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Shot put for boxing?

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    Shot put for boxing?

    I'm thinking that shot putting (simulating punches instead of real shot put technique) would give explosive strength for boxing, but I'm wary that it might ruin technique, as people say not to shadowbox with wrist weights for that reason.
    Any thoughts on this?

    Are you saying you're going to throw a shotput horizontally?

    Regular shotput training will develop plenty explosiveness. It doesn't have to be a direct parallel to boxing.
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      I'd say if you shot put without using proper technique you risk injuring your back and using the triceps to push more than you would in a punch, and if you do a shot put with proper technique you will be using the legs to push more than you do when you punch.

      Honestly, the best exercise for building punching power is probably hitting a heavybag with proper technique. Second to that I would say deadlifts for building a strong back and core.

      EDIT: yeah what Emevas said, the shot put will build explosiveness, but just bear in mind that it doesn't replicate a punching movement so it may not translate as well as you hope
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        I did shotput (and discus) back in high school...and no I wasn't that good, I was too thin to be truly competitive and there were no weight classes.

        Personally, I think it's a good exercise for developing explosive punching, since power comes from the legs/core for the most part. One drill I like doing is to shotput a 15 lb medicine ball back and forth with a partner. I don't catch it like I do during other drills, just check it so it doesn't smash through the wall. In a perfect world I'd have a concrete wall and just blast it right into the wall.

        IMO, you can't really shotput something perfectly straight, but you don't have to take nearly the angle you'd have if you were going for max distance either. The easiest way to hurt yourself is to bend your wrist back, so make sure you're supporting it and throwing it mostly with the heel of your palm and flick your wrist forward as you throw much like shooting a basketball.

        I experienced a bit of personal validation during the Arvlovski/Fedor fight when I saw Arvlovski's coach making him do the same exercise I "invented".


          I've been doing it with a small sandbag (ziploc with lots of duct tape), and using core contraction for power generation. Anyway I guess more sport specific movements would be better. Thanks for the replies. :)



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