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Bullshido vs Sherdog or UG

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    Bullshido vs Sherdog or UG

    Hey guys great opportunity for you up and coming amateurs. A Nevada Show Called Tuff N Nuff is offering to promote amateur fights at the Orleans in Las Vegas. We would match our amateurs up with some of Sherdog's amateurs or The UG Amateurs. If you are interested PM me and post in this thread. No trolling or tangents. Any transgression will be a 24 hour ban.

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    For the record I would love to see:

    on this card.

    Is there any date set for this event?!


      We are looking at August 22nd but that can change if need be.

      Right now the UG is preparing to take on Sherdog.

      This event would most likely be against, also known as The UG. (Underground)

      Tuff-N-Uff is a really nice venue, they led the charge in legalizing amateur MMA in Nevada.

      You should youtube them to get a nice idea of their ballroom venue which seats 4,000 or so and the Arena, which seats 6,000.

      The UG vs Sherdog event is shaping up nicely and will be happening on May 30th at the same venue.

      This will be on local Vegas and Hawaii TV, webcast and possibly on My LVTV as they are working on a deal with them now.

      We also have FIGHT magazine covering this event, Tagg Radio, Tapoutlive and several online MMA news outlets.

      Rupture has been kind enough to cover sponsoring all fighters with shorts for the May event and they've got shirts and shorts covered for all fighters for the UG vs Bullshido event.

      This event is a great way for new amateurs to fight for the first time or experienced amateurs to get another fight in on a quality venue in front of a large audience.

      Feel free to hit me up with any questions at [email protected]



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      I've got two already in for the UG, both are fighting in May.

      The first is Michael Solorio, he's 6-2 ammy MMA, fights around 165, Muay Thai stylist with decent ground skills.

      He's 5'9, 21 years old and will have two more fights on his record by the time this comes around, he'll probably go pro after this.

      Posts as ltwtchmp on the UG.

      Next we have Dmo, also fighting in May.

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      Dmo is 22 years old, 160-175 fighting weight, 6'1", some BJJ and Muay thai training.

      May 30th vs Sherdog will be his first fight but he's game for the August event barring injury or something.


        I have no amateur fights, can fight at 155 maybe 145(it will be a 30lb cut) 6 years of BJJ and spots of other MAs.


          Zapruder: I went ahead and put your info up on the UG, I'll let you know how it goes or email me if you want a link or something.


            you guys should hook me up with a muay thai fight. The MMA bias is no fair!


              Originally posted by KidSpatula View Post
              you guys should hook me up with a muay thai fight. The MMA bias is no fair!

              I say you should do it anyway :). You got a few months to work your ground game :).


                the well for kickboxing matches is getting pretty dry so getting trained up for MMA is something I'm starting to consider...


                  Hey, if you can keep the fight standing up, why not? It's an ammateur event anyway. Given your experience, it's likely that you'll knock someone into oblivion :).



                    Go for it, many fighters on the UGGP are often just starting training in MMA for the first time, at least you have a solid base to work with and this is a fantastic event for a debut.

                    Think about it, you got about 5 months to put together some semblance of a ground game. :)

                    We've got some tough female fighters on the UG and I'm sure I could match you up fairly well for this.
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                      I'm supposed to be fighting for Tuff N Nuff some time this year. Late August fits my schedule pretty well... i think i'll let my coach know about this thread.


                        Please do so Pumpkinhead. :)


                          Come on guys, let's step up a bit. Here's a UG poster who just signed up:


                          TTT For Dan, due to my inexperience i will not be able to compete in UGGP3, so i am looking forward to competing in this event.



                          Age: 23

                          Training experience in combat arts: So far 3 months of BJJ (part time) by the time this event happens will have 8 months of bjj with some muay thai.

                          Fighting experience in combat arts: NONE!!


                          I'll be supremely disappointed if Bullshido doesn't sweep this thing (I'm secretly rooting for you guys).




                            This will be a good event and will grow, just needs time.

                            Anyone feel free to contact me with any questions.


                              We'll get more participation here next week. My pet theory is that people who spent Monday through Thursday posting on the forums have to make up for all the work they didn't do during the week.

                              Also, we'll put out an email announcement once we get more details ironed out.



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