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UFC fighter saves 2 men crashed in sea

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    UFC fighter saves 2 men crashed in sea

    Report: UFC Fighter Goran Reljic Risks Life to Rescue Two Men Who Crashed Into Sea

    A story in the Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija that says the Croatian UFC fighter Goran Reljic risked his life to rescue two men who had crashed their car into the Adriatic Sea.

    According to the English translation of the newspaper account that I was provided, Reljic was in bed when he heard the crash, and he jumped out, swam to the car, broke the windshield and pulled the men out. Either the account has been exaggerated a bit or Reljic is a real-life superhero.

    Reljic is 8-0 in his pro MMA career, but he pulled out of UFC 90 with a back injury. Apparently it takes more than a bad back to keep Goran Reljic from saving someone's life.

    Below, a complete translation of the Croatian article.

    Translated by Ivan at FreeFightVideos

    UFC fighter Goran Reljic risks own life to rescues two men

    A crash that almost killed two young men on the 15th of October at around 3 a.m. could have had disastrous consequences when the two young men, both from Privlaka, spun and crashed into the sea.

    Thankfully both men survived, due to the brave actions of Goran Reljic, the Croatian ultimate fighter, who resides in the immediate vicinity of the town in question.

    When he heard the crash, Goran jumped out of bed, still in his underwear and jumped into the sea.

    He swam to the car, proceeded to break the windshield of the vehicle and pull both men to land. Several eyewitness accounts confirm the story and so does Goran, who doesn't want any praise or recognition for the good deed.

    "The only satisfaction I get is that both young men are alive and healthy, I don't need any praise, I simply did what anyone one would have done in that situation," Reljic said.

    Reljic was scheduled to fight on October 25, but a back injury forced him out of his fight with Brazilian Thales Leites. Even with his back injury Reljic did not hesitate to help and rescue the two young man from the sinking car.

    Holy crap that's insanely awesome!

    I want to know how he broke the windshield, and how the car got there.


      If the car was sinking and the windows were rolled up, the windshield would break after the car sinks a bit and the water pressure smashes it. He might still have to pry his way into it though.

      Cool story.


        My dad isn't the biggest fan of MMA. He still thinks the sport is too violent. I sent him a link to the original article in hopes that this will show the type of people who participate in MMA in a new positive light for him.


          This is so good for the sport!

          It's nice to see positive media on MMA for a change.


            I hereby nominate this Croatian for Badass of the Month.


              WOW awesome, I also think Goran should become badass of the month.


                Truely heroic acts usually happen in a non-artificial setting. An exception to this is where those girls on the softball team in Oregon carried that injured girl on the opposite team around the bases so she could complete her home run.

                My hat is off to Reljic.


                  Originally posted by jackrusher
                  I hereby nominate this Croatian for Badass of the Month.

                  Also, his next fight takes place underwater.


                    Thirded. For both Badass of the Month and the idea of Aqua MMA.


                      Originally posted by elipson
                      If the car was sinking and the windows were rolled up, the windshield would break after the car sinks a bit and the water pressure smashes it.
                      Uh...if water pressure is breaking your windshield, you're very deep in the water.
                      Good job, Goran!


                        Man, the idea that pressure from the water at a level in which a human being without assistance is going to break your windshield is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard in my life.

                        Do you know how much air pressure your windshield puts up against every day? You'd have to be like a hundred or so feet under water.

                        I'm betting the car wasn't any more than 6 feet under water.


                          Yup, and if he did break the windscreen, it was probably already shattered from the crash into the sea...


                            Pressure on an object underwater is a function of water density, acceleration due to gravity and depth. Basically, think of the water as being a giant weight placed in a column directly on top of the object underneath it. Seawater has a density of about 1.98 slug/ft3. Acceleration due to gravity is about 32.2 ft/s2. Depth is one of the variables in this case. Theoretically, at a depth of 6 ft the pressure will be 1.98*32.2*6 = 382 lb/ft2 (converts to 2.656 psi). If we guess the surface area of a windshield to be 7 feet by 3 feet (21 ft2), this means that the total force on the windshield is 382*21 = 8022 lbs. While there are lots of variables with glass yield strength and adhesive tensile strength (also with design of the windshield), my guess is that the (unbroken) glass would hold up to the pressure of ~2 psi, but 8,000 lbs. of force would probably overcome the yeild strength of the adhesive used around the perimeter, and push the windshield in. Of course with the amount of variables, I could be missing something. Probably the only way to know for sure is by testing it out. We could always contact mythbusters.


                              In his fucking underwear?

                              Yea, bad ass of the month.



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