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intro, question about schools near Portland, Oregon

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    intro, question about schools near Portland, Oregon

    Hello! I'm new (I guess that's why this is the newbie forum!), old (early 40's, but finally have the 'little one' out of the house and off to college, yippee.....freedom!!!), and just getting into Muay Thai and jiu jitsu.

    There is a Team Quest running out of a local martial arts school - Premier Martial Arts - and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this one.

    The schedule seems excellent initially:

    But the Muay Thai classes aren't taught by Team Quest guys, but rather by PMA teens who have black belts from Tran's Muay Thai in Colorado.

    The jiu jitsu classes are taught by Team Quest guys, which seems a lot better, but even so, I'm feeling like it's totally not what it claims to be.

    I was kind of hoping to find one school to meet all my training goals (BJJ and Muay Thai), but I'm really unhappy with the Muay Thai, not to mention that I feel it's misleading to have Muay Thai on the Team Quest schedule, but not being taught by Team Quest instructors.

    So, anyone have any knowledge of Team Quest, especially the satellite gyms like West Linn?

    There are many excellent schools in the Portland area, I'd thought about going to Straight Blast Gym, heard great things about it, but it's 30 minutes, the other question is (ducking in case this is a truly stupid question!) is Straight Blast worth the hour round trip driving?

    Yes, I've signed a contract (I truly can be JUST THAT STUPID), but I've got a very loving and understanding husband :-P

    Thanks for any thoughts, tips, suggestions, etc:deadhorse


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