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Brachialis anticus - speed training?

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    Brachialis anticus - speed training?

    Hey everyone, I just thought I'd stop in for a minute and make a crappy thread about almost nothing so people can flip me off and call me a loser. I am doing good. I've been drawing a lot. Anyway, here is the thread:

    - Built for speed? -

    Preparing for my attempt to break into comics, I have been reviewing anatomy. I came across this in one of my books today:

    "The brachialis anticus muscle covers the lower half of the humerus in front and is inserted into the ulna just below the elbow. Its attachment to the ulna is so short that it is at a great disadvantage as to power, but what is lost in strength is gained in speed by its short leverage." - Brigman

    * The book went on to explain that the muscles for slow lifting are not the same muscles that we use for lifting the arm rapidly. We use the biceps for slow lifting and the brachialis for a fast retraction of the arm. In other words ... your bicep isn't responsible for you picking up a pebble really fast even though it is responsible for you picking up a chair or your wife at a slower pace.

    Now I know these muscles work together most of the time because rarely (aside from weight lifting) do we lift anything slowly at an even pace. What I am saying is that slow lifting doesn't promote speed because it doesn't use the same muscles that we use for fast lifting.

    Lifting to promote strength is extremely useful and I'm not knocking that. I am just asking about how one would go about working the brachialis so that it can hang with the bicep and tricep and all that. I am not a doctor so I am just throwing this out as a theory. Does anyone have any good information on this? What does it all mean? .. I am confused. :P


    Should we train for speed by lifting lighter weights and doing reps really fast .. or what? What would an arm look like if the brachialis was as well developed as most people's biceps?

    [Note: I remember some guys on here talking about comics, I have some helpful industry links for you, if you are interested then let me know.]

    First...Where the fuck have you been.
    Second...Ew, let me know which comics (I collect usually only the big two, but I wouldn't mind picking up yours.)
    Third, Lifting weights doesn't exactly promote stregnth in speed. Stimulation of fast twitch muscles which can be found in most plyometric/weight resistant exercises tend to do so. Lighter weight only promotes good base. It still depends upon how you lift. My brachialis is developed and it's only a small lean bumb on the side of the fore arm. I've seen it accented on some "super heros" I wish I could name the artist that do it to be of better help.

    <<< oops tangent

    Rubber band resistance training will work that muscle group.


      A good exercise to build the brachialis is the reverse curl. Most people just use the exercise to work their forearms without realizing the other benefits.



        I've been taking care of my parents and working and trying to get these drawings together to send to Image. The reason I want to work for them is because I would be able to make and own my own characters.


        Yea, the muscle is mainly seen on the forearms. I am just curious about all of this now that I've been drawing so much. The muscles of the back - man, there are so many things to remember. When the arms are up the shoulder blades slant. When the arm is down they are verticle.



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