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    Originally posted by core1065 View Post
    You learned the serect art of SEAL-FU while being a captain in the deep black ops unit called, Cyber SEAL ninja team 6. Who are all 25th Dan Omega Camo belt. You left the military after being shot 20 times on a mission were you saved a bus full of nuns, kids, the pope and the president. You broke the Cyber SEAL Ninja blood oath and disobeyed your Cyber SEAL Ninja commander, General PAIN. When you revealed the secret death art that the military didnt want the public to know. Now your on the run from General PAIN and teaching the public, who have the right to know, from YouTube and Ebay belt black DVD boxsets. Or if people are lucky enough to find you they can pay small enrollment fee of 600 dollars and sign a 6 month guaranteed 10th dan black belt contract for only for 200$ a month.

    Cyber SEAL ninja team 6 after they single handedly invaded Afghanistan and killing 10,000 terrorist.

    You and General PAIN at the military Dojo after saving President Ronnie from the DragonNinja terrorist clan.

    Nice try.

    But it's been done better:

    YouTube- HD Trailer - Norwegian Ninja (English Subtitles)

    Plus: Norwegians = Vikings.

    Viking Ninja SEALs. What's better than that?



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