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    "I'm going to defeat you with a deadly mixture of Aikido, Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga! Now, grab my left elbow with your right hand and extend your arm!"


      I will get flamed to the extent that a lumber puncture will seem like a sweet carress, but here goes:

      I have a soft spot for Phil. I KNOW what it's like to feel afraid and be made fun, attacked, patronised, intimidated etc because of difference. I know the urge to arm oneself (and have done so).

      What I don't understand is why he doesn't occasionally concede and say "Yes I need more training, yes stuff should be simple and involve maximum damage to opponent in shortest possible time at least risk to self, no I should not pose with Asian stuff and patronise all the wonderful cultures of the East and contribute to the vile illness of Orientophilia" and why he feels the need to justify his writing ability and such.

      The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

      Yes, he is witty and actually quite decent and reasonable regarding me when I E-Mailed him explaining my disability.

      I would happily show him around Brisbane and introduce him to lozza martial artists (Asian and other) , boxers and wrestlers and even brawlers who would be happy to help. The same goes for any member of Bullshido (except for that bigot Meager, who needs to put up or shut up.)

      And I apologise for lashing out and KFSS all those years ago. It was unprovoked and I MUST urge KFSS to seek therapy and medication before his vigour eats itself up like stomach acid on a starving man. I speak from experience here.

      That being said,

      I WILL exercise my rights to defend myself by whatever means necessary.

      (Am being properly medicated and treated ATM)

      And sorry for the shitfighting Osiris. I respect you as a fighter, a man and a member of a minority.


        That was beautiful, man. . .
        Not to flame ya, but it is another side of you
        you don't often show online. . .
        *sniffle, sniffle*




            Hey Olorin & All,

            I questioned Phil on that very point...why its not ok to disagree....but rather than reword it, here it is cut & pasted from PB :

            Someone who shows up at this forum to play the role of Contrarian, who then gets offended and insulting when others take issue with his views, is trolling the forum. I don't go to Michael Moore's forum to tell his members why they should vote Republican -- and if I did, I'd have to accept a fair amount of grief in order to do so without trolling his forum. I allowed "Special K" as much rope with which to hang himself as I allow most everybody. I warned him several times. You cannot come here, spew ridiculous opinions about arms prohibition, and then insult the members of this forum when they tell you to get stuffed for expressing those opinions. If you come to a forum for the express purpose of dissent, those are the terms you must accept.

            I want to make sure I get what you're saying...If I am anti-gun (which I am not) and I express my opinion as such here, then I have to accept members telling me to get stuffed, but I cannot say the say to them?
            This can't be what you meant can it?
            Kinda defeats the purpose of having a discussion if only one side is allowed to offer their I gotta have misread this somehow.

            The burden of diplomacy is on the dissenter, within reason. In a discussion forum devoted to armed self-defense and related topics, one who comes to the forum for the purpose of disagreeing with the prevailing sentiment of the forum must accept a certain amount of resistance -- just as I would if I went to Michael Moore's forum to tell the members there what morons they are. If you come here simply to start fights by saying things you know will be unpopular, you're playing the part of Contrarian Troll and you're not looking to do anything but disrupt the site.

            That said, we have many posters here who've disagreed regularly with that prevailing sentiment but who have not endured much in the way of grief for it -- because they've expressed their opinions in a reasonable, intelligent manner. If you start spewing nonsense among people who know better, they're going to call you on it. If you then start insulting them for daring to do so, I'm going to ban you.

            Dissent is tolerated here. Intellectually honest discussion and even heated debate are encouraged. Trolling is not tolerated, however.


            After that I conceded his point, which is basically its his forum and his rules. As such he can run it as one-sided as he likes, or as open as he likes. I post on things that I want to and ignore the incredibly stupid things I don't.



              Originally posted by JKDChick
              I do Kali too, Brian. I'm getting REAMED by Phil.
              You'd better get dinner and a movie and that doesn't mean McDonalds and a rental (I bet Phil is cheap).



                Phil is reaming JKDChick?

                The.... Lucky..... BASTARD!

                CANADIAN CHICKS FOREVER (even if they do break hearts!)


                  Originally posted by gcarson
                  Dissent is tolerated here. Intellectually honest discussion and even heated debate are encouraged. Trolling is not tolerated, however.
                  Yes, but he often defines "trolling" as anything that differs from his opinon or calls his credibility into question. He banned his own instructor for saying he had no business writing a book on the martial arts for fuck's sake.

                  You can say you're for "intellectually honest" discussion all day long. But if the record shows you've banned even one person for disagreeing with you on the subject of discussion, you're full of shit.



                    I didn't find nowhere else to put this in.


                      What the fuck... please tell me the message on that coffee cup is intended to be facetious. He deserves the title "Sensei" about as much as Tommy Nitro does.


                        Why Phil annoys me so.

                        Alright, I'm a very recent member and got here because of Phil. I was poking around the internet and found his site. I read a few reviews and thought "ok, not bad, I've read worse equipment reviews." Then I got to the other stuff, the techniques, the stories, the panhandler phobia (which is barely guised racism and racism is fear + ignorance) and that was it. I researched and found him to have questionable training, bouncing around, leaving training and it's hard to pin down how long he's trainined etc etc. Reading his "Site" you'd think he's M. Ayoob/Mr. Spec. Forces. In my web surfing on him I stumbled here and have liked it.

                        Here is what I truely think of Phil, he very well may have Cerebreal Narcissistic Personality Disorder look at that and let me know what you all think. I'm not a mental health professional I've just a science education background so take it with a grain of salt.

                        In short Phil's narcissism is annoying to deal on a personal level with but with him spewing biased, incomplete "information" on the web he's promoting fear, paranoia, anti-social behavior, a hypervigilant xenophobia and questionable technique at best.

                        my two cents

                        Last edited by FMA_Brian; 8/06/2005 5:31pm, . Reason: typo


                          The amount of shit myself, Phrost, Osiris, Omega, Asia, Manchu and other staff have taken is intense around here. Like I said, how many MA boards out there could you call the sole female member of the staff a cunt and NOT get banned? Could you make racist comments directed at other staff and just be warned the language would be deleted? Could you take the piss out of the SITE'S FOUNDER AND OWNER about his politcal beliefs over and over and not be banned?

                          No amount of "my site, my rules" makes up for -- like Phrost said -- the intellectual dishonesty of promoting only one side of an argument. It's very like most the liberals I know: full of tolerance and love till you disagree with them. Then they want you DEAD.

                          For the record, I NEVER trolled PAX. I had 10 posts, on I think 3 threads. One of them, one of Phil's lackey's was AGREEING with my stance about physical fitness (it's better to be a fit fighter) and he still axed ONLY my posts. ON another, the most argumentative thing I said was something like: "Well, that point seems pretty obvious and I've doubt any of you are stupid. I guess I just couldn't see why it was needed."


                            I agree only with Phil on one point...well two actually.

                            1. Regardless of how lameass everyone thinks it/he is, PB is his property and he can do whatever he wants. Personally I do think its very one sided and wouldn't run a board that way myself....the freedom to speak, regardless of how much it pisses off the powers that be is one MAJOR reason I post here on Bullshido more than anywhere else. But I don't take any of it (PB rules.regs) too is just his board and his buddies. There are some interesting topics and informative pieces, but there are also some that suck ass or are so one sided as to seem contrived....but that CAN be said about any board that is dominated by a majority, particularly if the board owner/moderator is of that Majority.

                            On a side note, props to Phrost for setting BS up and not banning folks that disagree with him....its plenty o fun so far.

                            2. Anyone who comes strictly to troll should be banned. Now I don't agree with Phils definition of what constitutes trolling (but again his shit, his rules), but even here at BS people show up to do nothing but post shit, be it bored kids, idiotic religious whackos or whatever. Those folks do detract from intellectual debate, simply because thats all they are here to do, not to offer a different opinion. I do like BS method of troll elimination though.....either Trollshido or flame those sad bastards off the net.

                            Cheers :chewy:


                              Nobody's said Phil can't run his forums any way he wants to. But lying about how you run them is bullshit.

                              And saying "dissent is tolerated here", when all evidence points to the contrary, is a flat out fucking lie.


                                Originally posted by Phrost
                                Nobody's said Phil can't run his forums any way he wants to. But lying about how you run them is bullshit.

                                And saying "dissent is tolerated here", when all evidence points to the contrary, is a flat out fucking lie.
                                I will agree that I do question to what extent dissent is tolerated there. In Phils own words, if you disagree with the majority, you're in for a flaming that you are not allowed to respond to without getting banned. He said this is because if you came to the board and immediately started to disagree, your intention upon joining must be only to disagree & shit disturb. THAT assumption is what I find fault with. It allows the moderators/owner to justify turfing any or everyone who disagrees as a troll.

                                That said, I'm not going to cry if he bans me from PB or if I get banned from any/all of the boards I visit. I'm here to discuss/argue/enjoy MA related topics....I'm @ Bullshido (and originally e-budo) particularly to watch out for frauds and phonies. I don't want any fake bastards popping up in my backyard. McDojos are bad enough without the fat-white grandmaster koga ninja from canada appearing in my area. <Although that would give me the opportunity to test my low kicks versus koga deadly street skills> :icon_wink



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