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TUF 13: Episode 10 **SPOILERS**

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    TUF 13: Episode 10 **SPOILERS**

    This episode began, following the recap, with Tony apologizing to everyone. He claimed he had blacked out and had no memory of what he said or did. Chuck commented after the fact that the apology seemed fake, and I agree that it rang hollow.

    I am too tired to do fight recaps at the moment, so here's hoping someone more experienced than me will add a technical breakdown. I am especially looking forward to Alex's thoughts on the second fight. For now, here's what comes to mind.

    Fight 1:
    Ramsey (Dos Santos) vs. Cope (Lesnar)
    really needs to work on his kickboxing, particularly with regard to following through. Striking like that against a heavy bag wouldn't even be much of a workout.

    Round 2 found Ramsey more active and Cope, who I don't mean to imply did nothing in Round 1, landed shots throughout the round. Cope seemed to gas around the halfway mark, giving Ramsey the opportunity to land some hard shots and finally fucking follow through. Ramsey wins due to Steve Mazzaggati stopping the fight.

    Fight 2:
    Chuck (Lesnar) vs. Tony (Lesnar)

    Lesnar refused to corner either fighter, so Chuck had Charlie and Clay while Tony had Javier and someone else (whose voice I didn't recognize).

    My brain has really started to fade; I guess I'll stop here and let someone else pick up. Sorry for the inconsistent labeling; I seem to remember some fighters by their last names and others by their first names.

    Was really hoping Chuck would beat Tony's ass. Knew Tony likely would take it though, he had a better showing for his previous fights than Chuck had. Giving the final to Ramsey. His kickboxing is weak but I'm pretty sure his wrestling is going to carry the day.


      Tony is one hell of a boxer. He trains here locally in Oxnard and is a beast in the boxing ring.

      Regarding the night of boozing incident, in retrospect I sure as hell am glad that I didn't have a tv camera following me around when I was in my early twenties, when I was boozing hard. The guy slipped and had a bad night after boozing all day (something they really didn't show on the show, just some shots here and there... in reality they were boozing HARD for hours) and then got sloppy drunk. Not making excuses, but I think I made some pretty similar spectacularly stupid moves when I was hammered and 26 years old.

      That aside, Tony is a beast with his punches. He hits hard. I have some younger buddies that train & spar with him at Knuckleheadz Boxing. The guy hits like a train. I really can't see Ramsey hanging with him.

      I'm pretty excited, we have some good fighters comming out of our area right now.


        I stayed at class late and completely missed the show. So Tony / Ramsey in the final... I am sticking with Ramsey as my pick. He's good enough with wrestling and takedowns to survive and get Tony on the ground.

        So were the fights good enough to find and watch or not?


          No, they weren't.

          Tony will probably win the final, and given his bullshit, that might be a problem for Dana.

          His drunken idiocy didn't play well with most people. They don't hate him enough to watch him get beat up (Josh Koscheck), but they won't ever love the guy either.

          He better win big and do it with style.


            The second fight was worth watching. The first was pretty weak tbh, and after seeing Ramsey's standup, I think Tony is going to kill him.


              Anyone else notice Dana rocking the Mother Love Bone shirt? Definitely not a common sight...


                Regarding the fights, I think Tony's fight was definately worth watching. It just shows what good boxing skills can do for you. Its not too often you see someone who looks that much like a boxer in the cage, and I liked how he was able to mix in the leg kicks too.

                I'm not going to hate Tony at this point. First of all he was pretty drunk, and drunk people say some shit, especially when they are with people they don't like. We don't really know much about what went on off camera leading up to this that gave him such a beef with Cope. As for Chuck, I think he needed a reason to hate Tony before going into the fight and Tony conveniently gave him one.


                  Ramsey vs. Cope was IMO pretty nice but just because i like those guys. They're seriously relax and enjoying that they fight.

                  I really thought chuck was a groundfighter (because the triangle choke was his speciality) so why didn't he take him down or checked those inside leg kicks?

                  Tony still a douchebag though. I'm also in my early twenties, i also get hammered as fucked but that doesn't mean i'm saying stuff about somebody's kid/deep personal stuff. I kinda agree on the "drunk man words are a sober man's thoughts".


                    I wasn't aware being in your 20s excused you from being a asshole, nice 'boxing' style striking though.


                      tony showed good striking IMO and really picked chuck apart. I still really want ramsey to win tho cuz hes got the skills, the likable personality, the charm, etc...

                      i may just be man crushin on ramsey.


                        You like Ramsey's toenail polish, homo.


                          both fights sucked, none of these guys will be big in ufc.

                          first fight was boring, luckily chris doesnt kow how to circle or counterpunch so bignose just swamped him into the cage and thrust at him til he went down

                          second fight was bad kickboxing with some nice leg kicks on tonys part, i dont see why chuck didnt go for a single takedown. ugly fights.

                          being drunk, or being young and drunk is no excuse for being a cunt. im young, i get drunk, and i sing and dance badly. not harass people about their domestic lives.


                            The first fight between Cope and Ramsey was a bit meh. But I quite enjoyed the Tony - Chuck fight. Chuck needs to keep his chin down and hands up - Tony, comparitively, was doing just that, and picked Chuck apart.

                            I am confused as to why Chuck didn't take him down either - emotions got to him maybe? Perhaps he wasn't confident enough he could?


                              second fight was bad kickboxing? looked better than bad to me
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