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Progress For MMA in NYS

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    Progress For MMA in NYS

    Looks like we're slowly making progress!
    "...The Colonie Democrat was a small man speaking in a voice that seemed to quaver at times Wednesday as he sought to characterize a blood sport
    that fills coliseums and late-night cable TV schedules as a big, bad bully who favors coarse language and spurs kids to violence...
    Jeff Blatnick, of Burnt Hills, a 1984 Olympics Greco-Roman wrestling gold medalist and proponent of mixed martial arts, still an imposing block of a man, sat silently behind Reilly, a grizzly eyeing a wayward cub...."

    I'm amazed at the tone of the article.
    The writer (I hesitate to call this person a reporter) is on "our" side apparantly but I really find bias distasteful.
    Oh well.



      For someone who lives in NY this is a step in the good direction. Hopefully over time it will be unbanned and we can enjoy some fights without traveling to other states.


        We are waiting for the vote to legalize MMA. Every day more and more MMA gyms sprout up. Legitimate ones!! The market is there and NY cannot fight the lost revenue for long.


          Would be so awesome for unbanned MMA in NYS. ...MSG!? I agree that the article was done in a distasteful manner. At least those of us here in western NY get to take advantage of the indian reservations in the area. But how bout a legit venue in NY. How does Hollywood FLORIDA get a UFC event before NYC?


            Fighting facts

            • Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combat sport fought in a caged ring in which a wide variety of fighting techniques are allowed, including punching, kicking, kneeing, elbowing and grappling.

            • The sport began its rise in 1993 with the Ultimate Fighting Championships, based on the concept of pitting different fighting styles against each other in competition.

            • A fighter can submit and admit defeat by tapping three times on his opponent's body or the mat. A referee can stop a match if a fighter appears to be unconscious or suffering from a serious injury.

            • The UFC is a powerful national entertainment brand that has a contract with Spike TV and promotes arena-size MMA events.
            They could have mentioned that no one has died while fighting for the UFC. They could have mentioned the fact that UFC fighters suffer less lifelong injuries than competitors in boxing or football. Could have mentioned the average length of time it takes a UFC fighter to train to enter professional competitions.

            Shitty article.


              "The biggest purse he won was $4,500 and he's suffered no serious injuries in 23 fights over the past five years."

              Good inclusion there.


                Is there any way to access the bill to read?

                I hear that NYS will charge a 10% tax on the show (Nevada & NJ are 3% or 4% I believe). Big shows won't come if that is the option. Also, I hear that part of the bill include licensing fees for "MMA" gyms of quite a bit of $$$. I can't see to find any details about what constitutes and "MMA" gym or how this will affect small, amateur level gyms.



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