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    Damn it, I totally forgot about this show..... well, maybe "damn it" is a little strong... I'll catch the re-run after all
    Originally posted by Phrost
    Yeah, you're probably right.

    But still, something about having a black guy or a lesbian jump out from behind a garbage can yelling "SURPRISE GONG SAU" at any of your big-named RBSD kooks makes me giggle like a little girl.
    Originally posted by Phrost
    There are two kinds of members on MAP:

    1. LARPers/Partial Artists
    2. People who haven't heard about Bullshido.
    The Mighty McClaw to Fox when refusing to fight AnnaT.

    Originally posted by TheMightyMcClaw
    Don't fight girls? When are you living, the 1850's? I suppose you think they shouldn't work or vote either.
    Get with the times and punch a chick.
    Wingchundo's response after I called him a "pussy"

    Originally posted by wingchundo
    Hey, I resemble that remark!

    Ok, time for a snappy comeback.... uh...

    OK. Here goes.

    You are what you eat!


      this was the first episode of this show I caught. It was pretty damn amazing. I don't know that I would have the balls to do that at all...or drink some crazy medicine man's "potion" for that matter.


        Wolf, if you can, try to watch the pilot episode (it's been streamed in the discovery channel website). It's about a form of wrestling in the Amazons.

        Yeah, it takes some balls to do that stick fighting. When I did escrima (just briefly), we never sparred, but did attack/block/disarm drills in which we gradually increase speed and then power. And it was unnerving then to get a stick landing full power oh so close to the fingers or face. I don't know if I would man up to go at it for real.

        And that's something I quite came to appreciate these guys. They aren't the common jock type. These guys are true competitors in their own field. I want to see how they go in the next episodes. My g/f and I were watching as they were manning up and rising to the ocassion. It was pretty cool.

        Originally posted by komrad
        As far as the technique goes it is different than what I'm used to seeing but similiar as well. They seem to fight more linear than the FMA's with more forward and backward footwork.
        Yeah, when I was watching the fights I was armchairing thinking "shit, dude, go at an angle!"

        The other zulu fighters did get intimidated. A bunch of foreigners actually jumping into it and it may make them wonder about the size of their nuts. Plus they got the right attitude. I'm sure that if they had more time to familiarize with the visitors, they wouldn't have been intimidated that much (well, the powerlifter guy, that guy is fucking huge - it has to be scary to see a guy like that with a stick coming at you completely determined to go at it.)

        I kinda feel bad for that other guy who didn't got the chance to actually fight. It must sucks ball to suck it up, man up and then all that went for nothing. Ugh!


          Originally posted by Teh El Macho

          I kinda feel bad for that other guy who didn't got the chance to actually fight. It must sucks ball to suck it up, man up and then all that went for nothing. Ugh!
          I actually think there was more to it then they let on. Watch it again and see his face. He looks SCARED as shit. I bet they stopped it to save his ass and twisted the truth a bit.


            it's a pretty cool show. the guys in it seem to be pretty decent. not a bunch of jerk offs. it's interesting to see the different cultures.


              Next week's episode looks pretty good. Pencak Silat in Indonesia. The staff over at Human Weapon should watch it so they can see how an episode on Silat should have been done. From the trailer it looks like full contact matches of some sort.


                I really enjoy this show. I watched the first 4 episodes yesterday OnDemand and throughly enjoyed it.


                  I'm pretty pumped for the pecak silat episode.


                    So Jason got the win. Thoughts? I wasn't a huge fan of him but he deserved the win.

                    I was pulling for Brad overall.



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