be mat side as an infant with his dog. There were no meat-heads, just good practitioners with loads of respect. They appreciated Judo, traditional Jujutsu and even Aikido. If you got a technique wrong, they'd take you back to your mistake and make you learn how to defend in counter. Good uke/tori relationship!

    Judo is an incredible art and all too often, some forget the "do" in it. Anyone, who spent one session at the Kodokan will relate that. Not sure where you are based but if you are in the USA still, I will gladly tell which clubs/dojos I like. If you are UK side, there are some good places here to.

    As for sparring, if you are talking 1 v 1, it isn't like GoJu Ryu Karate-do, but I amp those I work with to have more "realistic" pressure. My randori is Judo based and taught and the BJJ the same. Anyway, the only encounter that doesn't leave you with bruising, is the one you noticed from afar and avoided.

    Thanks for replying directly. If you go back to ATL...go to the Beacon drive in! Have a good night!



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