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Throwdown at The JKD Center / Fighting Arts Collective Toronto

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    Throwdown at The JKD Center / Fighting Arts Collective Toronto

    Here we go again...

    As promised another opportunity to get together with some great martial artists and share / spar.

    The last event exceeded my expectations, the quality of the participants as martial artists and the strength of their characters was quite impressive.

    Also it took me till now to heal my shins.

    Sunday May 11 , 2008 6pm

    There will be a $10.00 mat fee

    Hope to see you there ... Shawn Zirger
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    Is anybody planning on coming? The turnout was bigger than I expected last time, and I enjoyed myself, despite getting my ass handed to me a number of times.


      I'm probably going to check this one out


        Oh man. I've only just read the post throwdown thread from last time, and no I didn't read it all. I dunno how these things hit 30+ pages. Forgive me if I missed something.

        First of all. Boyd and hedgehogey, did not come to the throwdown. So they can go fuck themselves.

        I mean think about it. They are angry, that a person they don't like in the first place, participated in an event they didn't attend, because they think it is "insulting to their sport", that he isn't as good as them.

        If it was such a big deal to you, you could have come out and showed him up. Maybe you were too busy making posts on bullshido, that happen to be longer than the papers I write for school.

        I'll be the first person to admit that my grappling is in seriously sloppy shape, and I learned quite a bit from getting beaten repeatedly by Angry Monkey. Hopefully this time, I will do better at the things I did poorly at last time.

        At least he came out and handed me my ass. Something neither of you even tried to do.

        If you are so good at BJJ you should be happy with that. I dunno what all this hostility towards pizdoff is about. I mean if he isn't as good as you, that should be good enough for you. Especially since he seems to show you enough respect.

        So how do you demonstrate your obvious, superiority? By trash talking someone with less experience than you?

        You must feel good about yourself.

        I'd invite you to come out to this event, but frankly I dont really want you there.

        We were really happy with the attitude of the people who came out last time. That was the most compelling thing for us. We don't care if the best MMA and BJJ students in the country show up at our gym. If they act like assholes, we don't want to train with them. Hopefully some of the same people will come out, and we will have a great time again.

        Seriously though, if you aren't going to come to the throwdowns. What are you doing in the throwdown forum?

        I don't want this to be a big flame thing. Honestly I doubt I will post after this unless it is to give directions, or information about the space/event.

        The internet is obviously serious business.
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          I'll try to make it to this one. The last one was good and I had fun.


            What samosa said.

            I'm just not 100% confirmed as some friends might be in from out of town


              Man, I wouldn't mind going to this!
              I think I might have to do it!

              Perhaps I can convince kuntaokid to come (hint hint!)


                I'm getting some more of my old students coming, maybe some of my peers from the JKD Family....oh an heffy, nice post...really i wish we could filter out the talkers from the attendees.

                Very excited to see the interest building...our experience of attendees from this site is very positive.

                Oh ya, Angry Monkey...met your bro...i could tell by the mannerisms. Lookking forward to being schooled in comming?


                  I just found out I'm only working saturday not sunday so unless something major comes up count me in.


                    Getting angry at people talking shit on a forum is pointless.

                    I may be there, but we are getting into cottage opening time so I don't know for sure, it's up to the boss.


                      Sorry, CdnPaddy and I are out. We're already triple-booked for that date. We'll let folks know about it, though.


                        Hey everyone....

                        One of my students was talking to folk from Inside Toronto, a news group that runs the Annex Guardian and the Bloorwest Villager.

                        As it turns out they may want to do a story on the THROWDOWN event.

                        I think that it might be good for Bullshido's exposure and obviously that of my school.

                        Any comments or misgivings?

                        If I were to accept their presence, they would have to agree to keep their story in line with the intent of the> good martial artists coming together to test their skills in a respectful environment.

                        Of course no one would be photographed if they didn't give consent ... anyone against this opportunity?



                          Originally posted by JKD CENTER
                          Lookking forward to being schooled in comming?
                          If you want to be schooled in grappling you should go to a grappling school.


                            Originally posted by Shuma-Gorath
                            If you want to be schooled in grappling you should go to a grappling school.
                            Sigh. That's getting a little stale, Shuma.





                            You know, you seem to spend an awful lot of time in throwdown threads, for someone who doesn't want to waste time going to one.


                              I will continue posting my recommendation until the posting of throwdown videos ceases to result in tears.



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