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Pain: What is it and why does it hurt?

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    Pain: What is it and why does it hurt?

    If you've ever used the term "pain receptor" or "pain signal", or are simply interested in why things hurt, please read on.

    "Pain is an output of the brain."

    Understanding the differences between nociception, tissue damage and pain is vital to having any meaningful discussion with regards to pain, and pain management.

    In this entertaining video, Lorimer Moseley
    (bio here: )
    hashes out the basics of the neuromatrix theory.

    This in depth interview of Jason Silvernail by Bret Contreras goes a bit deeper into the definitions and common questions that arise when one tries to wrap one's head around how there is "never a direct correlation between tissue damage and pain."

    (audio link)

    (original link from Bret's blog)

    Jason Silvernail is one of the people whose knowledge, opinion, and professionalism I have nothing but respect for. I listened to this interview in one go and never really felt the urge to stop for a break. Jason provides so much information and Bret asks great questions. I've had the pleasure of interacting with Jason a bit online and he is always tremendously clear and kind. I'm happy to see him getting the recognition he deserves.

    Originally posted by doofaloofa
    Gypsie jazz has posted a lot of good info on pain
    Thanks for thinking of me.


      Free virtual PT conference this week, you can register here:

      Somasimple mods/PTs/pain experts Jason Silvernail, Diane Jacobs and Barrett Dorko will be presenting, among many others.


        My ongoing doctorate research is on pain from systemic diseases and diabetes..chronic pain. This affliction is horrible and does not get enough attention from doctors, one of the reasons is that it is really hard to manage chronic pain.
        We have been seeing changes in the Dorsal ganglia that was never seen before , we hope and think that it can provide for new targets for analgesic medication, and help explain what the fuck goes wrong when you have no apparent damage yet you have persistent pain.
        For example, when you get the flu, some people experience muscle and joint pain...why? people looked to see if there is a presence of the virus in those joints or maybe in the CNS somewhere, but no, so the theory is that your immune system is responsible for it, but no one really knows the mechanism, the areas affected etc...
        Another annoying thing, is that there are still doctors that believe that fibromyalgia is psychosomatic...for fucks sake. Because they can't pin point why you are in pain, they decide you are crazy and lazy...nice ha.


          Neurogenic /= psychosomatic, that's a common enough hurdle.

          You might find some of the lectures particularly interesting.
          Are you a member at ?
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            Fuck i wrote a lengthy post on my study..and than accidentally closed the fucking page..fucking work interfering with my bullshido time.
            Any who the short version.
            I also started investigating whether physical activity can reduce pain in my mice models, and if it effects those changes we see in those models..I get promising preliminary results.
            Chronic pain management and exercise is nothing new, but doing so in animal models and observing physiological changes in the cellular level is new..and exciting. |
            The current way the lab takes of treating the chronic pain via Gap Junction blockers isn't promising in my opinion, those drugs are basically serious poisons and it isn't possible now to make them target just the right gap junction in the right place.
            I hope by reversing some of the changes i already characterized in those chronic pain models i use, i'll basically be able to better "determine" their importance in creating and maintaining chronic pain.
            Mice get a running wheel in voluntary run as much as they want, they can reach over 10000 circulations a night, the running wheel circumference is 40 the mice run for several kilometers every night!!! seriously liking the running wheel..
            Chen: no i'm not is it just for physiotherapists?
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              Chen: no i'm not is it just for physiotherapists?
              Not exactly, though you might get that impression at first.
              You might find much value there.
              Central sensitization, chronic pain, bio-psycho-social model and that sort of thing are common topics.



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