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Looking for ex Jung SuWon / Tae Yun Kim students (Part 4)

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    Perhaps they have already printed flyers and posters and taken out ads with the error..pity!

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      There are tons of martial arts schools in California. I wonder if the general public is willing to pay good money to watch students test for their black belts. Master demonstrations - I suppose it will be the usual breaking stuff which is just a practical application of the laws of physics and no magical "enagee".

      Way back in the dawn of time when Lighthouse was called The Software Group here in Vermont, these same people hired a conference room in the local Radisson Hotel to shill their software which was designed to facilitate the finding of real estate properties for the prospective client as well as determine how much of a mortgage they could afford and what the payments would be. A very few realtors showed up and I was coerced by madame to attend so as to add another warm body to this small gathering. The presentation was embarrassingly childish and I believe they sold only one realtor on the package...which later it turned out, was a bad deal as the software was incompatible with his computer etc etc...and he was pissed as hell.
      So will this supposed fund raiser be another fiasco? I have already donated through a charitable group with sterling creds, so I think I shall decline to attend.

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        Well, at least they didn't have a mini martial arts demonstration in the middle of the business meeting. They pulled that trick later on.
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          Hello again: Yes, embarrassing demos were common when I was there, including the video of the infamous Willie Brown one where she asked about his junk. (He's African American). I'm not kidding! Willie was the SF mayor at the time. Is there no shame? One time she grabbed local politician McHugh from the stands at an event and made him break a board. It was kind of sad considering he was so out of shape. She later gave him a black belt. It was as honorary as her fake doctorate, but it was for some self aggrandizing purpose. Yeah, Shadow, I remember some of those demos in a meeting. Ah, just like old times. I got to sit in some of them after you guys left. Ha. It was fascinating to watch the other businessmen and city guys there looking dumbstruck but playing along with it because someone had a camera and was filming, or something. Even with my lack of social skills (at the time) I could tell that they were like, 'who the heck does she think she is?'

          One time in 1996 we pulled an all nighter trip to Los Angeles to the Bonaventure Hotel (where they filmed some Arnie movies) in 1996 in October I believe, for perhaps the strangest demo of all. The Cultural Living Treasure Award show was to be presented tro TYK from the KBC, (Korean broadcast network or something), and all blaxck belt club students went, (I was in the club and in part time col, but as you know, not in col, just energy classes), so I got to go, and felt quite special being invited to go, not like it was a chore.

          Well it turned out the thing was a fashion show, not a cultural award show, but TYK hijacked it and convinced the fashion show people to let her get an award for how awesome she was! Like wow. WTF? Yes. I was thinking that. So this weird fashion show, in Korean, is going on and we're eating 80 dollar plates of steak, potatoes and peas (measly portions for the price) and we had fine wine, (but I didn't have any wine).

          So these fashion women come out as gaunt as zombies with tatters of clothing on, as Korean ladies are rather lanky but have bowed hips, sometimes, so it looked rather odd, like a scary kind of odd. (For them this worked as I have nothing against petite sizes) but really they were anorexic like models but more so).

          So most of it's in Korean and about half way through there is this weird demo, right in the middle. TYK takes over and does a demo, with her team and all breaking boards and stuff, and there is this long speech, from the director, and from her, and then they get on with the show.

          So yeah she did that, and we drove back that night because she was too cheap to let us stay in the hotel! It's like, why the heck not? Let's just risk us all being tired, (epsiecially the drivers being tired) and drive back. I was a passenger but worried that we might die from a sleepy driver. Fortunately, we arrived back at dawn. Whew.

          What a crazy off experience. Was Carson or Bemused at that? I think they were still around. I don't recall. I know JP was there and all of the COLs were present. I think MEA was the driver of our van. Anyway, it was one time where she got this weird award and did a demo at a fashion show.


            In Vermont, TYK (Kyong-Ae) used to squeeze the last drop of energy out of her minions also. There was a Korean master in Florida (who, by the way, had a mail-order PhD) which he proudly displayed at his dojang. Yes, I know his name but will not publish it here..
            Anyhoo, SHS, MBF, WHH drove from Vermont to Florida to be at the grand opening of his new dojang. They were exhausted from no sleep, but madame made them do some breaking and sparring. It went badly - SHS usually could break bottles, but not on this occasion. The sparring was in slow mo...After the event was over and we had some food that was brought by parents of the students, we headed north - five of us packed into SHS's VW Jetta...non-stop, each of us driving for a few hours. At one point, somewhere around CT, MBF did drift off the road but woke up in time, and gave me the wheel. It was one ride from hell from start to finish...somewhere in the south, SHS got a speeding ticket and we paid up on the spot rather than wait for a few days and go to court. What a racket that is, but in truth, he was speeding. Rather than use the interstate to avoid NYC, SHS decided to go through all that traffic, tunnels, and noise, which added a few more unpleasant hours to the trip. Of course, madame snoozed all the way as she did not have to drive. When we finally reached VT, another diversion...instead of getting to our homes, madame decided to go to a local quarry where we (illegally) swam and trained during the summer.
            Of course, I was tricked into even going on this trip...I flew down to FLA with her and was supposed to fly back the next day, but surprise, surprise - her three minions appeared, and I was obligated to take the grueling trip back with them. Not only did I have to stay awake, I had to listen to some damned tape of a Buddhist priest chanting - over and over again, until I thought I would go insane. Talk about brainwashing.......

            qui spiritum non moritur
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              Originally posted by kittyki View Post
              What a crazy off experience. Was Carson or Bemused at that? I think they were still around. I don't recall. I know JP was there and all of the COLs were present. I think MEA was the driver of our van. Anyway, it was one time where she got this weird award and did a demo at a fashion show.
              I was there. Kimmie wanted the COL women to help the models backstage. I couldn't bring myself to do it because I was horrified at how skeletal they were. As I recall Blondie KS gained brownie points by being really good at helping the models. One good thing to come out of that day was that my envy of fashion models ceased that day, never to return. But I digress.

              It did seem really odd that Kimmie was usurping a fashion show to get this award. I wondered what was in it for the KBC, or whatever that organization was. I thought it was Seon Productions, the same people who did the Romancercize videos, but my memory could be fuzzy. Maybe they thought Kimmie was as important as she said she was.

              As I recall, Carson was with a few people who flew to LA. They all shared a hotel room, unbeknown to the hotel, and used sleeping bags. I was with this non-COL family who drove their giant RV down. They also drove all night on the return trip.


                Failed Student, I have some Latin for you:

                Ubi dubium, ibi libertas.

                Where there is doubt, there is freedom.


                  Talk about crazy stuff Kittyki -

                  Your comment about TYK asking Willie Brown about his "junk" reminds me of the time we went to Florida for a tournament sponsored by the master TYK knew there. On the plane trip back, she saw an older gentleman and struck up a conversation with him - asked him how old he was (60) and then flattered him, saying how young he looked. She then had him pose for a picture with her and a few of her senior students. He did look a bit dumbfounded but went along with it anyway.

                  Also on that trip back, MBF stood at the front aisle of the plane and announced to everyone that we had just been to a tournament. Yeah, he got some applause, but I think it took a lot of nerve to impose oneself on a captive audience like that, but that seems to be their modus.

                  On another occasion, at one of the testings at her dojang, TYK got some 85 or so year old woman off the street to come in and watch the testing as a guest. Poor dear, she was incontinent of urine and a bit daft in the head, but anyway.........

                  We also went to a tournament in Connecticut, and TYK and I shared a real hotel room. MBF and DP were going to sneak in and sleep there too. I do have a sense of honesty, and so I paid for a room for them as well as my own. I do not believe in cheating...and I believe Integrity is one of the tenets of the martial arts code of honor. (CIPSI) All the other students slept in sleeping bags on the floor of a local dojang - about 50 in all - and one bathroom. Well, at least they could have a buffet breakfast at the hotel we were staying at.

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                    Kimmie has this need to take her audience with her everywhere. Most of the time it's not enough just to take one or two assistants. Perhaps she doesn't really trust that people outside her inner circle will admire her properly unless her own acolytes show them how. She wants the equivalent of cheerleaders, or a claque in an opera audience.

                    Her accommodations are always better than those of her followers, partly because of her sense of entitlement and partly because the class fees she charges leave her followers broke. And she thinks she's being generous by "allowing" people to go with her.

                    She loves it when she can attract attention from strangers, and she's not too picky. When she was younger, she could do it with her looks. Now she does it by looking over-the-top flashy. In places like Instabul, signs of wealth get attention. Here, she has to settle for brazen tackiness.


                      Kittyki.. No one appreciates being called out...

                      1) I was not the student who kim lambasted at jsw for looking at porn... gay porn as i recall... Not me.. you have me confused with another student...

                      2) stop calling out my mother...

                      That is all... in the mean time quit running your mouth about things you were never a party to.


                        Hi Clarehoare,

                        I believe Kittyki confused your mom with another student as well, and this other student (Failed Student) corrected him.

                        Yes, Kittyki has overreached, but I think this person wants to contribute to the discussion and to learn more about what happened. By all means correct Kittyki's misperceptions and misstatements.

                        I don't think you need to get defensive. My impression of Kittyki is that he's a bit socially awkward but means no harm toward anyone.

                        Hi Kittyki,

                        Try not to make assumptions without asking questions first. And it would serve your purpose better if you focused on your own firsthand experience.

                        Kimmie's lawyers read this, I'm sure. Because of this, I'm careful not to say anything factual that I can't back up, and to make it clear when I'm stating an opinion. I would recommend that you do the same.


                          Clarehoare -
                          all of us have been through trauma, yourself included. This is a place to share our experiences, and in so doing, heal. I am certain Kittyki is not out to call out anyone now disassociated from the cult, and inaccuracies of time, place, and person are bound to happen with the passage of time.
                          I make these comments in order to keep peace. I am certain I may too have upset some in my posts.
                          Remember that TYK likes nothing better than to divide and conquer. Deny her that.

                          mors silentio


                            Bemused - apparently you and I posted simultaneously.

                            sit primum ad sanitatem


                              But since we're on the subject of calling someone out Clarehoare et al -

                              Back in the day of the Software Group in Vermont, SHS was trying to get me entrapped into this entity. He told me that they needed "x" number of dollars to buy computers, and then a few days later, he changed his story to say that they needed the money for something else. When I told him about that change, he said that he "felt I would be more comfortable" with the second explanation. So in effect, SHS is a liar, and expresses no guilt about it. Anything to serve his master....

                              You have no idea how every day I thank whatever higher power there is that I did not succumb to this nonsense SHS spewed. He even told me that if I joined the Software Group, give them my money, that "they would take care of me". I now think the way they would have taken care of me would be to take my money and then throw me out in the street. If now SHS and his master find themselves in financial difficulties, I will regard this as karmic justice.

                              denique veritas cognosci


                                Hello Clare: Good to read from you again! Seems you only come out when you think you're being dissed nowadays. If you had actually READ my post correctly you would have seen that everyone here is outed, long about by SAK, and I would never out you or your mom. Bemused it right, There are TWO people with those initials. If you hadn't been so defensive you would have realized. And no, gang, TYK's lawyers could care less about us. If they did, they would have been to my house by now asking me to cease an desist, like those trolls who hacked my freakking MySpace and made it look like I was an ass to Chica and Clare. I know full well it was JW that looked at porn (not the older JW) but you were THERE. That's all I meant. I was ALSO there. I just didn't want to out younger JW since he was not on this board. HAD year READ my post as sarcastic and not directed at you in any way, you would have realized. I merely quoted you, and one your Mom, as CREDIBLE WITNESSES. Nothing more. Calling me out? Really? What have you contributed to this crapfest of a site since like 2009? I was dishing it out when you were in diapers, young Padawan.

                                What do you want me to admit to? Lying? About what? I was there! The audacity of the young these days. Why would I lie about having WITNESSED events.

                                And Ryanbeld WAS at the Manayan thing. Ask him. I'm not sure if he was paying much attention to them though.

                                Sure, you'd rather not have anyone on your side, even when I tried to give you advice on MySpace some time ago, and then tried to slip you info via the Jane site in 2010, which you flatly rejected. So what. Your call.

                                I was in the older Yong Sa before you, so you and Chica and Ryan and the like were like little sisters and brothers. I therefore cannot be an enemy. It is not right. I would NEVER overtly diss you. And besides, Shadow knows where I am, and so does Bemused.

                                Save your impetuous rage fits for TYK, young padawan. I will not put up with it. But I am not your parent and would not try to be. Now that you're an adult, act like one just a little.

                                I would never diss your Mom. I thought she was cool. She unfortunately was in COL with you. I know I wasn't in former COL but that's because my parents were smart, and I discerning, and we decided I should not be in COL.

                                We've all been through TYK's crapstorm of fudge in various colors and constitutions. You got the full blown chunks of diarheah. I may have occasionally got a stinky fart or even a turd.

                                I was THERE when they started ripping on Cultmaster and this site in class! Where were you? Oh, that's right. You escaped by then. Well good for you. I applaud thework you've done here. It is time for you to contribute to TYK's further fall from grace, not bitching at the very people who were watching all those years ago. I wasn't officially on here until 2009, but I knew about it. I didn't sabotage it either. I knew of Cultmaster. I thought those intrsutors were wasting time trying to close it down.

                                Just because I left in early 2007 doesn't mean I fell off the map. I was still in the know until 09 and until someone from here outed ME to MBF in 2010 I was on his good graces. Well, I can't go back and fix that now.

                                But still TYK is not after me and never will be.
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