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2008 Mega Throwdown NYC Pre-Planning Thread

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    2008 Mega Throwdown NYC Pre-Planning Thread

    I drove through NYC once. It sucked. At one point I ended up pulling over with thoughts of leaving my then (now ex) wife on the side of the road and turning around due to a combination of the convoluted freeway system and her poor job as navigator on that particular road trip.

    True story.

    Anyway, by virtue of the fact that they hold the record for the largest attendance at a TD, we'd decided that this year's Mega would be held in NYC.

    So this thread is for pre-planning and estimating a headcount, and those sorts of things. Vote accordingly.

    I'd suggest flying.
    Yes, I am a dedicated Bully and I will proudly spend my disposable income and face to come!
    Maybe, I need to clear it with my spouse/mom/kids/yiffing partner.
    I probably won't make it because... (post a reason in the thread)...
    I won't be coming because I'm a huge loser and should go post over on

    The poll is expired.

    Uh....May 26, last weekend of May.
    Who else is interested from the TO crew?
    Surfing Facebook at work? Spread the good word by adding us on Facebook today!



      I need more details.

      ride/place to stay/hot womenz/etc.
      In summation your argument denotes a lack of intellectual honesty on your part. It is my contention that this matter would best be solved with fisticuffs. I believe I will be victorious in this regard.


        May 26th works for me....maybe.


          plus, would this be an all weekend or just monday deal? (jeez it sounds like I need to ask my mom or something)
          In summation your argument denotes a lack of intellectual honesty on your part. It is my contention that this matter would best be solved with fisticuffs. I believe I will be victorious in this regard.


            May 26 is too soon after my Mexican vacation.


              I am down for whatever date. If need be, I'll talk to the owners of the gym to make sure that we have plenty of space, because if we are looking at over 50 people we're gonna need it :P
              Knowing is not enough, you must apply...
              ...Willing is not enough you must do
              ~Bruce Lee


                If you guys had nearly that many before then yeah, we'll need to set things aside. Maybe everyone could chip in $10 for a mat fee or to rent the place for that Saturday?

                Normal itinerary goes:


                Day-Evening: People Arrive.

                Evening: People meet up for dinner and we gaggle over to some poor, unsuspecting drinking establishment.


                Morning: Drag our sorry asses to the Throwdown. Spar, puke, continue sparring.

                Lunch: Sushi or some other kind of Asian food in the spirit of "Keeping It Real".

                Dinner: Whatever, just don't get lost/mugged/shanghai'd.

                Evening: Gaggle over to some poor, unsuspecting drinking establishment.

                It would be nice if we could go into this with a bit more planning than normal. Things I'd like to see:

                * Celebrity speaker/instructor/participants.
                * Dedicated Plan A and B for both Friday and Saturday night festivities.
                * As many non-local members as possible.
                * Someone volunteer to be the coordinator/cat herder with a list of contact numbers (cell) to ensure everyone arrives when/where they need to be.
                * Maybe a Sunday visit to the WTC site and/or other landmarks.
                * Pre-printed T-shirts (this one's on me, might take up a collection though beforehand around $7 or so if I can find them for cheap enough.)
                * Much punching and kicking.


                  Uh... May 26th is a Monday

                  AM I missing something Are you talking May 24th weekend?

                  Which is Canada buy a 24 of beer day and a statutory holiday here


                    Yeah, looks like I'll be down... and someone can probably stay with me, but with the size of my apartment, it has to be a skinny short person.

                    i'm down to plan this ish on this end if i can find a planning committee, who's down?


                      I'll finally show up for a Mega. Haven't been to a TD since January 07.


                        I'd definitely like to try and attend. It sounds like a blast.


                          yeah, count me in (obviously)
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                            I would probably come if it was late May (or later).
                            I think only idiots assume that someone who trains for the ring can't make the switch to the street as soon as things change. - dweidman


                              May 26th is a) too soon for me to get time off and B) the day after the deadwood shootout



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