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Fang Shen Do II: The Fangshizzle

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  • PizDoff
    Thread closed because database doesn't like huge megathreads.
    Please start a new thread if you wish to discuss this further.

    Don't forget to link to this thread so people can follow the discussion.

    Have a nice kempo day,

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  • andrewa
    Originally posted by Askari
    Sibok, is Spock's half-brother, he was the one who found the ancient writings of the original Zakal and followed his teachings. He was also banished from Vulcan.

    Sometimes it is spelled Sybok - depends on which episode you are refering to...
    Fascinating Captain, Fascinating.....

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  • Askari
    Originally posted by andrewa
    Hi guys. I found this in an article from the Ottawa Citizen dated April 27, 1990. Scroll to the bottom for the Patenaude stuff. What's a "si-bok"?
    Sibok, is Spock's half-brother, he was the one who found the ancient writings of the original Zakal and followed his teachings. He was also banished from Vulcan.

    Sometimes it is spelled Sybok - depends on which episode you are refering to...

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  • andrewa
    Hi guys. I found this in an article from the Ottawa Citizen dated April 27, 1990. Scroll to the bottom for the Patenaude stuff. What's a "si-bok"?

    "Tournament director Raymond Deschamps of the Deschamps Orleans Karate Club said 500 competitors are expected.

    Local clubs will face tough competition for more than 200 trophies from clubs based in from Toronto, Montreal, Timmins, North Bay and Petawawa.

    Among the featured events are the black belt grand championships in men's and women's fighting and kata (a series of movements against imaginary opponents). Musical kata and weapons are other attractions.

    The tournament experience will be especially valuable to the youth competitors, according to Deschamps.

    "It's a self-evaluation for a child," Deschamps said. "He'll be insecure and nervous, but competing gives him the ability to build confidence and handle pressure."

    Defending champ Denis McAllister of Gatineau's Beaudry Karate should prove formidable in junior black belt kata and fighting.

    Jean-Francois Charron, 17, of Masson's Karate Cama Club will return to defend his black belt titles in weapons and men's kata.

    Charron's teammates Anick Charette, 16, and Roch Laflamme, 15, are expected to be strong competitors in the black belt division. Both won fighting titles at the Circuit Elite Tournament in Repentigny, Que., Saturday. Charette grabbed second in weapons and kata, while Laflamme took third in kata.

    "Karate's their life," said instructor Germain Bisson.

    Total commitment has allowed three students of the Ottawa Japan Karate Association to earn spots on the national team. Mike Szyczyglowski, Joseph Forte and Sotaro Tanaka train in Shotokan under Minoru Saeki.

    At the World Shoto Cup last month in England, they beat 29 teams to finish seventh in kata.

    Two decades of training has paid off for martial artist Jacques Patenaude, who became si-bok last month at a convention of the International Wing Chun Do Association in Seattle.

    The title means he is senior to other instructors in the association.

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  • fanger123
    bye LP.

    i was expecting something better than denial... eh.

    btw, how come i lost my avatar?

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  • TKD Black Belt

    Originally posted by ladyP
    I had experiences; I fought against men and a woman in real life where there were no rules.

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  • old1o1
    Story goes jp worked as a silly servant at a military base near or in Ottawa, near an airport. I guess that's something. Another story goes he quit that job to sell Amway products in order to make a million. That apparently was not going too well. He was already smitten with the WCD and had been to take Demile's two week training plan. Voila, instant "expert". By all accounts related to me, he was a total Bruce Lee freak. Must have been the pics of Lee's naked torso, all muscular and glistening.... Sounds like jp! I suppose that's one way to develop wrist strength.

    Any amateur pych profilers out there. I'll give a throw.

    LadyP! Hey Lady! Please keep posting. You're becoming more and more transparent. 5 or 6 six more posts and I'll give you a cold reading. PM me if you must. Sme questions;please this are not meant to intimadate in any fashion. Just part of my character analysis of you , if you are game.
    Are both your parents alive and do you have sibling?
    Are you married, or are you in along term relationship?
    If a relationship how many years?

    School of Sherlock Holmes
    Magnus Pym is my real hero except he not real

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  • Slug
    Lady P

    Enjoy your 'training' of one of the 'finest' Martial arts know today *rolls eyes*

    Perhaps the third ranked weapons 'Master' can help teach you the nunckies or lead you tp believe that there are more then five angles in 'stick fighting' since they can't call what they do Kali anymore *yawns*

    Please enjoy the 'Canadian Grappling' which looks exactly from clips posted like what one of there ex members showed me as take downs one to eleventy back in 89 *smirks*

    And may you learn that FSD secret 'number 2 or 3?' That guts,intimidation, looking mean make up for any real skill *tries hard not to laugh*

    May you continue to live in that happy place of positive peer reenforcement, self proclaimed sifus, masters and get in on the secret tuesday midnight workouts for an extra cost *fakes a heart attack just to get perscription of Vicoden*

    Once again this thread is not about money, how much they charge etc. It is however about credibility, which they have none of. Now do you need credibility to fight? no.

    Do you need credibility to pass yourself off as a grand master? well it helps...because if you dont have it you end up being targeted on sites like this.

    For example lets say Jack promoted himself as this... I was a tough guy that had some street fights and studied some karate, wing chun do and read some books but I was a martial arts fanatic and self trained myself to do alot of things. He would not have this PR issue, in fact he would probably get more respect for being honest.

    However, from the cases on these threads people claim that when they inquire about the Grandmasturd the sock puppets will give vague answers and will attempt intimidate and scowl at the person asking a valid question.

    Almost any martial arts school instructor will have no problem giving their history, for all of FSD promotion of being fearless, they seem afraid to come clean.

    The truth will prevail.

    That Sipoo did his own thing just like Bruce Lee *rolls eyes*

    Lets look at the facts.

    1. Bruce Lee had three solid Years of Wing Chun training with Yip man the most well known Wing Chun master in Hong Kong. JP had 2 weeks and a few seminars. Bruce Lee also sparred with black belts and hard core MAs in Los Angles scene.

    2. Bruce Lee messed around with some heavy dudes such as deMile (golden gloves boxing champ in the Airforce), Jesse Glover (competitive Judo Champ), Ed Hart ( brawler, bouncer)
    Joe Lewis (US Karate Champion), Chuck Norris ( we wont go there :) Mike Stone (Karate Champion) Gene LeBelle ( Judo Grappling Champ) and Ed Parker (father of American Kenpo)
    Jhoon Ree (TKD) These guy were around at the begining of MA in American before the Black Belt Mills. All of these guys gave Bruce Lee props and inspired them in some way shape or form.THey all admitted that Bruce was a true talent.

    JP on the other hand impressed who? a public starved for DEADLY Kung Fu after seeing the latest chop socky flick as an alternative to the japanese arts. Beat up some drunks.
    Back in those days... you just had to hang a kung fu sign on yor door and watch the masses pour in. thanks to Bruce Lee movies and Kung Fu tv series.

    3. Bruce lee never considered, encouraged or called himself a master, nor did he award belts he did give certificates based on years of training but no belts. In fact most just called him Bruce.

    So what is exactley is the comparison of Jack to Bruce?

    On another note being the old fart that I am,one of sipoos disgruntled students showed us Jacks tapes back in 89-90, I will not name names on the forum, but these men whom were on the scene and knew bruce basically summed it all up as Bad Wing Chun even deMile said they were an embaressment.

    That says it all I believe.

    Thanks for the fun guys, this brought back memories of my friend from the late 80s I think I have said everything I can about what I know so keep up the good work :)

    If these A holes want to keep comparing them selves to Dan Inosanto whom they compare mini jack to... they indeed live in a alternative dimesion.

    Sounds like reality is catching up to them and the are trying to keep it from breaking down their door.
    Last edited by Slug; 4/07/2007 8:31am, .

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  • myrmecophilous
    Originally posted by LadyPhoenix

    Ah, see, you really should try sparring. The unfortunate thing is that you have to join the BBC to spar at fang shen do, but it's almost worth it because you will find out just how useless everything you've been practicing actually is. (although if you're a quick learner I guess you can figure all this out from a trial class). This is what happened to me. I thought everything I was learning was great until I tried to apply it in a sparring class.

    The first thing you learn in sparring (though they don't tell you this, of course) is that you have to throw out everything you've learned and focus on (rarely/badly taught) kickboxing techniques, or you're going to keep getting hit. Seriously, if you try to use taun sao, for instance, you're going to get hit. You'll quickly realize how unrealistic any of the phon sao routines are. Try using the double blast.. they will just get out of the way.

    If you've read these FSD threads (there are several) you would have seen a few accounts of this experience, including mine. (I think mine is on TKD's "my fang shen do experience" thread).

    Originally posted by LadyPhoenix
    PS: it's better that kind of colour than the white, eh? *sigh*
    No, not really. What's wrong with the normal colour?

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  • LadyPhoenix
    By TKD:

    Take care of yourselves.


    Have you all, a good and lasting life.

    *bow *

    PS: it's better that kind of colour than the white, eh? *sigh*
    Last edited by LadyPhoenix; 4/07/2007 1:02am, . Reason: Space, correcting, PS

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  • ronaldk
    "fangshizzle" sounds like some sort of retro dance.

    like a street/hood version of the fandango.

    it's a dance of death.

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  • lvmrtgguy
    first post

    i just read most of this loooooong tread and i have to say i am impressed that there is still a person who is a beliver in the fsd thing.

    any reasonable person would be able to for their own judgment and i must say lp is severly retarded.

    any one who claims to be a master and teaches students like this is to be admired for being able to cultivate stupidity and passing it on as his legacy.


    L.P. what do you look like are you hot cause if you are i will fsd with you

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  • fanger123
    Originally posted by myrmecophilous
    indeed I am, alas. how many posts is it until one can pm?
    i have no idea... just keep posting... no spamming or trolling of course :)


    that's one of my favorite clips! it's been up in youtube for awhile

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  • Corvus
    LadyPhoenix's posts give me a HUGE headache.

    LadyPhoenix - you have diarrehea of the mouth (in this case, your fingers). What the fuck does half of what you babbled on about have to do with anything??? Keep it simple and you won't come off sounding like a complete retard.

    Here's the non-babbly parts I found amusing:

    If he LET you?? Ah, yes. The secret only the Inner Circle will teach you. You have to LET your opponent do the techniques on you.

    What does this even mean??

    At least you got this right. We don't need any convincing. We all know JP is a fraud.

    LadyPhoenix - you drink deep the kool-aid that is Fang Shen Do. Best of luck to you, and I sincerely hope that someday you come to your senses and realize that you are paying TOP dollar for a made-up martial art by a slick con-artist.

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  • andrewa
    I don't know if this video has been posted yet but regadless it should be watched. It puts everything LadyP says into perspective.

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