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    Just read this article over on T Nation: on Leucine.

    Sounds fantastic... I'm a bit wary though as its obviously a Biotest Edge supplement, and they are pushing it.

    So, anyone here used leucine, seen any effects? (Yep I take it, as part of a BCAA supplement, but this article seems to indicate the benefit of taking Leucine by itself with food.)
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    References that I'll try to page through when I have time:

    Buse et al., "Leucine. A possible regulator of protein turnover in muscle."

    Garlick, "The Role of Leucine in the Regulation of Protein Metabolism"

    I haven't been able to find much in the way of induced hypertrophy or strength gains in humans yet, though. Not promising.
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      It may be worth mentioning however that Leucine-based supplements (as in, with the name "leucine" on the bottle) are springing up across pretty much all brands, at least here in Aus. Whether or not this means it's a valid supplement or simply a very shiny bandwagon is yet to be seen, I guess.
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        I use the GNC wheybolic protein and one of their sales pitches is it has tons of Luecine in it ( 7.7.grams) . I do like the protein better than most other proteins I have taken but just based on the price of Luecine by it's self I don't think its worth it. A friend of mine tried it and he didn't notice to much diffrence in the Luecine alone and the protein w/luecine. But then again I think everyone reacts diffrently to diffrent products.



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