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Pacific NW Throwdown- Seattle, March 11

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    Pacific NW Throwdown- Seattle, March 11

    When: Saturday, March 11th, 12 noon-?.

    Where: Seattle (Ballard/Crown Hill), 1475 NW 85th Street

    Directions: Off I-5, go West on 85th Street. Club is near the corner of 85th St. & 15th Avenue NorthWest.

    OK folks, our space is not tremendously huge, so don't bring a posse of non-participating onlookers. We will boot them. Ditto for bad attitudes, or anyone looking to hurt people in a non-friendly way.

    We have sprung hardwood floors and olympic judo mats. We have a couple of pairs of club boxing gloves and headgear which are available for use if you ask. We also have a Thai banana bag in the back area, which you are free to use. You must bring your own mouthpiece and cup, as our hospitality does not extend that far. There are two bathrooms in the back, but no water fountain other than the sinks, so bring a water bottle. Also, please also sign a liability waiver when you come in, and don't take street shoes onto the training floor/mats. Cameras are welcome, and if anyone has an extra camcorder, please let us know. We'll have a couple running, but more might be useful.

    With all of that out of the way, we hope everyone has fun. Be sure to bring any gear that you think you might need. We have a lot of arnisadors, so there will definitely be some stickfighting going on. Kickboxing, grappling, and mma are sure to happen as well, and it is up to you what you would like to participate in, and at what contact level. This is an open gym, so there won't be anyone there to hold your hand. If you are not comfortable with something, make sure and tell your training partner, as this is your responsibility.

    There are lots of nice restaurants and pubs in the area, so you might want to budget a little time for drinks and socialization after the get together. Any questions, post them here, or check our our news blurb:

    I'll just go ahead and confirm that I'll be there. And again, if anyone from out of town needs a place to stay, my house is open and available.


      I'll be there for my last Pacific NW throwdown.


        Excellent. If everyone could please confirm as Sam and QF have done, that would be great. I'd like to get a little headcount. Also, if you want to list your stats, we can start planning partner matchups. Something like this:

        Name: Ryan (Ryno)
        Height/Weight: 6'2, 220
        Game for: Full-contact stickfighting, mma, kickboxing, grappling
        Preferred contact level: Moderate to heavy, depending on how late in the day.
        Experience level: Stickfighting - experienced, Striking - experienced, Grappling - intermediate


          Name: Sam Gibson
          Height/Weight: 6'1, ~175-180
          Game for: mma, grappling
          Preferred contact level: Full contact is fine
          I'll let everybody figure out what my experience level is if they want ;-)


            As of now, I am not scheduled to be out of town so I'll try and show up.


              Name: Erik
              Height/Weight: 6'2", 185-190
              Game for: mma, grappling
              Preferred contact level: moderate - hard assuming good attitudes (which I expect from this crowd based on your posts I've seen)
              Experience: Standup: 5 yrs bullshido two step sparring (non-classical WC), Grappling: BJJ noob (white) with 6 mos. submission wresting 5 + yrs. ago (when UFC 1 made all the KF schools go "oh shit").

              Actually fighting with strikes that hurt - 1 month


                You guys are huge fuckers.

                I'm 5'10" and 145lbs wet.

                I'll see if I have the funds to make it all the way up there.


                  Just wait until you see the rest of the guys from my club. I'm sure most of them will show up. Hell, maybe I'll take a guess at their stats:

                  Bob 6'3, 230
                  Chris 6'2, 220
                  Pat 5'10, 200
                  Aaron 6'5, 300
                  Shaun 5'9, 170
                  Jason 6'2, 240
                  Joe 5'9, 170

                  Lots of big boys, but not all of them have done a ton of empty hand and grappling. Just watch out if you see that they have a stick in their hand. :icon_tong
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                    I'm 5'9" and 205. I mostly want to roll because I have tests the following week (punches to the head make focusing the next few days suck).

                    My baby's momma has finals the week after the TD so I probably won't be able to play after the TD. But if I can, I recommend:


                      Good grief. I'm 5'8, 145, and a wing chun weenie. I'm done for!


                        Taphouse is nice Quickfeet, but it's all the way over in Bellevue. I was thinking something in Ballard, maybe walking distance or a very short drive. We've got something like 30 pubs within a stone's throw...


                        The Tin Hat/Molly Maguires/Reading Gaol are just down on 65th. Barking Dog is on 70th. All are nice in their own way, and there's also a few pubs right across the street from our place that I haven't tried yet.

                        Drunken Kung Fu anyone? Hmmmmm......


                          Hey Ryno, how long do you think you guys will be there? Seattle Kyokushin has regular practice from noon - two, but I'm sure a few of us would be down to get some extra ass-kicking in afterwards.

                          170 - 6'1


                            I'm guessing a lot of people will roll in a little late. Since our space isn't huge, we may have to rotate around a bit with some people taking a break while others spar. This'll slow things down a bit, and people shouldn't burn out too quick. If we get a decent turnout of 20+, I'm guessing things will go until at least 3-4:00, possibly later.

                            So we should be nice and warmed up by the time you guys show up. Make sure Keith and the rest of your crew know that they are welcome to attend. Just swing on by.
                            Last edited by Ryno; 2/16/2006 12:11pm, .


                              It's March. Throwdown a week and a half away! No changes to time, date or location.



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