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Gday pplz, hello from Melbourne Australia

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    Gday pplz, hello from Melbourne Australia

    Hi people, Im from Aus and looking to get into the Martial arts. I'm thinking about doing some boxing for fitness and fun. Still looking for a good place to train My only experience in martial arts so far is 4 years of MCDOJO when i was 8 years old. (15 years ago)

    plenty of good boxing in melbourne which bit are you from?
    Whitsunday Martial Arts Airlie Beach North Queensland.!/WhitsundayMartialArts


      Where are you from in Melbourne?


        from the eastern suburbs. Not looking into getting competitive, im a noob.
        but wouldn't mind a place that has an accessible gym and lessons.

        At the moment I am considering boxing or BJJ, dont know much about muah thai, but i hear they are great for conditioning.


          Welcome to Bullshido! There are also a couple of good BJJ schools around Melbourne, depending where you are.
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            Check out it's all the Victorian Schools for Will/Machado BJJ affiliates.

            I train at the one in West Footscray, but have been to a few others and met some other people who train at them as well, they are great schools and everyone I have met so far is incedibly helpful and friendly.

            They are not all purely BJJ schools, the BJJ curriculum is top notch, but they all offer either MMA or Muay Thai as well. Our school does MMA and Muay Thai.



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