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    Sup bros?

    Greetings brethren

    Intro thread time? This is mainly to get rid of that message at the top of the screen telling me to make a damn post already.

    Sooo...I'm from Vancouver, Canada, 18 years old. Been lifting for a few years now so I'm in decent shape.

    6'0 184 lbs

    Bench - 230 lbs
    Squat - 295 lbs
    Deadlift - 370 lbs
    Press - 152.5 lbs

    Here to find a MA gym. Some styles I have in mind are boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, or Judo.

    I've never done anything martial arts related outside of some bull**** TKD class way back when I was 7 or so and wrestling for a year in high school for kicks. If you're familiar with the area, specifically I live in Coquitlam so anything in Coquitlam, Poco, or Port Moody would be best.

    So, been looking around on this site and apparently Creative Fighter's Guild Coquitlam is good, and that's nearby as well. There's also the Martial Arts Training Center in Coquitlam but I can't really find much info on it.

    And I saw someone recommend West Coast BJJ ( but after checking it out, I realized that I know a kid who goes to the Coquitlam location, Personal Best Martial Arts. This kid is a pudgy, soft, 17 year old nerd with a black belt who's never been in a fight in his life, so it seems like this one is probably a McDojo.

    Can I get some input on these schools or any other ones in the area?



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