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15 Taekwondo Blackbelts In MMA

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    15 Taekwondo Blackbelts In MMA

    What are your views on Taekwondo?

    Pro's that I've encountered online;

    Taekwondo stylists have great flexibility.

    Taekwondo stylists are great at spinning attacks, push kicks and traditional side kicks. Roundhouse kicks with the foot are likely to cause a KO if they connect on the head.

    Taekwondo stylists work on bouncing and have good footwork.

    Counterview points;

    A lot of schools don't put a lot of emphasis on strikes to the head, which can become a liability against a good boxer.

    If a roundhouse kicks to the leg or body is blocked by a shin check it can cause in some cases immediate damage against the kicker such as a broken foot.

    Although the footwork is mobile, sometimes it can be too mobile with practitioners jumping back a figurative mile from an attack and not being in a position to counter?

    Any other pro's and con's? What do you think good as a piece of the puzzle for an MMA fighter? Good as an intro into martial arts? Or not worth it for serious practitioners?

    From what i remember and this was back in the early 90's....the TKD guys were generally in very good shape and TKD seemed to attract a lot of cute girls.


      In Australia back in the 90,s there was a TKD trainer Jemal Hassan who produced some absolute killers.

      There are certainly TKDers out there with usable skills.
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