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    I'd never met my cornerman before last night. The "giant wizard bloke" is an aquiantance of mine who also came from Los Angeles, also met his cornerman for the first time last night (his cornerman was the father of my cornerman). He was very upset and there was a nice shouting match in the dressing room just before I can out, which didn't help my mindset. The last thing Sr. Cornerman said to Jr. Cornerman was "don't be afraid to throw the towel if your fighter's in trouble." If there wasn't much time left in that round I may have been able continue, but to be honest I wasn't sure if I wanted to stand back up at that point so I'd say good call by my corner.

    Thanks for comming out to see the event. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

    edit: The idea behind the shorts was I was under the impression that this event was being hyped as a UK vs US rivalry. I didn't think it would get me that much negative reaction, but meh, it's done with now.
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      It wasn't the American flag, it was the material. I heard one guy shout "He's come in his pyjamas!" :P
      Would have been weird if they'd tried to hype a US/UK rivalry when the main draw was a Dutchman, anyway.

      I think most of the crowd were just there for a laugh, and the commentators did a decent job of keeping us entertained so it's not like anyone wanted you dead. We got to see some nice technical David vs. Goliath boxing, some hilarious chess failings in parts, and a dreadful cabaret show. Overall, an awesome evening, and cheers for being part of it! Got any plans to carry on with it? Is it a "big" thing over in CA?


        It's not a big thing by a long shot.

        I honestly don't know if I wanty to cary on with it at this point. Chess mastery is a long grueling (and expensive) process with no real benifit besides being good at chess. Boxing is a great workout but getting punched in the head sucks. I have to be honest with myself: I'm not sure I want to get my head knocked like that again. I may just got back to training jiu-jitsu once my contract with the boxing gym expires.


          Ma Jong Kung Fu?


            Well, it's spaz-tastic, but here it is:


              Boxing is good to health.. it builds body ... Also it keeps one in shape.



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