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Looking for ex Jung SuWon / Tae Yun Kim students (Part 4)

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    Blackheart, if you want to know the unvarnished truth, the four threads on this site will give you ample testimony as to the real TYK and JSW.

    I think you will come to the conclusion that how JSW presents itself to the public is quite different than what goes on behind the scenes..

    Caveat emptor.


      The effects of hypoxia

      Here is an interesting account of hypoxia. There are some interesting parallels here to JSW

      "As an AFROTC cadet I had the opportunity to attend flight physiological training.

      At high density altitudes there is not enough pressure to push the oxygen found in your lungs into your bloodstream (plus there is not as many molecules in the volume).

      Without the oxygen your brain starts suffering some side effects as it moves toward dying (hypoxia). Judgment is impaired and a sense of euphoria develops. In an effort to make you aware of the sighs of this condition they allow you to experience it in a controlled environment, with the goal that you will be able to detect it in a real world situation.

      For the experience, they put you into a pressurized chamber and they apply a vacuum until they reached the desired simulated altitude. You then are instructed to remove your oxygen mask, and to start on the activity pages they gave you. These activities included simple multi-column math problems, writing your name three times, logic problems, etc.

      I remember concentrating very hard on writing my name exactly the same, and at the time I thought I had done an exact job (but later saw each one was more sloppy than the previous). I also remember thinking, while in the math section, that "I don't like math today" and I skipped to the next section. It was only addition.

      Finally the Tech Sgt pointed to me and told me to put my mask on. I just looked at him, and thought, "Why, I feel fine." He smacked my helmet with his hand and repeated himself, and I complied.

      It was an amazing experience. As I took the next three breaths, I felt my head clear, and I could actually feel it as the cognitive functions returned to my brain (hearing and vision also improved). I thought things were all well and good during the experiment, but because I did not have an experienced point of reference, I was completely wrong. Without the intervention, I would have slumped into unconsciousness and in turn died.

      Interestingly enough, the TSgt who conducted our training, told us of the session the day before ours. Some people get very combative and refuse to put on their mask because they feel fine. They can get very combative and violent. Well this one guy would not put his mask on, and decided he was in danger when they tried to help him, and it took four people to get him to the ground. They had to wait until he went unconscious before they could get his mask on."

      No... I'm not recommending any form of intervention. I just wish there was a way to get a breath of oxygen into the culties so that they can really see what is happening to them.


        Many facts of life in COL caused mild cognitive impairment, which was reversible but chronic. The most common was sleep deprivation. TYK criticized those who pleaded for six hours of sleep, claiming that "her energy" could cause us to need less.

        Very intense exercise without sufficient rest can also cause temporary impairment. Slow exercises such as walking or yoga burn more fat, but the more intense the exercise, the more glucose it burns. The brain runs only on glucose, so intense exercise forces the brain to compete with the muscles.

        I don't think it was intentional in most cases, but our everyday diet was low in protein. At special meals at barbecue parties or restaurants we would eat meat, but most of the time we couldn't afford it. Early on when we got grocery allowances, SHS tried to limit our expenses, and later when we didn't get grocery allowances, we were on our own coping with paltry pay and excessive class fees, which squeezed out expensive foods in our budgets.

        Then there was the intentional infliction of crazy diets or fasts. Occasionally a guest athlete on a special program would be told to eat a lot of meat, but other diets used as punishments, "purifications," or weight loss programs included little or no meat, or even tofu. Some included just rice porridge for weeks on end, or one apple a day and nothing else.

        Finally, there was infliction of emotional distress in the form of humiliation, often in front of a group instructed to agree with TYK. Intense emotion undermines reason. It can also sometimes paradoxically cause euphoria after a while because of the adrenalin, sort of like skydiving does.

        A fully sharp mind is very aware of reality, including its unpleasant aspects. Cognitive impairment dulls awareness of reality, which can cause complacency, if not euphoria.

        Interesting post, Shadow. I too wish there was a way to awaken their minds. But those of us who got out show that minds do awaken, sooner or later, and more often than not.


          Dear Col'ons:

          Which one of these choices sounds more like a warrior and a master of their life:

          A person who does what is right, regardless of what another person says.


          A person who does what they are told, regardless of whether it is right, or not.


            Shadow, clearly the first statement "A person who does what is right, regardless of what another person says" is that of one who is more a warrior and the master of their own life. I might add, this is also indicative of a person of character and integrity. This continues to be a dilemma for those still in COL. You are forced to do things that you know are just plain wrong and to agree with TYK's absurd statements.

            For example, having to apply for and accept unemployment money while working for Lighthouse. You know it is wrong and still, during those years many were doing it. Or, being told to tell someone that they looked great after TYK cut their hair and applied make-up to them, that they looked amazing while in your heart, you know that TYK just made them look really lame. OK, in the second example, maybe it could be excused simply to spare the person's feelings.

            TYK always said we must follow her blindly to show our "trust" in our master. It's one thing to believe in someone and tell them they can kick higher in order to encourage them and get them to strive. Yet it is quite another to get someone to believe that lying, cheating and stealing is OK if it is for TYK's "purpose".

            Everyone there has a conscience and having to constantly not listen to your inner voice telling you "this is wrong" causes a numbing affect as the years go by. This combined with someone constantly dictating every aspect of your life makes for a distorted view of life and reality. When you leave, this is pretty hard to deal with. You begin to question things and decisions that normal people don't even think twice about.

            I guess you had to be there to understand what I'm talking about. Or, in some kind of other cult. To those who are there and may be reading this, it isn't too late. Next time you meditate, don't put TYK in your mind and focus on her. Instead, ask God to show you the truth and seek Him. Think clearly. Find the real you and separate from the fake warrior TYK has made you to be. Like Shadow's example, which is the true warrior?


              Hyeongsa, I believe TYK called it “blind faith”. Trust in everything that I say “unconditionally” in the name of “purpose” and “God’s mission” and your soul will be cleansed from all of your past life wrongdoings. “Don’t follow as I say, then mark my words, you will repeat this life 100 lifetimes over again.”

              I recall the first time TYK told me the way to boil a frog was to apply heat to the pot slowly until the frog boils. I was brainwashed and conditioned to say “Yes M’am” by that point in my “training” and my own thinking had lessened because TYK was filling my head with what I was supposed to be thinking. Those that TYK put into the pot too quickly would see that she was trying to cook their minds and would jump out of the pot. But the rest of us that lacked something in our life ended up living a life of servitude and abuse. TYK was our abuser and she numbed our emotions, thoughts, habits, originality, relationships and tried to control every part of our lives from what we ate, where we slept, when we slept, what we did, who we associated with, who we drove with, what we listened to and more. We were told not to listen to the radio, we didn’t have access to watch TV and we were controlled in a modern society Silicon Valley cult.

              TYK’s visions of world domination, being the most successful person in the world, on Oprah, the president of Korea and impressing us with “special guests” were just more ways to manipulate us. How many special guests visited that never came of anything other than an overpriced dinner and a whole lot of lot of hard work?

              Someday the real story of TYK will be on Discovery or some program that will show her life from Korea to Vermont, from the Silicon Valley Master to the Silicon Valley Micro Cult Leader living within the Fremont foothills mind controlling, brainwashing and abusing her “disciples”.


                These are very good observations KungFu4U. In order to be properly brainwashed, the process must be slow, and the effects insidious. The fact that mature persons were drawn in by her sales pitch alleviates my feelings of being easily bamboozled. If she is a grand master in any sense, she's a grand master of the scam.

                I know a lot more about this woman than I have been posting, but everything she did here in Vermont substantiates what you claim about your California experience.

                That analogy of slowly boiling a frog perhaps also reflects her insensitivity, her indifference to the sufferings of others. Yes, there are many ways of describing her psychopathology, and as Thanksgiving approaches, I again thank whatever higher power there is for allowing me to escape from TYK's influence with my sanity and a roof over my head.

                In sum, she's just a garden variety cult leader....the same format as others, just the environment is a bit different. Be glad that you didn't end up in Guyana or a similar location.

                The only question that remains for me is "how will it all end"?


                  Hey guys! I'm back! Got some news for ya. InsiderPages here thing TYK is a legit doctor. Go there and add a review and notice all her glowing reviews are from our good friends, her known current associates, which according to the site is grounds to remove them! Yep, you can't post if you work for the 'doctor' in question. Note that someone has written a review MBF got mad at, while a recent one has posted a very blunt one.



                    'President of Korea'? I remember that! You'd thinkg it would have occurred to me at the time, that sounds totally pretentious, but no, I was young and enamored of the whole MA culture thing.


                      Years ago someone posted an article on the libel SLAPP done to some of your sites (cultmaster for one) and yeah, it sure was.


                        'boiling a frog'? Report that queenie to Peta! Slaw boil of da frog make scream louder!


                          And your favorite SAK is back too. Read her love letter to the G Master here, and other stuff you'll loose your dinner over.



                            "I am so in love with my life!" (translation: I am so brainwashed I think life is serving the almighty doctor lady).


                              Now to be fair, SAK does know more about the net than most of them do, so be cautious riffing on her. (Or not).


                                Originally posted by kittyki View Post
                                Hey guys! I'm back! Got some news for ya. InsiderPages here thing TYK is a legit doctor. Go there and add a review and notice all her glowing reviews are from our good friends, her known current associates, which according to the site is grounds to remove them! Yep, you can't post if you work for the 'doctor' in question. Note that someone has written a review MBF got mad at, while a recent one has posted a very blunt one.

                                Some of us have tried to post here before, and our posts got yanked as "offensive" by the COLies. But I managed to yank HC's post for being from an insider. Tit for tat.

                                Their response to Dale S's post, which they couldn't yank for some reason, is very revealing.

                                That JUNG SUWON IS NOT A CULT post is even more revealing. It's either a brilliant punk job by an outsider or a very stupid and unintentionally ironic rant by an insider. Either way, it's hilarious. :adora:

                                "Michelle P" almost certainly didn't write the post with her name on it. English is a second language for her, and when I was in COL she was so embarassed by her writing that she often refused to do it. At one point while in COL I was trying to collect testimonial stories. I reassured her that I would clean up any awkward grammar, but she still wouldn't do it. From the writing style, I would guess that SAK wrote it.



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