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Looking for ex Jung SuWon / Tae Yun Kim students (Part 4)

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    Looking for ex Jung SuWon / Tae Yun Kim students (Part 4)

    New thread continued from the Looking for ex Jung SuWon / Tae Yun Kim students (Part 3) Looking for ex Jung SuWon / Tae Yun Kim students (Part 3) - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

    Clare... IMHO, you should apologize to KittyKi.


      Rossanna, sorry for making this thread even more confusing. No, I was being sarcastic about 'not that into' jive and no I didn't mean me. TYK is not that into you. I could care less. I just like to type about useless stuff on threads all day. Yours are funny that's all.

      Clare, it's not like that scares me to mention an AB on here. It did startle me a little at first, but then I realized this is going to a new thread. Why must you insist on coming after me and mine? I have helped your cause since 2008 or so. I haven't come after you nor do I intend to. You sure are paranoid. Just because I didn't post here until 2010 doesn't mean there hasn't been some assistance to the blogsphere in general.

      Back in 2007 I was a nagging and annoying guy on his MySpace and on Chica's who commented on some of their lame pictures and that some of them were inappropriate. Clare. If that isn't what it's about, than I have no idea why you're annoyed at AB. I had long since apologised for being an annoyance to Chica, and never heard from her again.

      Oh, maybe you think he was Adam G, the fake AG who posted earlier. No. You guys guessed who that was and were on the money. I remember that fake posting...when they posted it from Lighthouse.

      And I have never done anything to act in an inappropriate manner toward you or to Chica or to anyone you all know and you know that so there is really no reason you should be annoyed.

      Hopefully this isn't just because as a blue belt you didn't like to spar with me. That would be a worthy reason actually, more so than just being annoyed or paranoid.

      And you don't know it gang, but the garden claw incident mentioned in an earlier post was nuts. I remember that. I was one of the only students (then I was a brown belt) who didn't think a student did it, but that it was an accident.

      I borrowed the alias of Jane from some online site that used to exist. I changed the last name. It's not the same person. I thought you all might have fun trying to figure it out.

      But to reveal who the former black belt is...twice just lame. I didn't do this to you. Not once have I ever posted your real ID. Not that it was hard for anyone to figure out. You're all over Yelp and places like that.

      Really there is no reason for in fighting on this new thread. Let us concentrate on rifling through TYK's latest dirty laundry.


        An open letter to COL trolls on here:
        You might not realize it, but you are being analyzed like something out of a cheesy movie, a delightfully opinionated one done up by a slurry of writers and directors for the benefit of their personal happiness. Maybe they even want some retribution for all the flak they got, and then some, under the ruthless candor of Kimmie.

        Dozens of ex students and employees of TYK have come on here over the years to rant openly about the stuff they went through. Others want to hit and run with their telegraphed blows, coming on and exposing a story, but then slinking off into the background again.

        What has started here and blossomed out into the web is something that can't be stopped. It is the freedom and truth getting out. No more will there be a clandestine place to hide for meetings and rituals. It will all be bared if it returns anywhere. These guys are onto you.

        Some of them have moved on, but it's clear others are still here, still angry about what happened to them. They cannot get as Shakespeare said, 'his pound of flesh' because that would be crossing the invisible line.

        Some of you have recently left. I wish you the best in your recovery from the hold she had. I could not serve two masters. I had other callings. I could not remain and follow an idea or a pipe dream, or some city in the clouds.

        Admit it COL, there is no city in the clouds and never will be. At one time, perhaps TYK was great and taught great things, and she had martial arts moxy, but as others revealed her sundry plans, it became apparent 'something's rotten in the bay area' to rag on old Shakespeare again.

        We still care about the world around us, even our friends and enemies, who were in there once. In fact, our 'enemies' can give us the most juicy information. I had no enemies there, and hopefully have not gained any by coming here. I would hope that as internet 'friends' go this would become a site for discourse, such as it was.

        So COL guys, if you're still out there, open your eyes and don't beat them, join them. Throw off this silly follow the leader and go after something really tangible. Be the real driver in your lives, and don't let someone else tell you how to run yours!

        Net's not get on a 'get KittyKi' bandwagon either. He has nothing, wants nothing, but to merely be here ranting like you all. It's a free country.

        Ask yourselves, did I really spend half my life living a dream only to have it end with a superficial dog and pony show? That's how it was. All of the ranks meant nothing when suddenly the TYK was magically high enough to promote everyone to master, without a testing, like a lesser school would do. Was it all just a money making venture as some suppose? If so, then we were duped.

        I cannot in fairness blame the establishment for their massive flaws and lack of humble aplomb, for it is the master who trains the students. I just could not continue there anymore. It was too far, too much, and went too far afield.

        Then they began to worship her on the net. What? Then I found those old tapes where you chant to her, Tae Yun, (universe bringer, really humble), and that rainbow wings song she chanted into a hymn, not to God, but to her.

        Are you trying to be an actual angel? That is scary. Your leader is trying to be like an angel! That, COL, is not normal. That's cult territory. Deny it all you want. Get p'd and rant all you want. At the end of the day, your leader has transformed into a possibly very dangerous creation.

        There, no butt kissin' going on there.


          Failedstudent/shadowdancer, i understand your compassion. However I made it very clear to him I wanted to be left alone, and was bugged repeatedly online. I apologize for listing his name.. but not the sentiment. I don't wanna be dragged back into this bs, which it feels like he is doing by claiming i called him out?????...

          Best to you both.

          I had the post deleted.
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            Hi Clare. Apology accepted. Two months ago Kittyki contacted you via email, twice, and once on Faceook, to which you replied on his wall, which then got on my wall and MBF and JP read (and didn't like too much). He was not pestering you. He was 'playing' Jane. He did not do it again. Hardly repeatedly. Three times in two different places. Why are you still here if this doesn't matter to you? Because it does matter to you. But it's more fun to riff on TYK than it is to rant at each other. Right? Fortunately JP didn't do anything against anyone so he let it go. And you're hardly white as snow as your name popped up on some of those site searches and they're current. Don't rise to the bait, young padawan. TYK's minions would love it if everyone started fighting each other. It's much more fun to annoy her. I think. Live long and prosper. :)


              This is exactly the kind of strange discourse we're going to continue from here on in. Are we all going to argue semantics on whether or no AG was awesome or not? Let's leave him out of this unless he comes here. Let's agree to disagree on stuff. But unlike the COLs who used to comment, I will answer questions you ask of me and I will answer honestly. If you aren't prepared for the opinion of me, well oh well. I like this new thread and I will obey the rules of the forum. I have not used this site for anything against the rules.


                Our main focus is freeing current TYK students through discussion, is it not, and liberating through discourse?


                  Go and comment on her YouTube videos. SAK, AES and JP haven't updated in months!


                    I'm sorry but all this chatter is giving me a headache. I guess I'm not understanding what type of response you are giving Kittyki. Or to what you are noting or responding too. Maybe my age has just cought up with me.


                      Hi KK. I was just trying to see if any actual COLs were still on here so I could get a reply. All I've been able to get are ex COLs who have no idea what I'm saying. Perhaps neither do I.

                      So ut was not directed at former COLs. So, what's happening with all of you former COLs and ex students?


                        Rosanne is an excellent writer, so is bemused. They have led to a lot of clarification of things that have gone on at col and jsw. The only reason that I still check in here is to see if there is anything that I can add to the discussion. Or to see if anyone else was lucky enough to leave her cluches. Have a life of their choosing... I pray for them all. This site has been helpful to many people. There were many things said that others didn't even know of. Everything was so secret there.


                          I also check in to see if there is anything I can add, and to see if there is any news. Originally I posted to warn others, but everyone's previous posts take care of that.


                            Remember being sleep deprived & going over this verse for the 1000th time?

                            Luke 14:25 The Cost of Being a Disciple

                            Large crowds were traveling with Jesus, and turning to them he said: If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple.


                              Originally posted by kungfu4u View Post
                              Remember being sleep deprived & going over this verse for the 1000th time?

                              Luke 14:25 The Cost of Being a Disciple

                              Large crowds were traveling with Jesus, and turning to them he said: If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple.
                              This can be translated in different ways. I do not believe Jesus meant that one should literally hate those who brought one into the world, but rather that one not be totally attached to them, in order that one can pursue one's own life and career choice, just as today's young people need to leave the "nest'". I am not a biblical scholar, but I know that the word hate can be interpreted in many ways.
                              So I believe that Jesus wanted his followers not to be fettered by family attachments, at least in the short term, in order that one could hear His words with a clear mind.
                              I find it repugnant that one would be asked to hate one's family for the sake of following Jesus or anyone else. As usual, TYK picks and chooses excerpts from the Bible to justify her authority.
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