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    barefoot running

    This is a digression from the thread about the running shoes for barefoot runners. I couldn't find anything on how to start a barefoot running routine.

    Are there any resources for this topic?
    What surfaces should you start on?
    How much you should run when starting?
    What is the proper foot care afterwards?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


    Good place to start. I'll leave it to that page since I'm fairly new to it as well, all I will say is give it time and don't overdo it. It's not like having sore muscles where you just push through it.
    Once you are done with that article there is actually a forum on that site specifically for barefoot running you should definitely check out.


      I bet running in sand is best since it has so much give, if it's the really soft sinky kind, not the thin layer on top of hard soil you see sometimes.

      I bet mud is fine too so long as it's not slippery but nobody likes that since it might splash in your eyes upon impact.


        I'm not sure about the barefoot part, but I ran Cross Country in high school, and now I run a lot of half-marathons and 10 mile trail races. The race that my school held every year always finished on the beach in a lot of "soft sinky sand". I can see how it would be kind to your feet, but running in it SUCKS.

        People would fly down the trails and then when they hit the beach it looked like they were moving in slow motion. It's a good workout for your legs, you just can't move very fast in sand like that, because it gives so much.

        Remember "Baywatch"? They weren't running in slow motion for no reason. It's because they were running on sand.

        I'm very interested in this thread though. I had this very conversaton with my girlfriend yesterday while we were out running. We had differing opinions though. She said that barefoot running is good for you for short distances, and that her college CC team does their strides barefoot after a long run.

        And on another note, I think they make shoes now that allow you to "run barefoot". I'll try to find a link. This could be a great option for protecting your feet especially if you're running somewhere with lots of sticks and rocks.


          For reference: Running Shoes: Vibram Five Fingers - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

          Assuming you're wearing something for "barefoot-style" running, as opposed to pure barefoot, I'd say just start off gently and in short amounts, focus on form (toe-heel, not heel-toe), and pay attention to your arches and calves during and afterwards.

          If it's actual barefoot, I'd say watch out for staph and lava.
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