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TUF Episode 11/7/07 Thread And Pie

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    Originally posted by PizDoff
    Season 6, Episode 8.
    Matt Hughes - 'How important is it for Matt Hughes to win this fight? It's very important. It's a big fight for me.'

    I watched it again remembering that comment. I was actually quite shocked at that comment, I thought this show was about his team. Quite possible that the interviewers asked him 'what does this fight mean to Matt Hughes?'
    Usually the cameraman / interviewer will ask the interviewee to restate the question at the beginning of the question. This could contribute to slightly odd wording and use of the third person.


      Originally posted by Feryk
      Spike probably requires it as part of the show, thinking that this is what gets them ratings. They are horribly mistaken.
      Unfortunately, no, they aren't. The high-drama episodes are consistently the highest rated, and it's been that way since the first season.

      Come to grips with this fact, guys. Yes, /we/ don't watch the show for the drama. Yes, /we/ would like to see more of the training and the fights. They don't care, because /we are not their target audience/. We'll watch their PPVs and fight shows regardless; they don't care about hooking us with TUF. TUF is for the casual fans, and they /do/ like the drama. Sorry, that's how it is.
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        On 12/6/07 they showed Tommy knock out George after a poke in the eye by Tommy.

        Man Tommy knocked George the fuck out I mean a KTFO.

        I kinda wanted to see Danzit go against George. They are both very technical fighters, the match would have been alot more even.

        Tommy is a strong country boy for sure.



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