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creatine question ugh

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    creatine question ugh

    So i picked up a container yesterday extremely cheap.

    I haven't used it in..oh god like 5 years, mainly because it bloated the holy living hell out of me, but i figured it was long enough to give it another try.

    Currently i'm taking it with either juice (apple or white grape) or gatoraid but i'm curious about something.

    I'm 5'9-5'10'' (somewhere in that range), about 195 pounds, i'm curious if 5 grams a day is enough for me, because 10 seems to be making me feel sick (i assume it's a combo of my body not being used to it, the creatine itself, and the fact i'm drinking like 20+ ounces of juice/sports drink a day that i wasn't drinking before lol). I took it twice yesterday, and this morning when i woke up, and i'm going to take it again after the workout i'm about to do at the gym.

    Anyways i was thinking i'd still get results from it if i took it JUST after my workout, but i'm curious what you guys think. Would like some info from people who've used it for a while :)

    I respond very well to creatine, seemingly no matter what time I take it. I usually take it after workouts only.

    5-10g is pretty standard, anything over 20g has been shown in research to cause muscle cramping.

    I like creatine because it is one of the only legal supplements that has been shown to work empirically, over time, and without any known long-term side effects. I always gain ~10% on all my lifts when I start creatine. Usually I take it for a month or so at a time, so the results don't plateau, and I don't continue to spend money on it.


      i see. I asked over at as well since i figured alot of people there would have more experience with it, most of them said to keep it at 5 grams, that more isn't really needed, that i can skip the loading phase (which i already kinda knew) and a few other things, so it seems 5 is plenty, 10 is the max i would ever want.

      Ya i was thinking i'd take this for about 4-6 weeks, then take 2 weeks off from it, then start up again, but i think i will wait and see if and what results i can and how long they hold up for, if i start to notice a decline in what i'm getting on it i will stop it for a while then go back on again.



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