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We need a throwdown FAQ stickied

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    Ok. Now write one.


      You're almost 13,000 posts lazy.


        Re: We need a throwdown FAQ stickied

        Originally posted by Osiris
        People seem to be confused as to whats going on, if they're welcome, who the participants are, the skill involved etc. Like in the DC thread, someone was unsure about coming because they didn't know anyone and they were concerned someone might catch feelings over getting subbed or something. Other people have assumed that it was a tourney of some sort. Someone else was concerned about coming because they sucked. We need to clarify things. Im sure it's been talked about before, but we need something up top.
        write one


          Sounds good, pm Phrost to make it a sticky.


            ok, ill have a quick shot:

            What is a throwdown?

            Its a meeting of bullshido members with an emphasis on exchange of knowledge and techniques, and of course sparring.

            Is it a tournament?

            No, the idea is to leave your ego at the door and have a good time, there are no 'winners'.

            What are the rules?

            The rules and intensity you spar under is between you and your opponent, be sure to come to an agreement on them that is understood and accepted by both parties.

            how old do you have to be to go to a throwdown?

            It is advised that underage people bring a consenting adult, but there is really no age limit unless otherwise specified.

            How much experience is required to attend a throwdown?

            None whatsoever.

            Will I get beat up?

            Only if you want to, of course bullshido can't vouch for the integrity of every throwdown atendee, but after countless throwdowns there has never been a single problem with people taking things too far, so it would be fair to assume the odds are very low. If you don't want to spar full contact then don't, if you want to sit on the sidelines then feel free, there is no minimum participation rule at throwdowns.

            I want to organise a throwdown, what should I do?

            First post a thread here or in general discussion (It will garner more attention there, and be moved here by a mod later on) asking if there is anyone interested in a throwdown in your area and take it from there. Organising a venue is probably the hardest part of making throwdowns happen, a spacious indoor area will do the job (a martial arts dojo is of course even better) so start ringing around seeing if you can rent one for the occasion, if not then consider public areas like parks (although these are awfully dependant on the weather).

            Remember to get pictures or a video if possible to post on bullshido!


              I don't understand the confusion. I got it right of the bat.


                Add in one:

                Q: Is this a "Fight Club" type event?

                A. Not even remotely. You don't even have to spar if you're not up to it, but you'd be missing out and likely won't learn as much if you don't.


                  I'd like to add that my feelings were hurt multiple times at my first Throwdown.

                  Gringo Grande
                  MMA Record vs Llamas 0-1-0
                  (The Llama bit my junk but the ref didn't see it).


                    Fees? Equipment recommended/required? Minimum machismo level? Average range/dispersal of fight types (standup/grappling/whatever)? (e.g. 80% ground, 15% cinching (clinching?), 5% standup)


                      Sticky it your damn self!


                        1. Cup and mouthpiece recommended!

                        2. Leave your ego at the door.

                        3. Leave all your fancy smancy striped belts in your bag, I've got one too but I don't need to put it on to show who I am and what I do.

                        4. Be prepared for some unexpected hard shots and don't get whiny and pissy when they happen, this is a contact excercise.

                        5. Shut up about how you've got this title and that title and put the fucking gloves on.

                        Those are some that I can think of



                          I'd just like to point out manchuria's point that you don't have to spar full contact unless you're willing to. There's no point in slugging things out if it means one person gets light exercise and the other massive injuries.

                          It's about learning new techs and ideas, experimenting, testing your stuff and meeting people. Not getting the shit beaten out of you.

                          Unless you want to anyway. :D Points 1,2,3 and 5 I agree with. Just smacking people who don't have the skill to defend themselves is silly.

                          Edit: Clyde's points that is.


                            has there been a standard release form to protect the organizer and school/space hosting the throwdown?

                            we have enough lawyers here to have someone write something up that we could all use (filling in names of course.)

                            i have been trying to get a location, and one concern i faced was the current waiver form at the school not covering an event like a throwdown.


                              Here's an FAQ - Are there other videos aside from the ones in the download section? For example, where can I find the famous Djimbe not-sprawling J-lau video?


                                All the Toronto ones have ended in good eats at nearby restaurant and laughs.

                                May I suggest that either a new thread is created, or Osiris add all the points into the first post.



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