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Looking for ex Jung SuWon / Tae Yun Kim students (Part 4)

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    Holy crap dude!

    Check out the last post on this thread


      Hello All:
      TYK often would misquote the Bible, and low to anyone who corrected her and said, 'That's not that it means'. Several of Jesus' deciples were asked to drop everything to follow him, but the bottom line is TYK is not and never will be Jesus. If she is implying she is 'like Jesus' there is something seriously wrong. One time I lectured her on how to actually be humble. I had to back down though. If she wants to be like Jesus then she should be willing to drop all of her old ways, her ties (to riches and such) and become like the 'least of these'. But even doing charity work (dressed in her best clothes of course) isn't going to get her into Heaven. Jesus also frowned upon those who would make themselves look good before God, such as the Pharisees and their rituals. Even though she pretends to be humble, and probably helps a few, the other sins and omissions far outweigh the rest.


        Welcome newcomer. The 1997 thing was someone's opinion and was never proven. As someone who was there (long before 1997) and in the know, (until 2007), and of rank, I can vouch that there was never a class where anyone cut off their privates for any reason. I'd think she would run out of students! However, as others pointed out there were plenty of other things that did happen (weird diets, punishments, arranged marriages, scandal, pyramid scams, etc).


          Kittyki, as far as I know you were never in COL, so there was a lot that went on that you didn't know about. I know one of the men who was in that 1997 "class." TYK didn't like her COL students to have romantic feelings unless she could control the relationships, because she wanted her students' love to be primarily aimed at her. She periodically had jealous hissy fits about COL students who confessed to having crushes on each other. That 1997 "class" was just an especially bad jealous hissy fit.


            I recently got through reading all these Tae Yun Kim threads, and I feel bad for those of you that got caught up in all that. She is clearly a crazy person, and I'll definitely speak up if I hear about her organization moving into my neck of the woods.


              I wanted to thank all the ex-col and jsw members for their courage in speaking up. It does make a difference. Here's my story:

              The JSW demo team performed a "karate demonstration" at the Fremont Art Festival this summer in the kids' space. In my youth, I trained for a bit with positive results and I've been looking around for a place for my 5 year old daughter to learn the art, so she and I made sure to be there at the appointed time and watched the whole thing. While I thought that the mutliple references to the many-titled Grandmaster was a bit odd, I liked their overall message of acceptance/learning/bettering oneself through effort. JPalmer personally spoke with us, and he was quite charming. An Indian man was said to have started training there with his two children (although he appeared a little sheepish when this was so publicly pointed out), and it struck me that perhaps this was a place that she and I might train together. Certainly, the female-male equality was emphasized, which appealed to me. I added the school to the small list of places to consider this fall. After doing a little research on these (yelping, talking to friends whose kids do TKD or another MA, and reading this thread), I can confidently cross this one off the list.

              Consider your public statement as helping people make safe choices for themselves, if nothing else. I don't know whether my daughter's or my "type" of person would have appealed to TYK for inner-circle invitations (we're a little bit on the independent and super-stubborn side), but I'm glad -- particularly for my daughter's and son's sakes -- I'm not going to find out.


                Buckyd, thanks for letting us know that this thread helped you. Warning folks like you is why we post. Good luck in finding a good school with no-BS teachers.


                  Buckyd, I'm very glad that we could help you avoid the potential heartache of having kim in your lives. I wish you every success in finding the right environment for your family.


                    Originally posted by kungfu4u View Post
                    Remember being sleep deprived & going over this verse for the 1000th time?

                    Luke 14:25 The Cost of Being a Disciple

                    Large crowds were traveling with Jesus, and turning to them he said:
                    Okay, I got this explanation from the rector of my church:
                    What Jesus was saying was that in order to become a disciple one had to love him (Jesus) MORE than one's father and mother, etc....The word "hate" was used to explain a separate loyalty to Jesus from that of one's family, and there was no word in the original writing that could be found to emphasize this differentiation. So, for lack of a better term, "hate" was used.
                    I hope that clears matters up a bit.:godtroll:


                      Hello. I'm back! I have so much to reply to but not a lot of new info really.

                      FS is right about the bible quote. TYK was wrong. She assumed the role of Jesus and that's just disturbing.

                      bemused, I also knew of the person you are talking about, about the incident in 1997, and that some kind of special training incident occurred, but if it really was that, why didn't CA mention it to the Inside Edition folks a few months later? And why didn't everyone at that meeting with the knife just up and say, I quit! Wow.

                      I was not in COL but I was in ET class and I did hear stories from you all back in the day, and most of the net stories here collaborate those stories. I was in BBC class also and was privy to the hissy fits and that jazz too.

                      I was there during the chewing out of JW (adult) and JC and even of the boy JW and his being caught looking at smut.

                      I was there at the COL houses once or twice and even in that black bottom pool, and I recalled the 'garden claw incident', and yong sa the dog. One of the dogs got poisoned. I remember that too.

                      No, I never lived there, thank God, but I did think it was weird. KK even told my Dad it was weird.

                      I was the one who made the wooden butterfly for a gift, that big one that probably fell apart. :)

                      The hissy fit where everyone was yelling at JW and he later imitated GTYK as though negative, that I was also there for. It was part of an ET class and I was present.

                      TYK was never secret about the goings on with ET class and freely told everyone's dirty secrets in class, like the woman whose horse died, or the student who had agoraphobia.

                      It was a regular class when the boy was outed for looking at dirty stuff, by his own mother, and then TYK, which I found was f'ed up.

                      I wasn't at Lighthouse enough to really know AG as RS and as others did, although I never intended to pretend I did. Clearly Lighthouse was just as frakked.

                      It was too high stress doing that kind of stuff, and if TYK is a boss, Id imagine it was hell. My boss for that brief intership was 'bemused'. It was okay.

                      Once I made it to black belt I was privy to inside things and more ET things, but never like the COLs, although COLs did discuss things openly to me, most of which you have already discussed here.

                      It would be nice if there were more of us former students here and elsewhere just discussing this weird stuff. Apparently cults and martial arts are somewhat related.

                      Does anyone know what TYK is up to? Since last summer I haven;t heard anything. Net's pretty gone on her. Her minions stopped posting new YouTube vids.

                      How are the movers and shakers of this site doing and what are they up to? Does anyone know what happened to Hello123, Yeoman, Chicabonita, the fake AdamG, or the infamous JJHalpin or Sarahalexsmile?

                      Hope Clarehoare and Ryan are not streessing over this site too much. Certainly I am not an issue anymore. Take care.

                      Any news, Shadow? Kathy?
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                        Hi Kittyki!
                        Yes, LWS was pretty extreme for those who were also COL members. 90 + hour works weeks were the norm for some of us. I did so for 3+ years, and it took a huge toll on me, physically, mentally and emotionally. After I left it was several months before I began to de-stress and started to remember the things which I actually enjoyed about life.

                        Thank you for backing off on your claims that some things to which you had no knowledge didn't happen. I was a part of many very strange 'classes', ones which I'm sure you would have trouble believing because they are so 'out there.' KK and Bemused had left before the group beating incident, but others may remember when TYK was very angry at everyone for preparing to leave Stargazer (after she had told us all to do so because she was angry with 'everyone') Turns out she didn't actually want anyone to leave but wanted us all to grovel and beg her forgiveness. She came out screaming when she saw people getting ready to clean up and leave (she has cameras set up all throughout Stargazer so she can watch people from her home office.) She ordered everyone into re-birth full bowing position and proceded to whack everyone on the butt, legs are arms with her Mok Tok stick for a very long time. She just walked through the crowd beating on everyone. I don't know how many deep welts I got (all on areas that wouldn't show unless I removed my clothes) and it was hard to sit for weeks. Not one person got up and walked away. She beat especially hard on SHS because 'he hadn't stopped us from leaving.' He had some visible bruises that showed for days. He laughed them off to the non-COL at Lighthouse as sparring accidents.


                          In retrospect, I think all of us that fell under the influence of TYK left our spines at the door of the dojang. I fully realize now that TYK is power, control, and money hungry. Holy crap...surveillance cameras? Did she also have them in your bedrooms? If so, she's a voyeur..a "peeping tom" and that's very disturbing.


                            I don't believe there were any cameras in any of the bedrooms or bathrooms, just the common areas of the living room, family room and dining area.


                              Hi folks, it's been a while.

                              Kittyki, I never witnessed the "1997" incident and therefore can't personally verify that it happened, but I am inclined to believe my friend. That "class" was different than things I did witness only in degree. No one but the, um, "participants" knew about it at the time of the Inside Edition report. If you're wondering why no one just left, during the incident TCS and MEA were standing guard. Afterward, TYK probably reframed it as an elite rite of passage, the way she did with a lot of her punishments. In addition, cult psychology is similar to the psychology of battered women, who have a hard time leaving.

                              Carson, I hadn't heard about the incident you describe before. How horrible! That and the ET class in which JW imitated TYK show that TYK really has gone off the deep end into violence. I hope the remaining members of COL wake up and get out.

                              As for camera locations, I wouldn't put it past TYK to put them in bathrooms and bedrooms. She was always prying into people's thoughts and activities in those areas.


                                Hi Bemused! If you can, will you please point me to the write-up on when JW imitated TYK? We may be writing about the same night, as a series of attempted imitations happened early on in the evening. (TYK told a few of us to sit in her chair and act like her - most of us broke down and wouldn't do it. It was after JW did sit in her chair and attempt to imitate her that TYK threw the fit, told us all to leave, and stormed out of the room. Once we actually did start to leave, TYK returned and the beatings started.)



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