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Anyone use the Total Gym?

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    Anyone use the Total Gym?

    Does anyone here use a Total Gym? I've recently been working out on one I purchased and I was hoping to get some good routines for strength, stretching, cardio...or anything.

    I appreciate the help y'all.

    Yeah, I know a guy that uses it. His name is Chuck Norris and he is fucking awesome!

    Nuff said.


      Total Gym = cardio and stretching? I mean, I guess I could stand on it with one foot and put the other on the ground and then pull the handles if I didn't have the ability to do a split on the floor, but it might hurt...

      It's only one piece of equipment, it's not actually an entire gym, despite the name.


        If you still have a moneyback guarantee on that thing, take them up on it.


          to the OP:



            Think of the kickass dip racks and pullup bars and shit you could build with the proceeds from returning that thing to the store.

   Holy fuck $4695? Never mind, think of the entire home gym you could build with the money.


              YouTube - Chuck Norris Total Gym




                  Seriously, dump/return that shit off if you can and do the following:

                  1. See the sticky thread here and look at the 'weight training' thread as well as the 'do-it-yourself equipment' thread.

                  2. Check the website and read the articles and see the videos. See if there is an affiliate near your location and sign in. Seriously.

                  3. Purchase the following:

                  Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength, 2nd Edition"

                  The starting resistance band kit (bands #1, #2 and #3) from iron woody fitness

                  Ross Enamait's Never Gymless

                  4 dumbbell handles
                  10 ten-lbs plates
                  4 five-lbs plates
                  a pair of 5lbs wrist/ankle weights (to be used as 5lbs dumbbells if needed - for some exercises.)
                  a pair of 2.5lbs wrist weights (specially those with a thumb hook.)
                  a jumping rope

                  a 12-lbs soft medicine ball.

                  That's the bare minimum a person would ever need.


                    I've used the total gym - it sucks

                    Be a man join the gym


                      I tried the Total Gym, its ok but not for me. I prefer the gym any day to this type equipment. I did try the P90X workout routine a buddy of mine had and it was kickass BTW. Most of these home "gyms" IMO are ok to use but if you really want results, there is nothing like having weights and a jump rope. You will get the results you want by just using these for your basic training at home. Anything else that you can add is a bonus.


                        Originally posted by f4n4n
                        I don't get it, I never used anything else than BWE and the best part, everything you need is your body (okay, maybe something for the chin ups and dips but thats it.). Why do people need all that crappy equipment? If you really need to add some weight get a weightlifting belt and some weights to hang them on but it will take some time to get there.
                        Post not directly addressing the OP's questions and having to do more with defining "functional" and "dysfunctional" training, bodyweight exercises, pistols, squats and tittie twisters went here: Functional Training, B/W Exercises, Squats, Pistols, You Say Potatoe, I Say Potatoh. - No BS Martial Arts


                          First of all, thanks for all the good info. You guys are awesome!

                          Second, what is the beef with the total gym? Is it the price or the marketing that y'all don't agree with?

                          I bought mine practically new for about $100 and so far I love it. I know it's not a "be all end all" home gym but it's good to supplement my already existing body weight/ calisthenics workout I do at home. I was just looking for some good routines so my workouts won't get stale.

                          Plus, THE Chuck Norris uses it so it's gotta be legit. :icon_colo

                          Thanks again, y'all.



                            Originally posted by FightingLegacy
                            ... supplement my already existing body weight/ calisthenics workout I do at home. ...
                            That's encouraging. It's best IMO to adopt a fitness philosophy and use a variety of tools that support your philosophy and goals.

                            I definitely wouldnt advise the opposite approach of centering your workout on any single piece of equipment.

                            If you don't get results from it just park it ... Like you said ... it was only $100 ... if it ends up in the closet it isnt the end of the world.
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                              Total gyp?



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