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All fingers sore / can't make fist

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    All fingers sore / can't make fist

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. Nice to finally not be lurking :)

    I've been training in BJJ for 6 months and am really enjoying it. Though lately, my hands have been killing me every morning. I'm 42 years. Basically, I can't make a fist when I wake up in the morning. All my fingers are tight but the problem goes away after 10 minutes. I've been focusing a lot of collar chokes in training and I am getting over tendonitis in my forearms (gripping hard when I roll), which is now under control.

    When I talk to my coach he tells me I need to learn the art of finger taping...but should I be taping ALL my fingers and my thumbs every session? I never see that, I see one or two fingers on other guys.

    I'm interested in hearing from people that have had the same condition: stiff fingers in the morning. I think it is from drilling collar chokes and the odd rolling choke where I commit 100% to the choke but those are rare. thanks!

    Welcome to Bullshido Peter. Thank you for putting this in the correct forum.

    I have not had any problems to the extent you are speaking of, so I am not going to be all that helpful. * shrugs* My finger and hand issues come from striking. I haven't heard of anyone taping all their fingers in the way your coach is describing. I would suggest working on your forearm and grip strength and stretching them out before bed and first thing in the morning.

    Hopefully someone with some knowledge will come along and give you some useful info.


      At our age, with BJJ, I've found it helpful to engage in a daily regimen of Osteo BiFlex. Spring for the max formula. It will take a few weeks for it to "start working," but I can tell the difference, having stopped and started it. But, yeah, I do still get pretty sore when we do a lot of gi-grip stuff during class. A few of the others, here, have recommended a Dit Da Jow formulation, for immediate relief. Poster Mor Sao is a DDJ expert, you may try speaking with him.

      (edit) yes, I do tape my index and middle fingers, usually, and I've found that helps a bit.
      (edit moar) Here's the method I use; also, I've heard there is tape being sold specifically in this width for BJJ players, but I haven't used it.
      Consider for a moment that there is no meme about brown-haired, brown-eyed step children.


        I did the following to alleviate the knuckle pain:

        1) Stop death-gripping, especially when my partner was attempting to strip my grip and I didn't even know why I was gripping there.

        2) Grip only when I need to. This is related to point #1. Don't just grab for grabbing's sake.

        3) Use nogi grips where they will work.

        Doing the above helped a bit, but I haven't done them long enough to know if my fingers are healing.

        I am going to experiment with H taping. The below video explains three styles. It is climbing-oriented.

        Here's is another climbing-oriented taping video:

        All of my strategies are better explained in this article from Kesting (which is probably where I got my ideas from anyway):



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