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    By the way Moose, have we got a specific start time yet? Also, is there much interest from Gracie Barra NI?


      Yeah, 1pm, we've been having slight coordinational difficulties getting everything sorted but that should be fixed within the next week.

      And yeah, a fair few lads from GBNI will be coming along. Should be gd craic.


        I'll be there! Anyone travelling up from the south want to share accomadation?


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            Heh - strangely enough, similar thing happened at the Brighton TD. A bunch of aikidoka had double-booked the room, so it got cut short.

            How many have we got confirmed at the moment, then? I can see four from this thread should definitely be there (as three of us have booked flights and you're organising it), so I'll be hopeful and assume at least ten, with Gracie Barra NI making up the numbers?


              Yeah it should be grand.

              I really really hate the aikidoka too. We could always invite them to the throwdown and get them to mma spar with us for big laffs.


                Oh yeah, WHY i hate them:

                After the Roger Gracie seminar a month or two ago, the aikido club got on the mats. My friend, a 17 stone gracie barra purple belt, got a phone call from a friend of his and walked up to the end of the mats the aikido guys were on so he could get better signal.

                The aikido instructor, a 60 year old really out of shape guy, storms up to my friend and goes "HEY! Can you give us a bit of space!?"

                My friend backed off (he's a nice guy) and the aikido club went back to practising ludicrous wristlocks.

                Big attitude problem. It kind of reminded me of a chihuahua yipping at an alsation.


                  Correction! Apparently the hippies only need the gym from 3.30 so we have the large area seen in the OP vid from 1.00 - 3.30. Which should be more than enough time.

                  See you all on the 18th weekend!


                    Also, can everyone coming please PM me their real name, cell phone number and their expected arrival in belfast and where they're going to stay?

                    I will give you all my mobile number when you contact me.


                      Ooooh! Can we listen to Queen while we throw down like you do in that 10 second clip!!


                        Cool training with you Mark. Shame I had work today, still - I have bruises all over my shins which totally impress the ladies!


                          Great meeting you all - Mark trains with a whole bunch of cool people! Looking forward to seeing the videos with their Queentastic augmentations (though if thats going to be down to me, may take me a little while to figure out the right way of synching up sound in Moviemaker :icon_wink).

                          I'll be writing it all up in a nice fat blog post, naturally.


                            MMA Sparring

                            Here we go! First of all my epic battle with Niall, a friend of mine who trains kickboxing and a bit of wrestling.




                            Second, my equally epic battle with MEGALEF




                              BJJ Sparring

                              Myself and MEGALEF sparring BJJ




                              Me and Slideyfoot sparring BJJ




                                More BJJ Sparring

                                MEGALEF sparring with Ciaran at Gracie Barra NI




                                Slideyfoot sparring with Wacky from QUB BJJ




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