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another yay for crossfit

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    another yay for crossfit

    Never worked out in all my life.

    6'4", 22 years old, last summer 220lbs. Not all muscle, but I looked "normal". Good at basketball and football despite crappy wind, because of whoring my height.

    December, at doctor: 215lbs. January and February, introduction to sparring with really good people. 205lbs at the Throwdown.

    Started running in the mornings after throwdown, and got down to 201lbs.

    Started crossfit almost two weeks ago, and in three days lost 6 pounds to 195, and then 6 more to 189 five days ago, which is probably within 5 to 10 lbs of where I should be with very low bf. And, in the last 5 days I've started gaining lean muscle. Weight has crawled up to 194 even after workouts like 'Angie'.

    Eating healthy and high-protein is great, but Crossfit is just something else, man. I'm doing it with my brother now. My wind is ridiculously improved already.

    Anyway, just another plug for crossfit. Holy SHIT does this stuff work.

    There's you answer: never worked out in all my life.

    If you give a starving man dog food, he'll still eat it and enjoy it.


      Well, I should clarify: I've tried working out for periods of this length before.

      I've just always quit at the two to three week mark, because of soul-crushing boredom and no practical application making it worthwhile.

      I think that maybe if I'd discovered sparring/grappling earlier I'd have had a practical reason to continue. But, on the other hand, the running/powerlifting combos that my bro has tried to interest me in time and time again evidently weren't designed to show results within a couple of weeks, either on the scale or in sports.


        I'm not a huge fan of Crossfit as a complete system. I steal some of their workouts for conditioning stuff, and it's a nice change of pace if I'm feeling burnt out, but IMO for strength training it's pretty dismal.


          I absolutely hear you there.

          From what I've read (and as I tend to do with any hobby, I researched for quite a while before beginning the program; I'm actually eating off of a list of bodybuilder 'safe foods' given me by a competitive BB friend of mine ... all I had to remove from my diet were potatoes and white pasta, heh), it seems as though particularly in people who have done bodybuilding, there's a certain amount of lean muscle LOSS early in the program, because it's muscle that's not really used.

          The Fight Gone Bad workout, though, has already improved my wind, my cardio, dramatically within a week's time.

          My younger brother is a high school basketball player with a bench of 270 (which for a bball player and 6' 175lb guy isn't too shabby), and last sunday I played basketball with him and another friend (a former competitive bodybuilder who's rather short and has low bodyfat, with a bench somewhere over 300lbs heh, he's a machine).

          We had the courts to ourselves, as it was a windy day and the rims are double-reenforced and not forgiving. So we played FULL-COURT 21, where when you get posession you have to fast-break to the other end of the court.

          We played this for an hour and a half and I won every game despite being a miserably unskilled basketball player. Then we switched to two-on-one full-court basketball, and I increased my scoring lead to nearly 2:1.

          The reason? Wind! Well, in more ways than one -- the windy conditions meant that no one could whore their individual shooting skills; they'd have to either beat me one-on-one to a close open shot or pass around me, and I was able to keep playing offense and defense at an intensity level that wouldn't occur or be rewarded in regular team basketball, while they were gassed.

          This is really more of a testimonial to the kinds of crazy cardio effectiveness that all shadowboxing and interval training gives you, I guess -- I gave Bas Rutten's workouts a try and found them punishing but a less complete part of all-around fitness.

          And even more to the point, I think I was stunned to find how easy the cardio requirements of some other sports seem if you've been training yourself with MMA fitness in mind.

          But as I say, I'd been doing a variety of cardio-improving exercises for several months, and had been running regularly -- distances, and then decided to shift to a handful of 400m runs in the morning instead -- and yet I've never been able to sustain a high level of cardio or performance in basketball against my brother. We play every week, but two sundays ago my performance was average -- one good game, then sucking wind or just trotting along at a lower-intensity brand of basketball (which is how most people play, heh).

          After that day of basketball, my brother got extremely interested in crossfit, and when I introduced him to Fight Gone Bad, even though I have no bench to speak of and he's got considerably more muscle mass than me, he couldn't maange any deadlift highs or more than single-digit pushpresses by round two, and had to quit before round three.

          I really, REALLY like their way of doing things. :D

          But hey, at least this thread is honest: it's another "yay for crossfit!", not someone telling other people "do this!" All I'll say is, it makes sense that Liddell and Penn are so big on Crossfit. They seem to go and go and go.


            I just got done crossfitting with my bro.

            And after the Workout of the Day, we went to a local bball court. Lights on, only us, and played 1-on-1 full-court, to "warm down".

            I took all three games (played to 21) decisively.

            - I suck at basketball. I have no shot and don't practice shooting. My range is about six feet from the hoop. I have no ball skills. When the other person can maintain a highly active defense I have no offense even at my height.

            - My brother is already an athlete specializing in this specific sport, with strength, speed and technique -- oh, so much more technique than me -- on his side. He probably even has a lower bodyfat; he runs regularly.

            What did I have? A couple of weeks of high-intensity interval training improving my wind.

            He was hoping for a best-of-seven by taking the next four ;) but the lights shut off automatically and I'm left with two full weeks of unbridled wind-based dominance. Woohoo!

            Again, this is just the story of some guy and crossfit and whatnot. I'll keep it contained to this thread because I really have nothing to offer anyone else, heh., other than "this worked for me but I have no credibility because I've never followed any other methods of conditioning to a high level."


              Hey, man, it it works for you...


                2 pounds of weight loss per day?

                Nggggg....:::loosening neck tie::::


                  Originally posted by Kein Haar
                  2 pounds of weight loss per day?

                  Nggggg....:::loosening neck tie::::
                  Are you suggesting that would be... unpossible?

                  (tee hee)


                    Maybe some of it was water weight? ;)

                    That's from the balanced scales at the doctor's office, and the scales at the gym. I went to two different scales at the gym because I couldn't believe it.

                    Worse ... the gym measurements were with my shoes on. I can probably tack another pound of unpossibility on there.

                    I'm at 193 lbs after two weeks of crossfit (finally had some rest days this week) and I've increased lean muscle mass noticably. Also, the number of consecutive pullups I can do has increased from 10 to 16, and probably more if I were to try totally 'fresh' ... heh, I don't think I'll ever feel 'fresh' again 100% on a 3-days-on, 1-day-off crossfit though, I can still feel fatique from a specific workout half a week ago (damn you angie).


                      Losing 2 pounds a day might be too much at your weight. Are you sure you're drinking enough water? I really don't think you should be losing that much weight.


                        I don't know, I've had some pretty serious dumps that were more than that. Maybe you oughtta lay off the prunes?

                        -happy Crossfitter


                          Any of you fuckers who don't think most of these routines will kick your ass should try the "Murph". Combine it with Kettlebells and you will be begging to stop. The Murph will FUCKING CRUSH YOU.

                          I was dumb enough to try the "turkish get up" ...I thought my spine was going to shoot out of my ass.


                            Originally posted by Hawkeye
                            Eyes and ears of the Regiment
                            Would that be the 75th Regiment?


                              Kudos to you for doing Crossfit! CF rocks and has improved my Judo/BJJ game tremendously. It's not for everyone..especially guys that just want to "look" strong..ripped..whatever. Nothing wrong with that, but if you desire "functional" strength, CF is IMO the best in the world.

                              Rock on!



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