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Looking for ex Jung SuWon / Tae Yun Kim students (Part 4)

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    KittyKi -
    When I first started posting on this board, I stated that I would testify to anything I wrote under oath should it come to that. 'nuff said.

    As for the rock through my window - it was at my house, not at the dojang. No, it wasn't signed.....

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    Quae non scitis dicite....qui noverent omittam
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      I made several police reports....they came after me many times. Yes she really hates me. I knew secrets, and I let them all out. I won an IRS case against her. She tried saying I was a contract employee...they didn't want to pay my taxes. Good thing I keep paperwork..I won the case. She had to pay and was fined. Spencer left her because of her lies. I'm the one that told him, and he confirmed the lies and got the annulment. They tried to scare me and keep me from testifying. That is the main reason she hates me. I showed the police where scott wrote on a piece of paper about FS and checking her out and her car. I also told them who was told to do that. I heard about everyone on the roof looking for me to cause her harm...I proved I was in North Carolina........I wonder who got in trouble for that?


        Hi Kathy! I do remember the roof incident, or one of them, and no, it wasn't everyone on the roof. CL, MP, maybe KMC, and the like, but not everyone. I didn't go up onto the roof. None of the juniors went. I do remember MP playing guard during testings and TYK being paranoid about you. I didn't really think you were around, or like that.

        They were probably on their best behavior during the 19 years in Milpitas, when the city came around or when the cops did, because the police station was right there on the corner.

        They spun a lot about former students on the self-discovery weekends, but never really named FS. I really don't know who you are, FS because we never met. And that's all right.

        Kathy, I saw bemused recently. She was doing a CD night at a local coffee shop. The coffee shop dream I had must have been a preamble to going to that night, but it was different.

        I remember about Spencer too, and about Adam G (both are about my age). Also there was the time MH saw my parents and I at an ice cream parlor in the 1990s and was upset about losing her money. That was as it turned out the girl who lost a million or something to TYK. We did not at the time put it together. Nor did we when the scams started. I just didn't choose to join the scams, like IDN, which they didn't like.

        But they never hated me because I was like their poster boy and training helped me a lot, but I was protected to an extent from all the seamy under the table stuff. Regular students were not privy to the COL stuff. I had only a part time thing there, and never lived with them, so they never controlled me.

        Also it helped that my Dad was a former local politician and they didn't dare do anything or the city would get mad.

        They did not act like a mob when they were doing business as usual, but they were likely into some interesting naughty bits.

        I think big MP liked to pretend he was a secret agent because he liked James Bond. He still has on those glasses on his Facebook.


          Well they can't intimidate you guys anymore. They'd get nothing out of it. The net now has so much dirt on them, it would be insane, and any respectable court would throw out a case if they tried to sue over it now.

          They have even stopped trying to cut off former students from posting on other web sites.

          It is funny though that the gurus at Wikipedia are so put off by Jung SuWon and Tae Yun Kim that if you try snf post those words on their bbs it freaks and you get flagged. :)


            Originally posted by Kathy Kim View Post
            . I showed the police where scott wrote on a piece of paper about FS and checking her out and her car.
            I can attest to that note SHS wrote about trying to find me...had his initials and his "smiley face" on it This about five years after I had broken with them.

            Illegitimus non carborundum est
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              Hi FS, are you the original O'Niel, the one jdms (Clarehoare's Mom) was renamed after while in COL? You'd be the final symbol on the ATC logo then? Yeah, they kind of had it out for you also. Not sure why they'd care after 5 years. Talk about OCD (theirs). They were still discussing the supposed incidents about Vermont failed students on SDW retreats, a decade later, and how one of them reportedly was in love with TYK and jealous. Seems to me she was. Not you. Guess TYK just can't let it go, especially when she lost some of her grunt money. And TYK isn't even homosexual, just obsessed.

              A smiley face on the note at the end? What is he, a little girl? What kind of a twisted scheme is that? Oh, by the way, go check out this person, and here's a smileyu face for good luck. Where can some of the stuff he was smoking be obtained? Lol.


                SHS was sometimes clown shoes anyway, as he said to be hip several times 'I have multiple orgsams' which with embarrassed his wife. TYK would bring this up several times inappropriately, like at dinners and such, with kids present. Somehow that is just wrong, not to mention physically impossible for a man. He can't deny that he did say some strange stuff at dinners. Maybe it was the wee bit of champagne talking. Or not. (It was brought up in a old post also). I believe it was Clare who said, 'I don't find orgsams bad'. Ha. They are if they're blurted out about by TYK's robots in mixed company!

                Then again, on several weekend retreats she had JW (guy) bring of the story of the former student he knew who apparently had relations with a deer, buy this was probably just to be gross. In mixed company.


                  Carborundom? That's a word from WW2 I haven't heard someone print in a while.

                  SNAFU and FUBAR also.

                  And my favorite ruined line from Aliens, which doesn't make sense, 'assholes and elbows let's go', when the marine guy wanted the men to get into the landing ship and fly out, which is wrong because 'assholes and elbows' is drill instructor talk for get down on and pick up what's on the ground, like cigarette butts. What he should have said was 'Get your asses moving! Now!'
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                    Kittyki -

                    I am not the person named (O'Neil). You don't know my name and probably never will.
                    I believe they were trying to get to me because I know a lot and was a liability to them. If they could denigrate me and besmirch my reputation, then that would call into question anything I had to say...

                    Social norms were a thing unknown to TYK and her syncophants, so if they were talking about sexual stuff at the dinner table, I am not at all surprised.

                    That phrase I used at the end of my post is pseudo Latin - translates as "don't let the bastards grind you down" and is generally known to engineering students.

                    Cogito ergo sum, cogito


                      Kittyki, I would never seek excuses for TYK's misconduct, only attempted explanations. I was guessing that maybe she does so little for herself because she's incapable of a lot of things, possibly due to a learning disability. This might excuse her from operating a computer, but NOTHING excuses her abusive, manipulative behavior. If she needs other people to do things for her, she should be extra nice to them.

                      As for borderline personality disorder, I have pointed this out several times before. There are four related personality disorders, called Cluster B in the DSM-IV. They are the borderline, narcissistic, histrionic, and antisocial (sociopathic) personality disorders. TYK is so messed up she would probably qualify as having ALL of them.

                      I don't think she's schizophrenic. Her general reality orientation seems quite normal, except for her grandiosity about herself, which seems more calculating than delusional. Schizophrenia is such a tragic condition that it really would be an excuse.


                        Things must be slow over at Jung Suwon - that student of the week has morphed into student of the month......

                        Cogito sumere potum alterum


                          Either things are slow or the minions are so busy tending to Kimmie that they don't have time to evaluate students every week.


                            Originally posted by bemused View Post
                            Either things are slow or the minions are so busy tending to Kimmie that they don't have time to evaluate students every week.
                            Kind of reminds me of worker bees tending to the female queen. The JSW webmaster is probably in deep doo-doo also

                            dum vivimus, vivamus


                              Ah, the Days of Deep Doo-Doo. At times Kimmie would get upset at everyone in COL for failing her in some way. For example, an event wouldn't go as planned, she would blame COL and tell them to leave her presence, and they would take her literally instead of taking the hint that it was time to grovel. Or too many people would complain to her about COL conditions or about other COL members, Kimmie would feel overly burdened, and she would put everyone on a special "program."

                              At these times, COL would be suffering some indignity behind the scenes, such as fasting or not being allowed to talk, but while in martial arts class or at work (before everyone worked at Lighthouse), they would have to pretend that everything was normal. The higher up you were the weirder things were, and the more acting talent it took to fake normalcy. It was somewhat like a domestic violence victim hiding bruises.

                              Maybe COL is going though something like that now.


                                That not being allowed to talk happened here in VT also - I was trying to put up the school sign (ATC at the time) and the poor guy I was working with was on that special program of silence. It was majorly difficult to get the sign up under those circumstances.

                                On another occasion, I was working with another student building tables for the Buddhist temple TYk's mother headed. We had to work through the night without speaking, assembling the tables for the following day's service. Totally talking, no sleep, no food....That wacko temple is a whole story in itself.

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