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Working around neck problems

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    Working around neck problems

    So, last Friday I decided to take a rest day as I had been training and engaging in high intensity workouts for more days in a row than I usually do. After sitting around tying up some odds and ends at work and then spending the rest of the day on movies and videogames, I woke up the next morning with a stiff neck and sharp pains in my arm.

    I've gotten pinched nerves before. But after five days with no effect from the usual remedies and no way to sit or move without pain, I saw an orthopedist. Xrays showed that the spacing is a little too close on my C7 vertebra and the start of my back.

    My MRI appointment is later this week, which should determine the nature of the problem. In the mean time I've been constantly icing it while taking anti-inflamatories and the pain has finally subsided into mild tingling all the time and only sharp pains if I tilt my head too far back or forward or straighten my legs out.

    I don't want to speculate on cause or treatment until I get the MRI. But I am curious what I could do to stay, if not active, at least not completely sedentary.

    I went to the gym four out of the five days of constant pain because my coach said he may need me to work with new students. But all I could do while I was there was jump rope. stretch, and do pushups, and I'm not sure if any of those made things any worse. I couldn't even stay on the stationary bike because maintaining either the straight up or leaning forward posture for more than a few minutes was straight up murder.

    Without knowing the exact nature of the problem I can't even get in to what PT may or may not be necessary. I'm just looking for some form of exercise that won't make it worse. Any suggestions?

    Mobility work and low impact exercise are probably doable. I've got a chronic neck/scapula injury that at its worst left my neck completely immoble. The program I used most to rehab this is Ageless Mobility, its one of Sonnons programs. Loosened my neck and back up really nicely. I would describe it as being like a full body massage without a masseus.


      Based on your description, i can't think of anything that shouldn't be contraindicated.
      Don't risk it, wait for the mri. You can't even ride the stationary without ill effect.


        I agree with the above ChenPengFi. I herniated c5-c6 during an intense clinch session with an jerk of a partner (it takes two. I was being an idiot and not telling him he was out of line, and instead trying to take him down to show it.), anyway. I would definitely wait for the MRI. That said, my Dr had me taking 4 advil 3x a day (175 lb bw) and icing twice a day. i found the ice really helpful. 4 months of physical therapy did wonders for me and I'm mostly pain free. I started to get symptoms later when I was doing stronglifts and Overhead press, but they left after I stopped lifting (torn labrum throwing hooks. I'm a mess).

        Anyway, I sympathize, I would avoid jumping rope. My dr said I could do the stationary bike, but that was me, this is you. Don't take chances, neck injuries are more or less for life, and if yours doesn't have to be, don't exacerbate it. Get back in shape later.


          Have you been to a chiropractor ever?

          If the MRI comebacks with nothing seriously wrong, check out a chiro. And a massuese.



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