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Boxing manager looses his collective clock...

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    Boxing manager looses his collective clock...

    Hi all,

    Long interview, insane rant on UFC, and so on.

    YouTube - Bob Arum FanHouse Interview

    I am inclined to *yawn*, but this is the longest rant I have heard recently...



    ''two guys rolling around on the floor like homosexuals''. Seriously? guys like this are the reason boxing is a dying sport.

    Fuck Bob Arum he's too ignorant to re educate, best to just ignore him.



      The comments by boxing fans are even fucking better. I love-fucking love- the comment one guy says that if a boxer gets into a fight with an MMA fighter in an MMA rules fight the boxer will win most of the fights.

      I guess for some people the grappling truth never really came to light. Why the hell do MMA and boxing have to be mutually exclusive? Shit, I started watching boxing BECAUSE of MMA. Is it really that uncomfortable for people to see grappling as a legitimate form of combat?


        Originally posted by Title
        Boxing manager looses his collective clock
        The best thing about this thread is your English.
        Now darkness comes; you don't know if the whales are coming. - Royce Gracie

        KosherKickboxer has t3h r34l chi sao

        In De Janerio, in blackest night,
        Luta Livre flees the fight,
        Behold Maeda's sacred tights;
        Beware my power... Blue Lantern's light!



          I like him, ignoring that fact that, in a few hours, I'm probably going to be rolling around on the floor like a homo with another guy(I might be doing something even gayer, like compliant wristlocks. I'm never sure with Matsuno-ryu.)


            If the guy wasn't so old i'd say hang 'em. I think ignoring him is probably for the best. I can't wait for Dana's response. He's probably twittering about it right now.


              I saw a news article on this earlier, but this is the first time I'm seeing an actual video of the guy. Some of his comments made me literally laugh out loud. The "guys rolling around" and "no talent" comments are obviously ridiculous, and demonstrate his willful ignorance about what type of training MMA guys have. Yeah, those BJJ black belts, they have no skills, they just get those belts handed to them for showing up. Oy. The skinhead comment is also ridiculous, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a white guy with an almost shaved head (in my case, it was either shave it or have a bald spot showing). Also, regarding the tattoo comment, as I said elsewhere, my grandfather (who'd be 94 if he were still alive) had more tattoos than me, and he was also a boxing fan.


                While Bob Arum's comments are out there and he is merely trying to protect his sport and in return, his pocketbook, I can't help but always think of Richie Sandoval when I think of Bob Arum.

                Arum, while a bit of a scumbag promoter, was always less of a scumbag promoter then Don King. Richie Sandoval was the WBA (I think....since Don King pretty much had all the WBC Champs locked up with his butt-buddy ose Suliman) Bantam or Featherweight champ. He hadn't fought in awhile and Arum forced him into a fight or threatened to strip him.

                He was fighting a tough fighter, Gabby Canizales on the undercard of the Hagler-Mugabi/Hearnes-Shuler Top Rank card, and Sandoval had to lose like 10-15 pounds in a couple of days. Canizales just beat the shit out of Sandoval. Canizales knocked him down like a half-dozen times and nearly killed the guy. Sandoval ended up having brain surgery.

                Sandoval had to retire from fighting and Arum gave him a job with Top Rank Boxing doing some manner of Latin American relations or something. So yeah, Arum is an old man who doesn't understand the appeal of MMA and sees boxing attendance dwindling. Yeah he's a scumbag promoter, but I remember him stepping up and doing the right thing at least once.


                  For sufficient values of "the right thing," maybe.


                    Watched it . . . blah blah blah.

                    UFC is for white skinheads . . . .
                    UFC is for tattooed people. . .
                    Mexicans and Filipinos don't watch the UFC . . .
                    Tattooed white guys with shaved heads don't watch boxing . . .

                    This guy means no harm. He reminds me of my grandfather trying to figure out whether he liked Obama or not because he looks black (the technical grandpa term is "that colored fella") but if you close your eyes, he sounds like FDR, and FDR was granted the super power of infallibility around 1945 or so.

                    It's just the assumptions of one generation butting up against the assumptions of a different generation. Still have to say this, though: I don't watch a lot of boxing, but I would never have started watching it if I hadn't been a fan of MMA. Boxing never made sense to me until I saw MMA fighters using the principles.


                      Props on him for calling out Mayweather on his bs. He's silly, everytime I watch I see more black people and hispanics watching than white guys. Now usually the white guys watching know more about the technical side of the sport. I loved his back pedaling too when the reporter stood up to him. Apparently having tattoos=not a boxing fan, boxer, or intelligent person. I think it's retarded he thinks that sponsors like Bud Light don't check what the pay per view buys are.



                        God DAMMIT Arnum.


                          Never mind...

                          I lol'ed at "rolling around like homosexuals", lmao.
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                            Originally posted by David Koresh Jr. View Post
                            Apparently having tattoos=not a boxing fan, boxer
                            Mermaids, anchors and battleships don't count.


                              That guy was an actual caricature of your typical bigot.



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