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Throwdown at The JKD Center / Fighting Arts Collective Toronto

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    Originally posted by Goju - Joe
    Kensington market in the summer followed by Corona's and chiken tsinga's at the Mexican place FTW!!!
    True dat. I like the JKD Centre, but it's also great to try out some new gyms. Anyone have a gym with a boxing ring we could try?


      Originally posted by bradtacs
      Well I am back training again so of course if you guys want to come back I am sure we can work it out.
      I'd like to come back to that club too..easy to find and easier for people to get to.
      Then again, I'm not training MA right now, just weight trainig, so who knows if I would even come out next time. I am trying to get back to wrestling, but am busy trying to finish up a major paper right now and it will likely take me the rest of the summer to finish it.
      :boxing: so much fun, but work must come first.
      Actually, the faculty is expecting me to finish it by September , and even though I won't get canned or anything if I don't, I told them when I got my new position it would be finished, so...
      I am officially a full fledged University Instructor now. No tenure, but give me time..:evil6:


        Going to other locations is fine by me, bound to get more of their fighters out.

        Maybe we should try Siam No 1, or Krudar. I can inquire to see if they are interested and they both have rings.

        Any place else too....what about a park?

        In any case we need a date to shoot for....when is everyone going to NY ? How long do they need to heal?



          So uh...did I miss this shit yet?


            ok I'm starting a new thread lets pick a time and place for the next one....I suggest my place if no one offers up other options.....

            posting new tread now.



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