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Looking for ex Jung SuWon / Tae Yun Kim students (Part 4)

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    TYK's claim to fame, she knows about martial arts and has probably a masters in martial arts, and she makes passionate speeches and rallies people. That's it. She is as close to winning an Oscar as the mayor of Fremont.


      I made an error. The show was Time and Place, not Here and Now, and she did actually star in a low budget Korean movie, but it was a cameo, and it doesn't make her expert at doing reviews. In fact, she usually got the point of movies wrong when she watched them. Some posters have mentioned this. Like did she even get that Rhett Butler simply wanted to have nothing to do with Scarlett anymore? Ha.


        for some scary fun, type in 'tae yun kim gets old' in the search heading for Bullshido. Look for the spooky picture from 2005. It's old. It isn't flattering. Highly pixilated.


          Go to wordpress and look over the gushing platitudes about TYK there...done up by web guru sarahsmile. it is so inspirational, not. Creepy yes. And it's high time someone update the martial arts encyclopedia article on TYK to include her honorary knighthood or whatever. Hah ha.
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            Hello all: Looks like my friend is the only one posting. Ha. I (the ex student) have just been to an evening folk concert at a local coffee shop (like the dream, eerie) except bemused was there, with her husband, in real life, and there were no COL people other than former one bemused. She was with a folk group and band, with a pianist, guitarist, flutist and even a sax player. In real life! No but they were quite good and funny. She has come a long way since training and has found her purpose, helping women's shelters, real ones, not fake ones. At times we discussed our 'fearless leader' and 'the cult leader' as one in the same, and that the old name of the site 'Cultmaster' best described her.

            And FS, I had a green tea. I can't drink milk. I also had tswo delicious chocolate chip cookies.

            And bemused looked well and happy, actually much improved since having gotten over TYK's awful makeovers. :)
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              They also did sad songs, which got me to think of this parody of the COL song. I came up with it driving home.

              The 'you are an angel song parody'
              You (TYK) aren't an angel

              'You've closed up my eyes to your terrible sight, your demented city, a city of light'
              'The city is falling and now we join hands. Now every day has a ridiculous plan'
              'You are a fallen angel, an angel to us'
              'The culties have started a run around chant, while spiking the kimchi with lots of hemp'
              'You really aren't an angel, except lucifer'
              'The town's a disaster, you didn't pay bills, and kicked the male culties to give you a thrill'
              'Now the rent is due and it's a bitter pill, so onto the females your ranting you drill'
              'You aren't an really aren't an angel, an angel at all.'
              'The kool aid is getting all warm on the shelf, as most of your culties said, go to he...'
              'And now you say humble you are, but every one knows you are a farce'
              'You are an angel, but only to do..'

              I have now butchered the COL/Angel song from the 90s. (bows down)


                Kitty Ki:

                I have been reading over your posts and need to make a correction to your definition of TYK's ex-husband as being wealthy. He never was, and when I was affiliated for him, his appearance of financial success was based on his use of OPM - Other People's Money.

                In fact, he declared bankruptcy in Vermont. When I sued him, he declared bankruptcy. Had I known that he had a prior bankruptcy, I never would have lent him money for his failed real estate business - EV-R-Green. Perhaps this is one of the reasons he changed his name from Art to Mark when he went to California.

                If you really want to delve into this, Google " Mark Fontaine California ".. About five or six items down you will find a newspaper interview of Mark in which he refers to TYK as a "crazy Korean woman", and doesn't pull any punches. For all appearances, he's settled down with his new wife and is a doting grandfather. I will not comment further on this article, as I can refute some of his claims and don't want to go off on a tangent.


                  Kitty Ki et al:

                  The aforementioned article in the Anderson Valley News is now item #1 in the Google search.


                    Originally posted by Failed Student View Post
                    Kitty Ki:

                    you will find a newspaper interview of Mark in which he refers to TYK as a "crazy Korean woman", and doesn't pull any punches. .
                    Mea culpa - Mark refers to TYK as a "crazy Buddhist" in that article.


                      Hi FS. Perhaps Shadow will have fun reading your link. Here it is.


                      However he claims to be an actual secret agent? Who discusses being a spy with a newspaper?

                      I assumed he was rich because he had a ranch. I did not say where he got the money for the ranch, and if it is with OPM then it makes sense. I am in no way defending him but I only knew what it appeared to be, and from other posters.

                      My friend who trained was only 18 when Mark and TYK divorced (1989) and was not party to asny of the goings on. He was a yellow belt when Mark left, and when Jung SuWon was formed a few years later, only 20, an orange belt, and not in special programs. He is not going to tell his story to a then 18 year old.

                      'Yes, I was only a young sa teen at the time and thought anyone who had a ranch and a mountain resort and a mansion was rich. I did not know how they got rich. I was just out of high school, and had only been there for a year or so, at ATC. I do remember him bragging about the spy story once. One of the two times I actually saw him.'

                      And why is it that when people 'reinvent themselves with religion' they start to sound a little off their nutter? His answers in that article were like he was preaching and griping, or drinking. Or all of the above.
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                        Shadow Dancer and his family actually had contact with him and mentioned it on BS. It would be interesting if we hear from him about Mark or Art and the article. It's funny he refers to TYK like that though. Lol.


                          Seems to me Mark was just as much into bragging as TYK is.


                            [QUOTE=kittyki;2526261]However he claims to be an actual secret agent? Who discusses being a spy with a newspaper?

                            If anyone knows anything about the CIA or similar, they know one NEVER discusses their past or present affiliation with it. Once one is on their payroll, they can be called back into service, even twenty years after retiring.

                            Mark once told how he was one of 85 people recruited to serve in the CIA, and that all of them except himself and one other, had all been killed in the line of duty.

                            He also bragged how he had once ordered a jet to fly to Japan to pick up live lobsters for dinner in order to impress TYK. According to a person I know who served in Korea at the same time as Mark, he was onlyy a desk sergeant, not some hot shot hit man.

                            And why is it that when people 'reinvent themselves with religion' they start to sound a little off their nutter? His answers in that article were like he was preaching and griping, or drinking. Or all of the above.[

                            Yes, I noted he said he was a born again christian. I don't have a problem with this as long as they don't proselytise. He also states he believes in creationism...I am of the evolution persuasion, but "chacun a son gout"/QUOTE]


                              And what is it with wine country? Seems that when people move there they take a few sips of the finery and become intellectual superstars in their minds, and newspapers interview them. Real heroes don't brag about how awesome they were years ago. My Dad was in WW2 in the Pacific and he never bragged about it, and only in his later years actually mentioned some of the missions as a radio man on the c47 air cargo transports. You do not brag about being the last one to survive on a mission. That means someone f'ed up. Or you hid somewhere till they stopped shooting. You're right, FS, you don't brag about the CIA or other secret forces. That's what makes them secret. And I don't find it amazing that MFont fell to pieces over 9/11. A lot of people didn't. They just turned around and got mad and said, who's attacking America? Let's go kick their ass! I couldn't go kick ass because I'm so 4F (unable to serve) it's ridiculous, even with JSW training. Friends and family did serve in wars.


                                And I am Christian but don't go around preaching on random newspaper interviews about having some awesome new enlightenment.



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