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Chronology of 90's Boxing Pound For Pound Number One Race

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    Chronology of 90's Boxing Pound For Pound Number One Race

    I made this video chronicling the race to be the pound for pound number one best boxer in the 1990's.

    For those old school boxing fans who might be interested in a discussion but not necessarily my video, the order went;

    1990 - Julio Cesar Chavez

    1991 - Julio Cesar Chavez

    1992 - Julio Cesar Chavez

    1993 - Pernell Whittaker

    1994 - Pernell Whittaker

    1995 - Pernell Whittaker

    1996 - Roy Jones

    1997 - Oscar De La Hoya

    1998 - Oscar De La Hoya

    1999 - Roy Jones

    For me Whittaker was the best defensive fighter of the decade, Roy Jones was the best offensive fighter, Chavez was the toughest with the best chin and De La Hoya was a great all rounder at the elite pound for pound level, some don't think he would be good enough to be included but for me he had a great start to his career and then burnt out early/earned too much money. The list is based off the Ring rankings.

    Edwin Rosario World LtWt Champ v Julio Cesar Chavez, World Jnr Ltwt Champ. Edwin had won the title by an almighty R. Hook to KO Livingstone Bramble "Coconut Head" who could not be KO'd. His description and he found out that Edwin did not agree.

    Now watch them fight the proverbial "fight in a phone box". Terrific and showed why Richard Steele was the Best Ref in the World, in my opinion.

    Pernell. Utterly brilliant boxer.

    Roy Jones. Amazing. Quite phenomenal until he went back down after beating John Ruiz and went to pieces. Until then, well, incredible talent.

    Oscar was indeed Golden Boy. Emmanuel Steward thought that there was just something about him that marked him out as an exceptional talent.



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