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    - my new training agenda -

    I've posted in recent fitness threads about the benefits of sprinting (as opposed to jogging) and in the past I've brought up some of my crazy old school training like running laps on short-range obstacle courses and whatnot. Well .. some of the stuff I did in the old days was excessive and some of it was more to build attributes like dexterity, balance and coordination rather than fitness. I am glad for the experiences and the knowledge that I developed from doing those things but maybe they aren't necessary for fitness. Some of it may have even been bad for me .. like jumping off of bridges and so on. I am really cautious about my knees anymore since my Dad is old and I see him hobbling around on a bad knee. I want to take care of myself. I don't want that to be me. Walking is kind of important in life.

    Anyway, I spent some time going over my training routines last night. I wanted to weed out the exercises that I was doing which were not necessary (to cut down on time) and I wanted to eliminate anything not really worth doing. I do sprints because I want to focus on explosive power. I don't ride my bike for miles on end because that takes forever and it doesn't seem to offer me enough in terms of cardio. I just do a mile for warm up and a mile for cool down. I am only doing weight training one day a week which is about right for my metabolism. Sprints are anaerobic so that covers my legs on another day without even using weights. Anyway, this is what I came down too. This is my agenda for June 2004. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or you think it sucks. Thanks. I really want to get this right.

    My goals:

    I just like to build raw strength. I train large muscle groups together. I don't isolate and shape. I am not a body builder going for aesthetics. I just want to be at my top performance. I don't need to be too bulky for my frame though. I don't want to be too boney or weak but I don't need legs so big they swish when I walk. My height is 5'11 and my ideal weight is about 180-185 pounds. Right now I am a little heavy. I started training again this spring. I've been making good progress. I feel good.

    * The following is my projected agenda for June:

    > CARDIO 1 - sprints [twice a week]

    bikeride 1 mile (warm up)
    25 yard dash 1x15
    100 yard dash 1x1
    50 yard dash 1x10
    100 yard dash 1x1
    200 meter dash 1x1
    bikeride 1 mile (cool down)
    crunches 1x200 (hold each for 2-5 sec)
    major stretches

    > CARDIO 2 - torso [once a week]

    hill climbers 1x100
    push-ups 3x30-50
    standing broad jump paces 1x50
    v-ups or "killers" 3x15 (fast)
    raccoon pull-ups 3x20-25
    crunches 1x500 (hold each 2-5 sec)
    vertical jump paces 1x100
    crunches 1x500 (hold each 2-5 sec)
    major stretches

    > WEIGHT TRAINING 1 - arms/torso [once a week]

    pull-ups 3x12-15
    bent over dumbbell rows 4x8
    overhead dumbbell press 4x8
    raccoon pull-ups 3x20-25
    v-ups or "killers" 3x15 (fast)
    crunches 1x200 (hold each for 2-5 sec)
    major stretches

    > MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING - 9 Chamber boxing [twice a week]

    (when I join the BJJ/JKD gym that will be twice a week so I'll have to change this)

    kick paces 2-5x100 (mostly on bag)
    bag work (full intensity) 3x5min rounds
    parry drills 1x5min
    combinations and counter drills 1x5min

    * curriculum (kata or technique drills)
    * sparring, grappling - if no partner do fast choreography drills/shadow boxing

    crunches 1x200 (hold each 2-5 sec)
    major stretches

    > STRETCHES - [once a week on day off]

    all stretches
    back extensions 3x12-15
    a few yoga poses 1x5min
    crunches 1x200 (hold each 2-5 sec)

    > FOCUS DAYS - pick one of the following [sub for cardio once or twice a month]

    * bag work for 1 hour
    * just sparring or grappling for 1-2 hours
    * long relaxing bikeride
    * crossing bar laps and climbing
    * sports and recreation
    * swimming laps
    * rare - laps on obstacle course
    * hike through woods
    * athletic drills for fun
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    You're very confused.


      Look, either tell me why you think so or show me proof that you are the grand puba of fitness or .. something. You might as well have just said, "You're mom." I learned nothing from your post other than some random girl with a necklace thinks I am confused.

      p.s. Your mom.
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        Way too many crunches IMHO.
        They bore the hell outta me, see if you can do some ab work weighted instead of going for endurance.

        PS. Your mom
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          500 crunches? good lord... I think if you have the energy to do that many crunches, you should be at least doing some other kind of abdominal exercise...just like if you can do 200 pushups straight, you should be looking for something else to do.

          Personally I doubt you'll manage to stick with that, but thats just my opinion.
          It just looks like too much.


            Piz and Tom,

            I hate crunches for the same reason. They take up so much time and they don't seem like that much work. I don't go for the weighted ab workouts because I feel like large abs are just going to get in the way. Big abs look cool but .. abs are supposed to help you bend. If they are bulky then they are pretty much getting in the way of you bending, aren't they? I've tried other crazy ab routines like hanging sit-ups and leg tucks, they seems like more trouble than they are worth. I would really like to find a solid ab routine but I can't.

            Maybe I just need to do more v-ups and less crunches. v-ups are much harder for me to do than crunches.

            >I doubt you'll manage to stick with that

            Maybe I need to weed out a few more things. I took the punch combos and kick paces out of cardio 2. I also removed the lat pull since I am doing pull-ups. I think .. really, I can only afford to train about an hour a day with everything else I've got going on right now. I'm not married and I don't have kids but I do have my parents to look after and some projects I am working on ... this routine only takes four days a week so I have a three day rest. (I do stretches on one of the days off.)

            *sigh* .. I am getting all OCD again. I need to slow down and relax. Take it slow. I have a tendency to overtrain and eat up my own muscle growth. I have to build a stable routine so I don't overdo it.
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              Damn boy, you gotta a lot of shit there...
              Strength training - You MUST include squats and deadlifts, also:, chin ups and dips.
              You really don't need anything more than that.
              For strength, use a weight that you can lift for a MAX of 6 reps.
              If you are doing over 25 reps of ANYTHING, its time to add some weight to the exercise and crunches are NO exception.

              From recent studies, moderate intensity cardio lasting no less than 20 min and no more than one hour, is best for fat burning.
              Low intwensity does very little and high inensity is NOT as good a fat burner than keeping a moderate steady pace.

              As for the running and sprintining, you seem to like and enjoy it, so do it.


                9chambers, you might want to try weighted crunches on a Swiss ball. Hold the weight on your chest and lean back so that your abs are getting stretched out. Another good exercise is to hang on to the chin up bar, bring your knees in and then kick out. Currently, you're spending 15 to 40 minutes on crunches alone, which is, in my not-so humble opinion, insane.

                Also, what the hell are raccoon pull-ups?


                  You might want to diversify you ab workout. I do crunches, but I also workout using the "roman cradle"---that machine where your legs hang down and you have to pull them up using your lower abs. this is also great exercise for kicks. we also work out using a medicine ball. a sit up bench gives you more range of movement, than on the ground...

                  nothing else except maybe add more sparing..

                  He was punching him like the collective karmic debt he'd accrued was coming to collections, mostly on his face.


                    9chambers, you say you want to build raw strength, but yet you don't do any compound exercises.
                    Sorry to tell you, but it ain't gonna work.
                    Check out hardgainer for info on proper ST.



                      >You MUST include squats and deadlifts

                      I'm still not sure how I feel about squats. Good mornings and squats are responsible for more injuries than any other weight training exercises. Maybe bad form is responsible for most of that but it is easy for guys to say that. Nobody wants to blame the exercise, just the guy. I don't know, to me it seems like maybe it's the exercise because these guys getting injured aren't begginers and it really doesn't look like an exercise that is that complicated. Also, so much weight is involved. I really don't see myself ever needing to lift 300 pounds on my back for any reason. I am reading up on squats but I am still kind of unsure anout them. I don't want to get into them until I know for sure my knees and back will not suffer.

                      As for the bench press, it is one of the best. I eliminated it to cut down on time. I just figured if I am doing the overhead press, pull-ups and rows then why do the bench press.. is that wrong? The overhead press is pretty much the military press really. Should I eliminate the overhead press instead?

                      >and crunches are NO exception.

                      If you add weight to crunches, won't your abs be too big? I mean, aren't abs supposed to be compact so you can bend easily? If you have huge abs then how is that different than having a gut? I'm not trying to be smart, I'm seriously asking. My feeling is that abs need to be more tight and compact than big. Am I wrong on this?

                      >high inensity is NOT as good a fat burner
                      >than keeping a moderate steady pace.

                      What exercise is best for that? Stairmaster? Exercise bike? Shadow boxing (as opposed to Taebo)? What do you recommend? Sparring would be best, of course. I really don't have guys to spar with very often right now since I am not part of a dojo. I have to invite old friends over. They aren't readily available more than once a week. Soon, I will join this great JKD/BJJ dojo downtown and I'll have more opportunities to be involved in sparring again.

                      >As for the running and sprintining,
                      >you seem to like and enjoy it,
                      >so do it.

                      It is important to have a good time, I guess. Right now I don't get to play ball with the guys or anything like that very much but I still want to run.


                      >hang on to the chin up bar,
                      >bring your knees in and then kick out.

                      How many reps do you think is good? What do I need to remember when doing this exercise? It sounds pretty cool. I've done this, sort of .. just tucking my knees to my chest and going back down. I've also done that Kung Fu exercise where you jump up, touch your knees to your chest and land on your feet. That one is high impact so I am not sure the benefits outweigh the bad. As for the hanging one, I found that I tend to swing and do them fast so it really isn't worth it. If I were to extend my legs like you said, that might work really well.

                      >raccoon pull-ups

                      Raccoon pull-ups are for your lats and triceps more than your biceps and shoulders. What you do is, find a pole or chin up bar, wrap your hands around opposite sides, like a baseball bat, and hang there. Only, don't put your thumbs around the bar, keep your thumbs on the same side as your fingers. You can put one hand over the other, that's fine. Then you pull head up on one side of the pole, drop back down, pull your head up on the other side of the pole, drop down. These don't seem as hard as regular pull-ups because you have more leverage and more muscles are involved. That's why you can do more of them than regular pull-ups. I like these. If you don't then that is fine. I think they are more realistic than regular pull-ups. Nobody climbs with their arms unless they are doing it for fitness. People climbs with their lats. You toss an arm up there and pull with your shoulder and back in addition to your arms. I was the king of the monkey bars when I was little and I've always liked climbing so I like this exercise.


                      >that machine where your legs hang
                      >down and you have to pull them up
                      >using your lower abs.

                      I have to train at home because I can't afford a gym right now. I guess I could rig something up. I could put a plank of wood down, leaning it on the back steps or the couch. Interesting..

                      >nothing else except maybe add more sparing..

                      I can't right now. I don't have the money to join that BJJ school yet. My sparring is pretty much limited to when my friends can come over and workout right now. We do it now and then.
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                        The biggest danger of squats is TOO much weight TOO Fast, just be careful and use the squat rack.
                        And to parallel is just fine, no need to full squat unless you can do so EASILY.
                        You ab muscles are like any other, they will get "bigger" as YOU GET BIGGER, but to a far more lilimted degree, based on your genetics.
                        There is NO such thing as "tight abs", just like "tight biceps" or "tight traps", they are a muscle like any other, treat them as such.
                        ANY moderate activity you like, stair/bike/tread, its all good, just keep the constant pace, hard enought that you are sweating BUT not so hard that you can't breath, if you can talk but with a bit of effort, that is fine.


                          Talking but not singing is my favorite intensity gauge for cardio.


                            >no need to full squat

                            I'll try them out for a week or two and see if I like them. I'll keep the weight low and just see how it feels. If a disk doesn't fly out of my back or anything I'll keep working on them. I don't know though. It seems like pro athletes do them a lot and they are all okay but every time I hear about somebody getting injured weight liftin, this is what did it. I guess it's just because they do too much weight. Are squats really necessary though?
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                              No exercise is "really nescessary", but squats are VERY benefitial to your overall musculature.
                              They hit ALL of your body.
                              If you prefer lighter weight, i would suggest the infamous 20 rep squat routine:
                              You get a weight that you can only do for 12-15 reps MAX, then you keep doing it till you hit 20, its an awesome cardio routine, you will be huffing and puffing and your legs will BURN !!
                              Because you are using a "lighter" weight, you will not be under so much "stress".
                              If you have concerns about your back. stop at when you feel your back "arching" or "tipping forward", that is usually at or just below parallel for most.
                              Again, if you start of light and work your way SLOWLY, you will be fine, remember, a squat is a VERY NATURAL motion, your sitting down in a "chair", so there is no reason NOT to do them.
                              Unless, you have some physical problem.
                              The best exercises are those that are natural and that will be "movements" you do in everyday life:
                              Squat - sitting down
                              Deadlift - lifting something heavy or pushing a stalled car
                              Dips - pushing our bodies out of a armed chair
                              Chin ups - lifting out bodies when we climp a ladder or a rope
                              Bench press - getting off our lady after some serious hump time :)



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