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Afronaut is spineless

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    Afronaut is spineless

    Sort of.

    I just met with an orthopedic surgeon who looked at my fucked up back and the MRIs of said fucked up back.

    Bad news: I show significant desiccation and hernation of L-4 and L-5 / S-1 discs. He said that load-bearing exercises (deadlifts, weighted squats, etc.) are over for me. Be also said that judo and other lifting and grappling sports are off-limits.

    Definition of "off-limits": If my shit gets worse or does not response to glucosamine, exercise and physical therapy then I get the knife. They go in through the abdomen, remove the discs and fuse the vertabrae together. I think I spelled that wrong.

    Good news: Doc said that activities that work the legs are good, for strength and flexibility reasons.

    So no more judo, but contact MA are still ok.

    The Plan: There is a kickboxing school in the area and two Kyokushin dojos, all of which I will be checking out.

    Stay tuned.

    That blows, man. Just don't take a round kick to the back now. :razz:


      I don't know much about your case but I've heard a lot of horror stories about fusing vertebrae. If they decide to put you under the knife, get a second opinion first...


        I'd cry if the doc said no more deadlifts, actually I think I'd just ignore him and wind up with a bionic spine after exploding in half from a massive herniation.


          Have you also checked with the doctor/someone qualified to see if you can do stretches, some place strain on the back and may be bad for you.


            Good luck man. I wish I could help. Just make sure you get an experienced surgeon and ask plenty of questions.


              Hopefully the PT and glucosamine works well for you, bro.


                How'd this happen?


                  Good luck. A budy of mine just got out of his brace from his 4th surgery. This time they performed the fusion front and back. He was a religious weight lifter and in phenominal shape and he still ended up in a shell brace for 13 months. I hope the glucosamine and PT do their thing.


                    Sorry afronaut . . .


                      Mad props (or is that propz?) for not wallowing in self-pity and immediately looking for alternate solutions!

                      And, of course, the best of luck.


                        Thanks for the props, lads. I credit Bullshido for keeping my head in the game. If I hadn't read things written by kickboxers (Johnny Cache, Wounded Ronin, Ikken) and the Kyokushin guys (BatRonin) I wouldn't have known what alternatives there were and why they would work for me.

                        It's positive peer pressure. No one I know in my flesh life does MA and so it would have been easy to fall out of it.

                        I appreciate all the good wishes. This is actually pretty positive, as the Dr. said that I can still do things that don't involve picking up people. Before I was afraid that kicking a heavy bag would cause me to explode on contact.

                        Kinzei, Koto and auf Deutche McFu ... thanks. Hopefully I'll be back training regularly and I can earn my keep around here.


                          Woo, sorry to hear about that Afronaut... Hope things work out.

                          Where are the kickboxing/Kyokushin places located?


                            Yoga and BJJ.
                            Yoga for obvious reasons.
                            BJJ allows you to grapple without being thrown, plus if you make the instructor aware of the situation, they will be able to work around techniques that can put undo stress on your back.

                            This AFTER PT of course.


                              BJJ had occurred to me, but the Dr. (admittedly, didn't know much about combat sports) said that his concern was weighted torsion on the spine would grind at the already weak and dry discs, which would make it worse. It's not so much the throws, since the impact isn't the killer, it's the weight and the motions performed with the weight.

                              Sweeps, slams, reversals, bridges, etc. all seem like they would be bad.

                              He did say that many patients got a lot out of yoga and Pilates.

                              One thing I thought was interesting, so this thread isn't a post-whoring grab for attention: He said that many exercises were good, but none were really a lot better than the others. Swimming is very, very good for bad back, maybe the best thing. But he said that while many patients rave about yoga, taiji, pilates, etc. he doesn't think they work any better than the other beneficial exercises.

                              Little sumpin' sumpin' for you bad back folk.



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