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Can we talk about The Rock’s cheat meals?!

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  • Tranquil Suit
    The Rock makes these cheat meals work with his secret ingredient: Steroids.

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  • goodlun
    He does seem to have a sugar tooth

    A few of them are pretty gnarly the 1st one is, but that was after 150 days of clean eating
    The 2nd one is WAY more ice cream than I could ever eat or even want to eat

    A stack of pancakes and a double shot isn't great, but as a once the week sort of treat when your 6'5 and 260 lbs it isn't likely to impact him negativly in any sort of meaningful manner.

    I think the thing to take away is when a full stack of pancakes and a double shot is your "cheat" and it is an occasional treat, that you are eating pretty damn clean most of the time.

    Follow this up with the next one being 5 cookies, I think its speaks volumes that he takes care as to what he puts into his body normally.

    I have to say none of it really appeals to me other than that Steak and the Sushi

    Sadly, though most of his "cheats" seem to be fairly standard components of a lot of American diets.
    I wish(but not enough to actually change my ways) that my own Sugar consumption was only on a "cheat" day.

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  • Lily
    started a topic Can we talk about The Rock’s cheat meals?!

    Can we talk about The Rock’s cheat meals?!

    There’s nothing new about these extravagant cheat meals he does. I also understand most of you here don’t prescribe to this diet protocol - I don’t either. I’m just hungry.

    I also wonder:
    1. How much time he takes to finish the meal
    2. How sick he might feel after consuming these monster meals
    3. How it impacts any gains he’s made
    4. Whether they are both the reward for his intense regime all other days and simultaneously the punishment he needs to get back on the regime the next day.


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