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I should remove martial arts on my Yahoo profile

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    I should remove martial arts on my Yahoo profile

    Every once in a while some idiot reads my Yahoo profile and sees martial arts so he will write to me and ask me questions. One guy once said he could take a full force kick to the groin and not flinch, and offered to let me do it to him. I put him on ignore because the way he spoke, it seemed like he was being turned on.

    But tonight I got this

    croixchicago: Hey buddy, you ever like play rough with guys? you ever use any nerveholds? sleepers? pressurepoints?

    PHILBERT: George Dillman is an idiot with his "pressure point" fighting. They work, but he thinks he can win only using them.

    PHILBERT: While he takes his time trying to use that pressure point, I'll just shove my fingers into his eyes, rush him and mount him, arm bar, or any of a million other things

    croixchicago: lol, those pressurepoints really work>>

    PHILBERT: Yes, in certain situations such as sneak attacks

    PHILBERT: If my buddy is at a party and drunk off his ass and trying to pick a fight, Im gonna use a pressure point to subdue him

    croixchicago: lol, no way?? you ever get that to work??

    PHILBERT: versus some idiot who wants to fight me, I dont have time do dance around pressure points, when it is so much easier to just kick his knees

    PHILBERT: A strike to the back of the neck can cause the "head to spin" and in some cases knock someone out temporarily

    PHILBERT: However, if you are facing me, I can't hit you there can I?

    PHILBERT: But if you have your back to me, I can, and even then it is difficult

    croixchicago: wild, I heard of some back of neck pinch? grip? supposed to numb/stun a guy?

    PHILBERT: The Vulcan Neck pinch

    PHILBERT: made famous by Mr Spock

    PHILBERT: it exists, but no human has the strength to pull it off
    croixchicago: LOL, IC -- so it doesnt really work.

    PHILBERT: Nope

    PHILBERT: You can punch someone there and knock them out

    PHILBERT: When I go on vacation with my father, he snores very
    loud and I cant sleep, so I punch myself there and knock myself out to get sleep

    croixchicago: LOL! you ever seen any pressurepoints freeze/stun a guy? ko him?


    croixchicago: no way!?!?!

    PHILBERT: I watched a UFC match between 2 guys, and one elbowed the other on the back of the neck and knocked him out

    croixchicago: Oh right

    croixchicago: I know that works

    PHILBERT: Thats what i was saying

    PHILBERT: a blow to the back of the neck will do that

    PHILBERT: An elbow is stronger than a punch

    croixchicago: I guess thats a pressure point sorta

    PHILBERT: Do you even practice martial arts

    croixchicago: judo

    PHILBERT: Aye, so you know the ground game very well

    croixchicago: no bad

    croixchicago: not bad

    PHILBERT: So why worry about pressure points when you can
    choke him out with a triangle choke, or ankle lock or arm bar

    croixchicago: just wondered if that stuff is real, if it work on me

    PHILBERT: well, in *some* sense yes it could

    PHILBERT: But if you have the guy mounted and you are pounding him away, I doubt him using a "pressure point" is the least of your worries, nor is it the first thing on his mind

    croixchicago: lol, true

    PHILBERT: the whole "Dim Mak" and touch of death is b.s.

    croixchicago: lol, true

    PHILBERT: As I said, if I was facing someone, the last thing I'd do is grab your wrist and try and do a pressure point to subdue you. Punching you in the face or kicking your knees is so much easier, faster, and does not require 2 hands to pull off.

    PHILBERT: So go laugh at the George Dillman guys

    croixchicago: you ever use any? see any of that dillman stuff work?

    PHILBERT: I won't touch anything by Dillman even with a flaming torch

    croixchicago: lol, ok

    PHILBERT: ciao

    PHILBERT: good luck with Judo

    croixchicago: later

    croixchicago: :)
    Yes, he did the smile thing at the end. I was having some fun with him, I thought he was just a 14 year old boy who liked the Matrix and thought he was the next Bruce Lee or something. Turns out the man was around 27, and he does Judo. Or claims Judo. So gotta give him points for doing a serious martial art.

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        More like the 10th time some freak IMed me and acted gay.


          I think he meant like the Vulcan neck pinch. When I realized he was an idiot, I began saying crazy crap for the hell of it.


            PHILBERT: I watched a UFC match between 2 guys, and one elbowed the other on the back of the neck and knocked him out>>>

            Which one was this?

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            because they alone, by questioning the society's values,
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              Aren't elbows to the back of the head\neck illegal in the UFC? And so are pressure point strikes, now that I think of it.


                So you were BSing about the vulcan neck pinch being real if you were strong enough? Damn, all this finger training for nothing...
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                  Originally posted by hedgehogey
                  PHILBERT: I watched a UFC match between 2 guys, and one elbowed the other on the back of the neck and knocked him out>>>

                  Which one was this?
                  Paul Varelans vs Cal Worsham... I think it hits the back of his head, though ;)...


                    yeah i think a few of the early ufc's ended with elbows to the back of the head/neck area --- varlens v Worsham was at UFC 6


                      I think alot of misunderstandings about the martial arts stems from what people see in movies. The work of the assumption that if you practice a martial art you are a thrashing machine. A punch to the face is a punch to the face,a kick to the groin is a kick to the groin, martial arts training or no martial arts training.

                      I've met some people who are quite formidable fighters and have no martial arts training at all.
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                        Wow so are you now actually trying to defend your position of not training?


                          Originally posted by LLL
                          Paul Varelans vs Cal Worsham... I think it hits the back of his head, though ;)...
                          Bingo, UFC 6 was the one. I have a tape of it, and it looked like it was to the back of the neck. It says on Sherdog though it was the back of the head so I guess I am blind.


                            Oh geez, I got msged by this one too. There also used to be a guy who asked similar things on IRC channels.



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