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    Do you juice?

    Does anyone juice?

    I have a friend who started juicing and got me interested. I see the benefits of juicing and I'm about 75% sure I want to try it.

    Here is the link that I got the most info from (it doesn't seem to be written by hippies).

    If you juice..

    Do you juice everyday? Do you use it as meal replacement? I'm not while about fasting but I can see how juice fasting might be a good way for detox or quick weight loss. Do you fast?

    Do you find it has really made a difference in your health or at least the way you feel?

    EDIT: this is not roids.. it is making homemade veggie juice and such...
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    Originally posted by fakejudoka View Post
    Do you juice everyday? Do you use it as meal replacement?

    I don't know if you are trolling or what, but if you aren't then I'd have to say that you have not informed yourself enough to say you are 75% sure you want to do it.

    EDIT: FUCK, should have looked at the link before I replied. I was thinking of the other kind of juicing Please disregard this post.


      Homemade carrot juice is very refreshing.

      Fresh squeezed juice in general will have more nutritional value than store bought juice, simply because of less oxidation over time. Air destroys a number of nutrients over time, especially vitamin C, and store bought juice is often exposed to air during production/storage etc before it gets packaged.

      As far as juice only diets, you'd be missing a lot of things in your diet, not the least of which is fiber. You can't do that for long....


        As I was reading the thread title, I was thinking I should answer with "Hell yes, here's what I use:"

        As far as self-made juice: it's definitely more tasty, but a lot more effort. Not worth it for me, right now.

        Re. juice replacing a meal: the banana juice that my kids are fond of almost works as a full meal. 15g carbs/ 100ml - jeez.

        Oh, and anyone throwing around the term "detox" should be required to go into specifics - what toxins, how do you get rid of them, how can you tell you've succeeded? As Wikipedia states
        ( )
        Certain approaches in alternative medicine claim to remove "toxins" from the body through herbal, electrical or electromagnetic treatments (such as the Aqua Detox treatment). These toxins are undefined and have no scientific basis,[5] making the validity of such techniques questionable.
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          I'm considering it more as a supplement rather than an all out meal replacement, personally. I have frequently wondered if I was getting the right vitamins and nutrients. This looks like a good source for what I may be missing with out having to take more pills.


            most misleading thread title ever?


              I've heard juice is pretty much useless compared to fruit... watcha treckon?


                Originally posted by jdempsey View Post
                I've heard juice is pretty much useless compared to fruit... watcha treckon?
                I understand just the opposite, that the breaking down of the cellulose increases bio-availability.

                I go here:



                  I love how the OP customized this thread for SEO. Hmmm...
                  • Trawl for high ranked sites associated with health / athletics
                  • Put the word "juice" in the title
                  • Copiously sprinkle the word "juice" throughout the body.
                  • Include words such as "health", "detox", and "weight-loss"
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                  Bonus points for appealing to community in order to ensure this post does not get deleted (i.e., reference to hatred for hippies).


                    I like to juice just to give me something to drink that's not carbonated, containing alcohol, processed sugars, or other crap. I just like the taste and find it refreshing not to mention I figure it's the easiest way to consume large amounts of spinach, kale, carrot, and whatever other veggies in a short time.


                      Hahahaha holy shit this thread dissappoints!!


                        I admit, I was a little disappointed that this thread wasn't about "roids" too because that would've been rather amusing.

                        My opinion is that it wouldn't hurt to try juicing but I wouldn't replace every meal with juice only, at least not for more than a day. I only say that because I don't think it's fun to be hungry.

                        I have a juicer and I'll use anything from applies, lemons, carrots, celery, kale, spinach, oranges, fennel, ginger, cucumber - you can use anything and it's nice because the fruit flavor will usually over power the vegetable flavors - a plus if you're considering juicing for kids and want to sneak in their veggies.

                        The down side is that it's messy and it can be a pain to clean the muck out of the juicer, especially when you see how much fruit/veggies are required for a little bit of juice. However, you're in control of the ingredients and don't have to worry about any added sugars or anything that could be found in packaged juices.

                        Personally, I think it's a good meal replacement and as far as detoxing, it could be beneficial as far as giving your digestive system a break so that it can focus on removing toxins from the body (anything built up over time - food additives, pesticides, chemicals from cleaning/hygiene products, etc.) and I say that based on information I learned from reading "Clean" by Dr. Alejandro Junger. I'm obviously not an expert. I did experience weight loss by consuming more liquid meals than solid for a certain amount of time (3 weeks), but I gained it all back. It wasn't my goal to lose weight but I wanted to try the "detox" to see how I felt and I did feel better. I had more energy and found that this sort of thing is good for people who can't tolerate certain foods (like bread, dairy, fast/junk food) which I can't.


                          First time poster here and thought I would jump in since I actually have some experience with this topic.

                          My Wife and I did all juice for a week and a half and it went well, but wasn't a magical treatment like some things (like the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead) would have you believe.

                          I never got any violent cravings or felt hungry, which was a surprise to me. However, I DID get a massive headache on day two that lasted about four hours - I suspect it was caffeine withdrawals.

                          The downside was that I couldn't work out very hard for a week and a half (only light cardio or I would get light headed pretty quick). I lost a total of 9 pounds, but some of that was muscle, I suspect some of it was the result of completely cutting out sodium and some was my insides no longer having anything solid inside to process.

                          When I went back to solid foods, I felt GREAT. My energy and stamina we increasingly higher for the next few weeks.


                            yeah, If you count excess Chipotle' burritto grease as juice.


                              You lost weight because you massively cut the amount of calories you were consuming on a daily basis.

                              Nothing more interesting than that.



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