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Looking for ex Jung SuWon / Tae Yun Kim students (Part 4)

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      I wish this site had a "like" button. Thank you Ryanbeld for sharing.


        Hey Ryanbeld, it's great to hear that you're doing well and moving on with your life. Best of luck to you in all you do.

        Everyone handles conflict differently. Some people are more vocal, others more private. Some people want to hold those who do wrong accountable, others want to escape further conflict. There are no perfect solutions.

        I don't post here much anymore. I monitor sporadically in case someone has news or a question.


          Just had to vent to people who understand....
          I went to the movies at pacific commons in fremont, and saw that they have a booth set up right when you walk
          dropped my stomach...
          Told the manager they should do their research on who they let do this..That it was a cult. I don't know if anything will happen.
          has anyone seen their booths up anywhere else?


            Charliebo, it's good that you let the theatre manager know the other side of the story. That is really all anyone can do. The theatre manager will have to make up his or her own mind. Kimmie and her minions have their First Amendment rights to freedom of expression, but at the same time, businesses have their First Amendment rights to freedom of association. Knowledge is power, and Kimmie thrives on outsiders' ignorance of her abusive actions.


              A recent conversation with a friend got me thinking about this thread again, and especially about Ryanbeld's final comment that there are people who have had it worse.

              On one hand, I think it's useful for victim recovery to realize that other people have been through worse. It prevents self-pity and encourages empathy.

              On the other hand, I don't think it's useful for perpetrator accountability. It can lead to a race to the bottom, in which lesser perpetrators are excused and only the worst are punished. Because abuse tends to escalate and victims tend to accumulate, it is best to catch perpetrators as early in their "careers" as possible.


                Excellent points Bemused.

                One must also look at the type of person who becomes a victim....those with low self-esteem, those with little or no family structure or support system seem to be the most vulnerable, along with a few innocents who think they are part of a greater plan.

                In my own experience with this group, it started out innocently enough...a few favors were asked, and as acquiescence was gained, the requests became demands, then orders. As the leader saw she was gaining control over her followers, she became drunk with power. So yes, abuse tends to escalate.

                I think back and wonder whether this situation could have been short circuited while still in its infancy in VT. The power of persuasion, coupled with the student enforcers of the leader, and people fell obediently into line. Still, there were many that saw the cult for what it was, dropped out and went back to their lives, but those that stayed and are still there have been "turned". Their mental wiring has been changed, and they no doubt will live happily in this delusional environment until the end.

                I did recover and have no feelings about this cult experience anymore. My life is full - with work, with play, and with friends and family.


                  Hey all... I noticed some videos, apparently from 3 years ago.. They were posted on another blog.. Links...



                    Originally posted by clarehoare View Post
                    Hey all... I noticed some videos, apparently from 3 years ago.. They were posted on another blog.. Links...


                    Also an FYI, the videos are very boring and nonsensical.



                      The locals are getting restless... Unconfirmed reports of shooting in the area and a strange training ground.


                        I haven't been on Bullshido in months. Thanks for the post, Clare. Interesting developments. Building an obstacle course isn't such a big deal, but any use of weapons is going to frighten the neighbors. Urban California is not rural Texas. What concerns me most, though, are the blogs of escapes. I'm reminded of Jdms's story. They might just be references to this thread and its predecessors, but maybe someone in the area witnessed an escapee heading for the freeway or something.
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                          It has been a long time since I’ve posted here. On a lark, I recently re-read the entire saga from front to back, and look at where I am now in comparison to those years gone by.

                          To those of you in COL who may consider leaving, be assured that there is a good life waiting for you. You will go through some serious separation anxiety and then there are the stages of grief that will face you. But, ultimately you will pass through them and regain your sense of self, self-worth, happiness, and the ability to live a life on your own terms.

                          I’m not proud of the raw anger, snippiness, crassness and vicious meanness I spewed on this forum. It was over the top and childish. I’m sorry for that, but I do understand where it came from. It was like lancing an infected boil. It rose to the surface, erupted, drained, and then started to heal. Now it has healed and there is a scar to remember it by, but not be troubled with.

                          For what it is worth, Kyung-Ae, I forgive you. Probably that means nothing to you, but I want you to know that.

                          Angela, I forgave you years ago and hope you have a happy life. Scott, I hope you value her.

                          Bullshido provided a form of support-group therapy where we can/could come to let out our anger, shame, thoughts, and pain in a safe nurturing environment. To all of you here, I thank you for that.

                          This chapter of my life is finally over. I look forward to the future without the negative baggage I carried for years. Best wishes to all of you here and to those of you who may escape to start your journey back to freedom and happiness.


                            Great post, Shadow. I feel much the same way. Healing takes time, but it's never too late to start. I'm happily married, well employed, and thriving among my friends, most of whom are fellow musicians.


                              Thank you Bemused!


                                I started this thread in 2005. I started it because when I googled "Tae Yun Kim cult" nothing came up. There were some vague usenet postings from the early 90s about opinion, but no substance.

                                I started a couple threads in other spots, in the years leading up to finding Bullshido and building this thread. None ever took off.

                                At first I was told by friends not to post. They were likewise perusing the internet looking for information, and found mine.. but when they figured out who the poster was, they were scared. Even this thread took several years to take off. But for the better it provided a forum for everyone who has utilized it to post their experiences and feelings.

                                It was a cathartic process for me to post, read, and research. I as many of you have gone through a lot. I don't even have the courage nor time to go back through the thousands of posts and read.

                                I am proud of you all. Many started by posting under pseudonyms as I did. Hiding their identity or posing as someone else, in order to not receive backlash. I lived under the assumption that Kim was the all knowing, well beyond my 3 year stint in the COL cult. But now, with the help of this thread I think there has become an open and frank discussion between us that happens, without the awkwardness it once had. We all have the same information. As well other people can find it now. They can be informed before they decide to devote their life to Tae Yun Kim and her (allegedly) nefarious organizations.

                                I wouldn't be who I am today without these experiences.. But that does not mean I owe her any debt of gratitude.

                                I thank you all for spending your time, and facing an at one time perceived risk by posting.. I hope that someday I can groom my thoughts on this subject into a more deliberate, concise, on point format.. but for now the 1000's of non-sequitur posts will have to do.

                                I still encourage everyone to share what they have. I will happily post public documents on my blog and share pertinent information.

                                I appreciate you all for participating in this project. It took years, but alas was a success.

                                I can't quantify how many people have been helped by this, but I'm sure it's a lot... in addition to all of those who have posted.

                                Thank you.



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