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    UFC 90 Post Fight Card Discussion

    Josh Burkman vs. Pete Sell
    Winner Pete Sell by Unanimous Decision

    Hermes Franca vs. Marcus Aurelio
    Winner Franca Unanimous Decision

    Dan Miller vs. Matt Horwich
    Winner Miller Unanimous Decision

    Spencer Fisher vs. Shannon Gugerty
    Winner Fisher 3rd round submission

    Thales Leites vs. Drew McFedries
    Winner Leites 1st round RNC

    Sean Sherk vs. Tyson Griffin
    Sherk winner unanimous decision

    Fabricio Werdum vs. Junior dos Santos
    Winner Santos TKO 1st Round

    Rich Clementi vs. Gray Maynard
    Winner Maynard Unanimous decision

    Josh Koscheck vs. Thiago Alves
    Winner Alves unanimous decision

    Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote
    Winner Silva TKO 3rd round due to injury.
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    Results are coming in.


      Thread open........I'm bored


        Nooo!!! The Silva-Cote fight was looking like it was going to heat up pretty fast, it's really unfortunate that Cote's knee popped out. Damn, hopefully he'll get another shot at Silva, since he put up a pretty good account. Also, it was weird to see Werdum go down, I wonder if Nog is happy that he doesn't have to take on Werdum again later. Also, did the ref in the Maynard-Clementi fight annoy anyone else? He kept on telling them to work, even when Maynard had side control and they were actually doing stuff.


          I feel bad for Cote, but what was up with Anderson during that fight? He was running around and doing weird stuff for the first 2 rounds. I guess maybe he's just bored and now he's gonna mess around and have fun.

          I suppose one good thing coming out of it is apparently he's not retiring any time soon.


            Sucks about the injury. Was Cote holding his own before it happened?


              Anderson Silva does witchcraft!! O__O

              G-off, you have to see this fight. It was very lulzy.


                He basically was, but Silva was kinda just running back, switching stances, and generally looking unconcerned for most of the fight. He did through some crazy sick moves though.

                What'd u guys think of the Kos/Alves fight. I really have to hand it to Koscheck because I thought he was going to be out a couple times there and he finished strong. Great effort given that he only had like 2 weeks notice.


                  I was kind of hoping Koshek would go in for a last minute shot and ground and pound Alves.

                  Koshek put up a very good fight despite being rocked about 5 times.


                    Going into the 3rd, Cote hadn't taken that much damage, and it looked like things were only going to get better. As for the Kos/Alves fight, Kos did look pretty good considering he took it on short notice. His recovery was pretty impressive, but Alves takedown defence looked good.


                      Originally posted by tharuz
                      Anderson Silva does witchcraft!! O__O

                      G-off, you have to see this fight. It was very lulzy.
                      I plan on it. As soon as MMA Scraps has it up...</freeloader>


                        The end of that fight was pretty weird though. Lol at Alves not hearing the bell and taking Kos down and almost going for GnP 10 seconds after the bell with the ref trying to stop it.


                          Cote was losing, but not disastrously. It was mainly Anderson backing up, Cote *very* cautiously approaching and then the periodic brief exchanges where Anderson would land some really hard shots and Cote would regroup.

                          Similar pattern to his other fights, but far more time spent backing up, w/o ever getting to that devastating fight ending exchange everyone was waiting for.

                          At times you felt Anderson was getting annoyed by Cote's excessive cautiousness & general refusal to play his game. One of them made fun of the other's lead switching at one point (Cote was switching leads to disrupt Anderson's flow & protect his leg, Anderson followed his lead switch then Cote switched leads again - one of those "anything you can do I can do better" things)

                          Looked like it was gonna heat up in the third round because there was more aggression from both sides at the end of the second. Also, Cote flashed the "3" sign, at the beginning of the third, reminding doubters that so far he's done what others haven't been able to in the UFC. It was the first really confident sign he showed all night.

                          PS: For the like 2 people wondering, I can use a computer again without much pain, so yeah, i'm back on bullshido. but it'll be a little longer 'till i'm back in training.
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                            I actually feel bad to what happened to cote.

                            The guy took at least 1 punch and one kick from Anderson Silva right in the fucking chin and didn't get KTFO.

                            He looked like he was being extremely careful the whole fight, as though he didn't want to screw it up. It also looked like a very promising fight.

                            Patrick Cote has definetly gone to me from an unknown to one of my all time favorites.


                              need an animated gif of Cote's knee stat



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